9th August, 2001
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ASTRA CABRIOLET - A Car for all Seasons

by George Thompson.


When Christy Whitnell of Johnson & Perrotts, Douglas Road asked me last week to take the new Opel ASTRA Cabriolet for a drive, I couldn’t wait.
Now I know what you are thinking......impractical, little opportunity to put the top down what with our weather and a yuppy sports car.....well, you’re wrong, wrong and wrong again.
This is a car with pedigree, designed by Bertone, the Astra Cabriolet has the lines of a sleek sports car while within lies all the refinements and capacity of a family saloon. The first thing to strike me about the ASTRA was the colour, a beautiful gold metallic which showed the car off at its best. As the weather was beautiful it was a case of down with the roof by way of a flick of a switch and within seconds the top folds away into a neat compartment within the boot space behind the rear seats. The cabin is spacious with plenty of leg room for both front and rear seat passengers. The dash is well laid out with clocks and gauges in a sporty white. Gear stick is mounted high and perfect height for easy gear shifting. I must say that I am very impressed with the F1 type buttons on the steering wheel which control the Hi Fi system.
I decided on Cobh as a good destination to test the handling of the Astra Cabriolet, dual carriage way, twisty corners and on the way back across on the ferry to Monkstown and back through Passage where the roads are a disgrace (County Council and N.R.A. take note) and fit for a jeep only, so what better place to test the suspension. Off I went, through the tunnel and onto the dual carriageway heading east. Windows and top down, I was expecting a bit of a rough ride in terms of the air blowing me all over the place but as I accelerated this car only became more and more stable, the aerodynamics are so good, this in particulas is down to the angled windscreen and surround which is also a reinforced roll over bar to protect the front seat passengers. The Astra is very responsive and I found myself just above the speed limit within seconds before easing off and enjoying my surroundings as I glanced at the speedo and realised this baby is capable of 150 plus m.p.h. ABS brakes and sound suspension make for surprisingly good ride.
A car for all seasons, this car performs as well with the top up and little noise inside the car, lots of boot space despite the ‘soft top’ compartment and plenty of room for the kids, making this sporty little number an equally good family car.
The Astra Cabriolet is available with a Z 1.6 XE engine at £22,500 and Z 1.8 XE engine at £25,500 while a list of extras including leather seats and on board computer amongst others is available.

Ratings.........Based on the 1.6 Model

Styling *****
Performance ****
Ride & Handling ****
Accommodation ***
Costs ****
Verdict ****

Standard features include......
Central Locking
Alloy Wheels
Twin Air Bags
Elec. Windows
Radio / CD

On a nostalgic note......I also last week took my son’s recently acquired Mini Cooper S for a little spin. What a little beauty, 1.3 fuel injected engine that roared to the point where I could feel devil horns start to grow out of my head w hile I drove around in this classic, some good fun apart from the usual Mini refinements of a four speed box and no power steering. My son commented afterward that it was a long time since he’s seen me smile while driving a car!


Congratulations to Helen O’Connor, Ballygarvan, winner of the Patsy Cline 3 CD set in our recent Douglas Weekly / Blacktrack Competition.


