30th August, 2001
Notice Board


Hewitt College opened its doors last year in MacCurtain Street Cork City and this year celebrated its first ever Leaving Certificate Results.
Mortimer O'Connor a student of, Hewitt College, is one of just 2 students in Cork City to
achieve 7 A1s in 7 subjects. He is looking forward to a career in medicine in UCC following his outstanding results.
He is lust one of eight students at the College who have received the necessary results for the course. Eimear Hogarty, Blarney and Victoria Smith, Lyons of Ballintemple both got 6As.
The staff at Hewitt College are particularly delighted with the achievements of Mortimer and all their students, as this is their first year in operation. Director Trish McGrath says " A quarter of our students achieved over 500 points and 64%. of our students got 400 or over. This speaks for itself and is a testament to the tremendous commitment and energy of both teachers and students alike. We look forward to this year with great enthusiasm."
Hewitt College runs full time 5th, 6th year and repeat Leaving Certificate courses and a limited number of paces will be available for their External Student programmes which provides study faculties, revision programmes at Christmas and Easter and mock orals
Hewitt College1 Thompson House MaCurtain St. Cork 021 -4550430


Dear Michael.

I am informed that all the markings are in and are being processed. As stated at our public meetings, it should be possible to achieve best first time entrant.

I would like to thank all our committee and those who made a special effort to present Douglas Village as a place of excellence to live in and to do business.

I feel Douglas Village has taken a major first step to win in 3-5 years with further work needed to complete the many projects included in our plan launched last May. This will require additional help from people living and working in Douglas Village. Also all Clubs and Resident Committees are invited to play their part and to contact us.

I wish to remind your readers that the best shop front shop for August will be their selection, which must be sent to the Secretary Douglas Tidy Towns Committee, C/o Douglas Community Association, Church Road, Douglas, Cork, before 31st August 2001.

I would like on behalf of the Douglas Tidy Towns committee to thank our many sponsors who have contributed financially over the past number of months.

Is mise le meas
Sean O'Riordan , Chairman,
Douglas Tidy Towns Committee


A Swimming club which will be held at 9.30pm.every Thursday from mid. September in the An Carrig Health & Leisure Club Carrigaline. Facilities include a 20meter Pool, Turbo Jacuzzi, Steam room & Sauna. Early Booking is essential as numbers are limited. Phone Michael 021-4372552


Whoever said no pain, no gain has been proved totally wrong now that
unsightly unwanted hair can be banished with a painless flash of light. A
revolutionary method of hair removal, which was introduced to Cork by
Advanced Laser Light over two years ago, has proven to be a huge success.
Advanced Laser Light at the South Terrace Medical Centre offers a new pulse light system using visible light emitted from a hand-held applicator to remove all unwanted hair. This puts an end to the old, slow, messy and
painful methods of hair removal such as shaving, waxing, tweezing and
The exclusive clinic offers this treatment in total privacy and confidentially and satisfied customers have been beating a path to its door since it opened over two years ago. The treatment offers a totally effective way for women to get rid of unsightly embarrassing facial hair and can be safely used on any part of the body.
While women might be the ones most concerned with having silky smooth legs the treatment is also being sought by men. According to Advanced Laser Light Clinic director, Laura Murphy, this treatment represents the future of hair removal.
The advantages are not only that it is painless but that all unwanted hair
can be quickly and effectively removed with an average treatment taking less than 30 minutes.
For a free consultation you can ring Laura at Advanced Laser Light at


The 23rd Annual Adult Education Exhibition will take place from the 4 - 6th September in
the Concert Hall, City Hall. It will be open each day from 5 ~1O p.m. Admission to the Exhibition is free.
Up to 90 adult education organisations will participate in this year's exhibition and they will offer information and advise on a wide range of classes and courses available in Cork City and County during the year.
Since it started in 1977 the Adult Education Exhibition has developed to such an extent that it is now regarded as one of the major educational activities in the country.
The Exhibition provides an opportunity for the community to assess the wide range of classes, courses and activities available in Cork. It also provides an opportunity for people to discuss their specific educational needs with adult education providers. All the statutory education bodies such as the Vocational Education Committee, University College, Cork Institute of Technology, Cork Community Schools and FÁS participated in this year's Exhibition. Many Voluntary organisations offering a wide range of classes from languages to astronomy will also be present. Colleges and institutes from the rapidly growing private sector will also exhibit. Between them they offer a wide and diverse range of courses and activities to cater for all interests..
Traditionally adult education was identified with leisure time activity. While that is still an important clement, adult education or life long learning encompasses much more than that Adult education provides the opportunity for adults of all ages and from all backgrounds to acquire new knowledge, skills and training which will develop their confidence and provide the necessary information and skills to participate fully in society
Whether you are just finished the Leaving Certificate and are looking for opportunities to pursue further educational opportunities or an adult who wishes to return to education or if you wish to learn new skills in your current employment the exhibition has something to offer you.


