20th September, 2001
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(From time to time The Douglas Weekly has published snippets from articles sent to us by the American Blues artist 'Big Daddy', which we normally abbreviate under the title 'Bluesology'. This week 'Big Daddy' and his band 'Red Hot Java' have had this to say):

"Like all Americans, and most people around the globe, "Big Daddy & Red Hot Java" is struggling to deal with the horrendous events of Tuesday. Many of us know people directly affected. A complete sense of disbelief and numbness has been followed by incredible sadness, and now a tremendous resolve. For those of us living outside the New York and Washington D.C. area, we are temporarily limited in ways to immediately respond; pray, give blood, and support each other through the most significant moment of our lifetime. We must try to maintain a level of normalcy as anything less will add to the chaos already created. It is in this light that "Big Daddy & Red Hot Java" will perform this weekend at Harry A's on St. George Island, Florida. This is not to escape the reality of the moment, but to challenge it. You can be sure that with each second our community spirit is tempered by this tragedy, with each minute our conviction is strengthened to unbreakable, with each hour our focus becomes sharper, and with each day the huge endeavour at hand will be tackled bit by bit, piece by piece, until complete. For those responsible for this death and destruction, our unified response will be decisive. May God bless our efforts. Wishing each of you the very best in this most trying time. -Big Daddy

MUSIC REVIEW by Aoife Barry

‘The Ecleftic’ Wyclef Jean
An Haitian-born ex-refugee, Wyclef Jean has had a rather colourful life so far, from his rapping with cult hip-hop outfit the Fugees through to his remarkably successful solo career and simultaneous production efforts. With ‘The Ecleftic’, Wyclef attempts to not only document his life so far, but lay bare his strong opinions on life as it is today, roping in fellow musicians such as Earth, Wind and Fire, Youssou N’dour and Melky Sedeck to help finish off the job. Never one to shy away from the spotlight and certainly not a character in any way lacking in self-esteem, the lyrics throughout are, in the least, opinionated, at times bitter (‘Where Fugees at?’), angry, lovelorn, occasionally well meaning and humorous.
Lyrically deft he may be, capable of crafting songs that hit their point home with a swift back spin, but one ultimately ends up questioning the motives behind some of his more ‘honest’ moments. ‘Where Fugees At?’ is indeed one of these, with Wyclef asking Pras and Lauren, his former bandmates, to contact him, in a song which leaves us wondering exactly why he would want the world to hear about the shaky relations that exist between the trio that sang ‘Killing Me Softly’ . Former singles ‘911’, ‘It Doesn’t Matter’ and ‘Perfect Gentleman’ were quite obviously destined to be Radio Friendly Unit Shifters, but the remaining tunes leave me quite cold – with very few exceptions. ‘Kenny Rogers Pharoahe Monch Dub Plate’ and ‘Whitney Houston Dub Plate’ are too such examples of Wyclefs penchant for attempting to use other people’s records to score the hits, but fail dismally at this, instead leaving the listener wondering exactly why we need to hear a (remarkably husky…) Whitney Houston singing an acoustic version of ‘My Love Is Your Love’. Just because Wyclef wrote it, it doesn’t mean we want to hear it again.
Add to this unstable brew the fact that, while he is a great musician, he certainly ain’t a great singer, and you have a variable hotchpotch of reasons why this shouldn’t be a great album at all. In fact, some of his more questionable or controversial lyrics (see ‘Perfect Gentleman’ or ‘Red Light District’) are enough to perplex, or even incense the toughest of persons. This, in the end, leads me to come to the conclusion that it would take something spectacular to redeem ‘Clef’ from being bunged in the veritable wastebasket. So, before you think that I have lost all respect for Wyclef and his merry musicians, don’t worry – I haven’t.
In fact, I have gained a new respect – believe it or not – for him, not least because the lyrics to songs such as ‘Runaway’, ‘Low Income’, and ‘Pullin Me In’ show the sensitive side to ol’ Clef, telling tales of working in Burger King and struggling away on minimum wage. And, sure, I will also admit that he has a gift for creating funky beats well suited to any dancefloor, and that songs such as ‘Guantanamera’ and ‘Gone to November’ (from the bonus second CD) never lose their charm, no matter how many listenings later. But, ultimately, I was expecting far more depth from someone with far more talent than he lets on. If you buy this album, expect to enjoy it, but don’t expect anything like what he has created for protegees Destiny’s Child or Whitney Houston. There’s always the next album, I suppose. But until then, I’ll just re-listen to CD two.