"Rings Around the World" - Super Furry Animals

Yn cyflwyno the Super Furry Animals! No, I have not gone insane, I have simply paused for a moment to salute those Welsh wizards, the Super Furry Animals - in their mother tongue, no less. (Yn cyflwyno means 'introducing' in Welsh, of course - but you knew that, didn't you?.. ahem! ) The Super Furries are by no means strangers to the music business - since the release of their much acclaimed debut album, 'Fuzzy Logic', they have gone from strength to strength, capturing hearts with their kookiness and unique musical talent. Patriotic to the core, they can even boast of being one of the only mainstream bands, perhaps the only, to release an album entirely in Welsh, the tongue- tyingly titled 'Myng' - and no, it's not pronounced 'Ming'!
Pushing musical boundaries is clearly what they enjoy doing best - not content with sounding like any other artists they reject the 'paint by numbers' pop of many of their peers, shunning conformity and doing exactly what they want regardless of how many 'units' they 'shift'. And so it comes as no surprise that this album is completely different to any of the albums I have heard in the past.. .ooh.. couple of years. Opening with the beautiful piano of Osian Gwynedd in 'Alternate Route to Vulcan Street' and ending with the harmony-laden ballad 'Fragile happiness', what lies between is beautiful, smart, witty and at times kooky. 'Juxtaposed wit U' the current single, opens sounding suspiciously like the tune to the 'Loveboat' but develops into a funky tune that is one of the best on the album. 'Sidewalk Serfer Girl', with its sonic bursts of guitar and lament to 'surfer boys and girls searching for a dream is instantly catchy while 'Receptacle for the Respectable' sounds like a Beatles for the millennium, all ba ba ba's' and high notes despite the cuffing lyrics. '(A) touch sensitive' is all flanked-up and ready to go, contrasting with the Bond Theme style violins and soaring melodies of 'Shoot Doris Day' and the pure vitriol of 'No Sympathy' (sample lyric: 'I don't feel sorry for thee: you deserve to die'. Nice.). 'Run, Christian, Run' suggests that Neil Young and er. . perhaps even Lindisfarne occupy a place in their record collection, right next to good ol' Pink Floyd.
The cd also boasts a DVD option with videos to all of the songs, for those of you lucky enough to possess a DVD player, and with thirteen tracks you sure do get value for your money. But it has to be grudgingly admitted that despite all the whoops and swirls of the orchestra and the comical, cutting and truthful lyrics, ('You've got to tolerate all the people you hate') the Super Furries haven't yet come up with a classic. But believe me, this is a fine start.

7/10 Buy It!



Mario Andretti talking; " Don't talk to me about Communism, I'm not saying that I'm one of these people who see Reds everywhere. I've been there: It was because of Communism that my family moved to the States. Before the war, the family lived in Montona near Trieste. It was in Italy then but the whole area is now part of Yugoslavia…. right? Too damn right everybody's equal. We all had nothing.
Dan Dempsey's 24 hour rescue & Recovery, Kinsale 086-8217777


Part 51 - By Con Foley

The banknotes issued by the Newenhams were printed in Cork and simple in design. They bore the family crest "Deo adverso Leo Vincitur." 1822 Ceorge Junior married Hannah, daughter of Nicholas Green Evans of Carker House, Doneraile, Co. Cork, and had issue three sons (one, George, became an officer in the Hibernian Bank) and two daughters. He died in the 1870's at an advanced age.
Mrs. Berry (nee Newenham), Kurush, a great grand daughter of George Junior has (1959) two of the original note copper plates, for one guineea and four guineas.
Edmund Newenham, the first to settle in Ireland, married Jane, daughter of John Desmyniers, second Lord Mayor of Dublin. "John Newenham, settled in County Cork, Sheriff of the City of Cork, 1665, and Mayor 1671, obtained a grant of land in County Limerick and Liberties of the City of Cork, under the commission of Grace 1685, and made large purchases of estates during his lifetime. Married 1672, Jane, daughter of John Hodder, and died (will dated 29 January 1695, proved 21 August 1706) having had issue with four daughters and a son.
Note: John Lecky, born 1764 son of Robert Lecky, Youghal, Co. Cork. Besides being a banker, Lecky was also the Cork agent for the Patriotic Assurance Company. Was made a Freeman of Youghal on 14th July 1781, as his father and grandfather before him. Died about 1840.
In the time of the Down Survey (middle of the seventeenth century') Mary-borough was part of the district known as Monygormy, Monnygorrmy, or Moneygurney. The oldest available reference to Maryborough is given in a deed of the 12th and 13th February, 17O9. "Rickard Parker of Ballymacadane and Onisepheras Gamble of Maryborough to Samuel Love in respect of Ballymacadane (an old abbey near the Viaduct), Shrabolea and Ballylishigg." Maryborough is given in a deed of 1710, Marryborrough 1729, Maryburrow 1738.
In the Cork Constitution, 10-12-1857 there appeared a notice headed "Cotter and Kellett's Bank," notifying creditors to furnish proof of their applications for deposits lying in the bank. Among the names of the creditors were two from Douglas, George Cornwall £4,000, and George Newenham & Co. £1,113.
William August Kellett, born 1769, married secondly Mary Toogood Donovan, daughter of Morgan Donovan of O'Donovan of Montpellier. The bank was forced to close with liabilities of £420,000 and the Court of Chancery took over its affairs. This bank was originally known as
Falkiner's Bank established in 1776 and changed hands a few times before. Cotter and Kellett finally took over. It closed in 1807.
Next week "Tramore"