A presentation took place at Garryduff Sports Centre on the evening of August 23, to honour 8 players who have been selected to play on the Irish Under 21 team. This team is travelling to Tasmania to participate in a 16 nation Junior World Cup in October. It is a unique occasion that Munster is providing 8 out of a panel of 18 in either junior or senior hockey.
Seven of the players David Hobbs, John Jermyn, Mark Ruddle, Karl Burns, John Hobbs, Sean Nicholson and David Eakins have learned their skills at Ashton School under coach Denis Pritchard, and the eighth, Philip Smith has played with Bandon Grammar School. Denis Pritchard travels to Tasmania as assistant Coach to the Irish Squad.
The first named six have won All Ireland Schools medals in 1999, while David Hobbs John Jermyn and Sean Nicholson triumphed again in 2001. All of these players have earned honours at either under-16 or under 18 levels or at both. David and John Hobbs, and Karl Burns, gained Irish Senior Cup medals with Church of Ireland Club in 1999,and Karl Burns has gone on to gain his first senior cap with the Irish team in Bangladesh in March of this year.
David Eakins, Sean Nicholson and John Hobbs play with the senior squad at Cork Harlequins who won the Munster Senior League and Cup last season after a 9 year wait.
The future of Munster Hockey looks rosy with a pool of skilled players such as these and we look forward to their success down under.


National Heritage Week
September 2nd.- 9th.

Thursday 6th. 11.00 am “Historical Houses of Douglas” Lecture by James Foley

Thursday 6th. 7.00 pm. “The Rehabilitation of the Tramore River System and creation of a linear park for Douglas.

Slide show and talk by John O’Keeffe of the Department of the Marine and Natural Resources.

Friday 7th. 11.00 – 12.30pm. “Music of our Native Land”
Eddie Hogan hosts a journey through our musical heritage featuring Irish composers, singers and songs.
Admission is free and everyone is welcome.

Douglas Tidy Towns
Douglas Tidy Towns Committee will have an information stand in the library during the week.

Nora Herlihy - Patron Saint of the Credit Union?
Part 2 by George Thompson

In the village of Ballydesmond in north west Cork on the 27th of February 1910, Nora Herlihy was born to Denis and Nora and third in a family of twelve who lived on the fringes of the village.
Before being changed in 1951, Ballydesmond was formerly known as Kingwilliamstown and it was here that Denis Herlihy was principal of the local school. Having finished national school under her fathers watchful eye, the intelligent young Nora had to move from the village to continue her education as there was no secondary school in the area. Nora attended the Mercy Sisters in Newcastlewest as a boarder which at the time was a great distance from home and where her older sister Maura was already a boarder. On completion of secondary school, Nora was called to Carysfort College for teacher training in 1929 and completed her teacher training on July 4th 1931 having achieved first place overall in her final examinations.
It was in Ferrybank, County Waterford where Nora began her teaching career and over the next few years secured her teachers diploma and Ard Teastas. It was also a period where junior teachers were mainly temps and it wasn’t until 1936 that she was secure a permanent position at the Irish Sisters of Charity at Basin Lane in Dublin. Her liking of Dublin children was the influence which probably explained why the girl from north Cork spent the rest of her teaching life in the city. Companies like Guinness who had a lot of employees in the locality and who’s children attended Nora’s school, would subsidise such things as clothing and dispensaries and even further education, boosting local economy.
But despite these advantages moneylenders and pawn shops were very active in the area and Dublin in general. It was reported that there were pawn shops on forty streets in Dublin at the time.

Next week we will look at how the pawn shops, money lenders, malnutrition, emigration, unemployment and Nora’s dedication to deprived children influenced her search for a solution.


Cork Chamber Welcomes reversal by Minister on Airport Landing Charges
Cork Chamber of Commerce welcomes the directive given to the Commission for Aviation Regulation by the Minister for Public Enterprise Mrs Mary O’Rourke, T.D. to consider ‘balanced regional development’ in arriving at the final determination of airport landing charges in a reversal of her previous stance. The Chamber previously called on Minister O’Rourke to invoke section 10 of the Aviation Regulation Act 2001 which confers powers on her to give general policy directions to the Commission in respect of the contribution of Airports to the regions in which they are located. The Minister responded by stating that it would be inappropriate to intervene in the on-going process of the Commission. The Chamber now welcomes the Minister’s reversal of her previous position to so direct the Aviation Commissioner which could have a critical bearing at it’s imminent decision.


Amanda O'Regan in Shamrock Lawn here in Douglas with her parents, Michael and Christina and her sister, Louise. Amanda is 18 years of age and her sister is 15. Both girls attend Christ The King Secondary School and Amanda is repeating Sixth Year, Both her parents are very involved as camogie selectors in Douglas and Armanda describes herself as being "Born to camogie"
Amanda normally plays as a back or a forward in the junior team in Douglas. She holds the Under 16 County Medal which she won three years ago. She also holds two All-Ireland medals and a Minor All-Ireland medal, which she won in 1998 after playing Derry in the final. The team lost earlier this year in Croke Park to Derry.
Amanda also plays basketball at school and also plays with Cobh. She played with Blarney last year and has played since she was in first year.
The camogie team trains indoors and outdoors on Sunday mornings. Amanda trains with the school basketball team on Friday s after school and trains with Cobh on Wednesday nights.
She began Irish dancing when she was four years old and holds an Under 9 Championship Medal and also has Munster and All-Ireland medals to her credit. She attends the O'Mahony School of Dance with optional classes at Douglas and Blackrock.
She also played piano accordion, until two years ago but gave it up because of her commitment to sport. She only now plays it in her spare time and also plays guitar; she also likes reading and knitting.
Her father, Michael is the coach of the camogie team and is also a selector for the Senior Football team. Her mother holds two All-Ireland medals and her father has minor medals for football. Amanda would like to travel to America to see some NBA matches.
Amanda would like to play with Cork at senior level. Her sister Louise shares the same hobbies and plays on some of the same teams as Amanda.
Amanda speaks glowingly of her teachers at Christ the King and finds them very encouraging. She is somewhat disappointed with sports facilities at the school but the school is waiting on a new sports hall and also has a shortage of classrooms.
She is currently studying Maths, Irish, Physics, Biology, Accounting and Applied Maths. Amanda attended St. Columba's Girls national School in Douglas from where she made her confirmation and began her camogie playing with Sciath na Scoil.
When asked about the changes in the Douglas area she says it is important for it to develop but says part of the community spirit is gone but in the GAA Club, the spirit is still there. She would like Douglas to retain its identity. Most of her friends are involved in the same sports as herself. She has been a very committed Pioneer since her Confirmation and when she was 16, her grandmother presented her with her next badge. She has no interest in drinking or smoking because of the sports, which she plays and says it, is good for you.
Amanda says that smoking and drinking are a factor with many people who drop out of training. Her mother taught her how to knit and Amanda finds it a great way to relax and she knits her own jumpers.
Long-term, she would like to travel to Australia and America.
Christ the King played recently at the National basketball arena Tallagh for the Bank of Ireland Cup. Amanda was senior Captain last February for her score of 44 points she received the M.V.P. (Most Valuable Player) award.

MUSIC REVIEW by Aoife Barry


OK, I'll admit it - I have fallen into that trap of thinking that all dance acts are merely trance acts, spinning the discs and churning out realm after realm of beeping, vocal-less, mind-numbing 'choons'. But my days of thinking that all these acts can produce is soulless are over, now that I've had the opportunity to listen to Faithless's new album, 'Outrospective'.
I had heard the first single from the album, 'We come one', and although the album version is longer and albeit a little too drawn out, I knew that any writer that could write the lyrics 'You're the left eye/ I'm the right/ Would it not be madness to fight?' most definitely was a sensitive kinda soul. And a sensitive little soul Maxi Jazz, that same lyricist is - not only does he speak of the ultimate symbiotic relationship on the aforementioned tune, he also waxes lyrical about a childhood idol on the absolutely funky 'Muhammed Ali' and laments a flawed relationship on 'Giving Myself Away'. But the moment that we realise that 'just 'cause it's dance it don't mean it don't have no message' is on the (once again Maxi Jazz penned) 'Not Enuff Love', with its touching old school soul sampling and pointed lyrics.
Dido pops up on the not very spectacular 'One Step Too Far', while a new female vocalist, Zoe Dickson, puts her own unique vocal quality to use on Sister Bliss' 'Crazy English Summer', a hazy, mournful tune. Elsewhere, the vocals disappear and Faithless come back to their roots with spooky and sinister epics like 'Machines R Us'. All in all, this is an album that suits not just clubbers or dance fans but even those of us who like a little soul once in a while. My only reservation regards the few songs, like 'Donny X', that would really only appeal to those people who really 'get' dance music, but this and dodgy spellings ('Not Enuff Love') aside, 'Outrospective' is an eclectic and interesting album nonetheless.

7/10 If you like dance - Buy It, if not then - Borrow It!