Harry Potter's Birthday Party in Douglas Library

The legendary Harry Potter had his birthday celebrated in style on Tuesday July 31st in Douglas Library. Children of all ages came along and took part in the various quizzes, games and colouring competitions which were ongoing during the morning, and in the afternoon, 7 teams pitted their wits against each other to see who would win the “Harry Potter Trivia Table Quiz”. Then, the Wizard Dumbledore, Professor of Hogwarts, ( alias Sylvano the magician),entertained the group of about 100 children and adults for an hour, after which, Harry's birthday cake, with a picture of himself on the top, was produced and eaten.

The following are the children who won prizes:

Etáin (age 5), Diarmuid O Sullivan ( age 9), Kelly McGrath (age 7), Aoife Kelly (age 11) and Partice O'Sullivan ( age 10 ), all won book tokens.
Table Quiz winners:
Deirdre Kiely, Amy McCarthy, Alan Smith and Luke Mc Grath.
Guess the number of Jelly Beans
Winner was Jamie O'Sullivan who guessed the nearest to 1200. Jamie got to take home the jar of jelly beans!
Next in Douglas Library
Thursday 9th. 2.30 4.30. God'seye weaving.
Friday 10th 10.- 12pm. Look What the sea washed up.
Saturday 11th. 10. 12pm. Look What the sea washed up.
Places for the craft workshops are limited, so booking is essential. There is no charge, and they are suitable for children aged 8 and upwards.


Dear Michael.

I wish to thank all those who helped with the Street Sweep on Saturday of the August holiday weekend.

I would like to ask your many readers to nominate a shop front during August and to forward their nomination to: The Secretary, Douglas Tidy Towns Committee, C\O Douglas Community Association, Church Road, Douglas Village, Cork. And to include three reasons for their choice.

Remember we always like to see new people join us in the Street Sweep every Saturday (10.30am to 12.30pm) and Wednesday (7.00pm to 9.00pm) meeting at the Community Centre, Church Road.

Is mise le meas
Sean O'Riordan, Chairman, Douglas Tidy Towns Committee.


By Deirdre Cooper B.C.L. of O'Herlihy Solicitors.

Not every extension needs Planning Permission, but be careful! The Building Regulations of 1994, as amended by the Building Regulations of 2000, deal with the areas of extensions which do not require Planning Permissions (exempted developments). If you were to build an extension attached to the rear or side of your house, for example, a conservatory, garage conversion, sheds etc. where you have no previous extensions to the house it cannot exceed 40sq.m.. If there have been previous extensions then all the extensions together cannot exceed 40sq.m. of the original area.

The construction of a greenhouse, garage, garden shed to the rear of your house but which is not attached to your house must not, taken together with any of the previous structures erected, exceed 25sq.m. It is also interesting to note that you cannot reduce the private open space remaining to the rear of your house after the erection of structures, to less than 25sq.m.

When building a wall, fence or gate within or bounding the curtilage of a dwellinghouse the structure cannot exceed a height of 2m. at the rear and side of the house or 1.2m. at the front of the house. Further, in relation to the front of the house, a porch constructed outside an external door cannot be less than 2m. from the road and cannot exceed 2sq.m. in size.

Internal works in your house such as a partition wall or alteration of the internal layout do not require Planning Permission but, depending on what is proposed, can be considered a material change within the meaning of the Building Regulations. This change can fall foul of the Building Regulations even though it does not require Planning Permission. Again, be very careful.

I would have to stress that the area of attic conversions for habitation can be extremely problematic. This would be deemed a material change and would require strict adherence to Building Regulations and Fire Safety requirements. Essentially a two-storey house with an attic conversion for habitation creates a three-storey building which necessitates changes throughout the house to comply with Fire Regulations e.g. fire doors.

It is very important when contemplating building an extension to check the Planning Permission for your own house as it may have Planning Conditions which restrict alterations to the house structure and always check to ensure that Planning Permission is not needed for the extension. It is most important to note that just because your extension may not need Planning Permission this does not mean that you can ignore the Building Regulations.

The result of non-compliance with Planning Permission and Building Regulations will lead to difficulties when selling or re-Mortgaging your property.

For further information please contact us at 021-4966166.

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