Dido has a new single due out soon - 'Hunter', from her debut album, 'No Angel' and a good one one it is too.............If you miss all-girl group All Saints, then you'll be glad to know that Melanie Blatt is releasing a solo single with the Artful Dodger, entitled '24/7', and it's gonna be huge..............Slane 2001 took place last weekend and while yours truly wasn't there, some of my luckier friends were and they have assured me that I missed one of the best concerts of the year! Coldplay, Kelis Relish and Red Hot Chili Peppers were also there, with the Chili's even playing some of their older songs like 'Give It Away' - sniff!..................Spiritualized play the Savoy on the 24th September, not one to be missed..........the mystifyingly monikered P.Diddy is back with a new album and single, and is keen to portray himself as every inch the bad boy.....finally, my tip for single of the week is 'Rockin' The Suburbs', from the album of the same name by Ben Folds, now solo from the Ben Folds Five ( who had four, and then three members!). Everything about this song is brilliant and the video is hilarious! It's dedicated to those of you who find all things Fred Durst laughable, and features the line - 'Y'all don't know what it's like - being male, middle class and white'. Do your ears a favour and go buy it!
P.S. I just heard the shocking news that R'n'B singer Aliyah died tragically in a plane crash this week in the West Indies. She was a young starlet with a promising future and she will be greatly missed by all R'n' B fans.


An Obituary for
Eileen Murphy (nee Tarpey)

Eileen sadly passed away suddenly without saying "Goodbye" to her beloved husband Sean and daughters Marie & Teresa. She was a wonderful, Wife, Mother and Grandmother to her special twins whom she adored, Emma & Gavin.
Eileen was born in Kilkelly, Co. Mayo and moved to London to train as a nurse in St.John's and St. Elizabeth's Hospital and eventually became a Theatre Sister in King Edward V2 Hospital. She was very involved in her local parish Church, Church of the Incarnation, Frankfield for many years and also a member of the Beaumont Bridge Club, where she had many friends.
Eileen will be sadly missed but never forgotten by all her family, relatives, friends & neighbours.
"She had a special way that warmed the hearts of everyone who knew her - and the qualities that made her the wonderful person she was have left us all with many beautiful memories…"
Eileen's Month's Mind Mass will be held on Sunday 2nd September in her parish church, the Church of the Incarnation, Frankfield at 9.30 am.


In the Geneva Rally 1960 Gunter Klass, Works Porsche 911, driver suffered a broken throttle cable. Undaunted his co-driver climbed on the rear bumper, held open the engine cover with one hand and operated the throttle with the other. In this fashion they raced to the Porsche service area. The co-driver was Rolf Wurtherlich who was in the Porsche with James Deane when the latter was killed.
Dan Dempsey's 24 hour rescue & Recovery, Kinsale 086-8217777


by George Thompson

This weeks test car is the all new Honda Civic courtesy of Terry Murphy at Rochestown Auto Centre.
For many years now I have played with and worked around Hondas..... the two wheeled type, from Mopeds to Grand Prix Bikes, from Mondello Park to the Czech Republic and too many places to mention in between but, I have never driven a Honda car, that is until now.
The Honda reputation for producing first rate cars is second to none and driving the Civic I can see why. I am surprised that Honda moved away from the usual Civic styling of the Saloon and Sporty lines of the Hatch Back but, like most manufacturers, styles are changing with the times and now the all new civic is mainly aimed at the family car market. To me this number is a space wagon without the wagon, a virtual people carrier without seven or eight seats inside, just your regular five seater with heaps of room. Lots of glass all round means lots of visibility with ample room between front and rear seats allowing for passenger comfort while the high roof gives plenty of headroom. The boot offers large carrying capacity and the rear seats also split and fold forward to allow for larger loads. The most obvious and radical change to the interior is the high, short and angled gear stick which protrudes from the dash below the HiFi system. This is innovative and though at first can be off putting, turns out to be better than the type of gear change we are used to. When I took this car for a drive the weather was hot and sticky so the Air Con which is standard in the Civic was a godsend. Also standard are electric windows and CD player while four airbags contribute to the safety of the Honda.
The Civic comes in 1.4i and 1 .6i 5 door models and Terry reliably informs me that a 3 Door version will be available later in the year. The Civic performs well, is responsive to the pedal but not frighteningly so and the handling is equally impressive. Suspension is just right, giving a smooth ride over our bumpy roads.
Overall I reckon Honda have lived up to their reputation with the tried and trusted Civic, once again offering style and safety in this neat package.
Prices begin at £15,670 for the Civic 1.4i 4 Door up to £17,000 for the 1.6i 5 Door while the 1.4i 5 Door automatic will cost £17,175.

Ratings.........Based on the 1.4i
Styling (Interior) ***
(Exterior) ****
Performance ****
Ride & Handling ****
Accommodation *****
Costs ****
Verdict ****

Standard features include......
Central Locking
Four Air Bags
Elec. Windows
Air Conditioning

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