6/10 – Borrow it!
Bad news for all Beastie Boys or At The Drive-in fans - both groups have decided to split, as it was shockingly announced last week. Interestingly enough, some members of At The Drive-in are forming a new rock group; with the remaining two starting their own dance band. For a band that only grabbed the limelight following the release of their third album, fans are sure to be mourning their demise but should ultimately look forward to the new material…Tests have revealed that the airplane carrying the late singer Aaliyah was only 362kg below maximum weight, which contributed to it crashing. Due to the fact that there were nine passengers on a plane licensed to carry eight, one can only blame human error for the musician’s tragic demise………October 14th. The Olympia, Dublin. The Eels. Need I say more?!………….Garbage’s new song, ‘Androgyny’, is out soon, and a mighty funky tune it is too! Following that is the release of their third album, ‘beautifulgarbage’.

Nora Herlihy - Patron Saint of the Credit Union?
Part 5 by George Thompson

The membership and constitution of the ‘Credit Union Extension Sevice’ (C.U.E.S.) Were printed and circulated by Nora, creating a business like image for the group.
Reports in the press of the new group resulted in members being invited to speak to various groups on the new movement. Headquarters for the group was Nora’s home in Phibsboro where daily deliveries of letters and parcels arrived from around the world. C.U.N.A., The American movement, were in regular contact with Nora, advising her on any visiting credit union enthusiasts to Ireland who were willing to spread the word and gather publicity for the cause. One such visit was by Terence Hancock of the Rapid Transit Credit Union Toronto to Dublin. Sean MacEoin secured an interview with Radio Eireann and the fee received for the programme was handed over to Nora as a contribution towards the purchase of a perpetual trophy for a publicity campaign to promote the Credit Union, this is known as ‘The Credit Union Cup’ which is still competed for today.
These visitors greatly encouraged the C.U.E.S. which learned a lot from them. At the time the group had no funds which meant that travel expenses and presents for these visitors came from the individual resources of members with Nora making the largest contributions, such was her dedication. A dedication which also applied to the hours worked in promoting the fledgling group. The group met regularly and during the summer months of 1957 met no fewer than nine times in formal session.
Hard work and commitment finally won through as enquiries flowed in and the resulting correspondence alerted the public to the existence of an organisation which suited their needs and the national needs. The search for a solution had ended.
Nora continued to study various co-operatives which had already existed in this country from as early as the mid 1800’s but, these co-op’s involved a particular group such as farmers and not th public in general however, she was encouraged by her studies which spurred her on over the next few years. The birth of two new units of the movement began with the Donore Parishioners Union founded by the Byrne sisters and registered as a ‘Friendly Society’ on August 20th 1958. Aswell as the Donore development the people of Dun Laoghaire were eager to find a way to tackle the problems in their community. In the late 50’s Dun Laoghaire like most parts of the country suffered from high unemployment with many finding it difficult to qualify for welfare payments and when they did these payments were usually small. Frustration and anger led to the unemployed becoming vocal, sometimes leading to violence. A few local people who recognised the futility of this decided that the way forward was by self help through the Co-operative Movement. The Dun Laoghaire Co-operative Society Limited opened its own grocery store in 1956 supplying foodstuffs to members at cost price. The manager of this store was Eamonn Quinn, father of Fergal of Superquinn.


Question I am a single mother receiving a One-Parent Family Payment from the Department of Social, Community and Family Affairs. I am pursuing my child's father for maintenance. How will the maintenance affect my payment?
Answer Since April 2001 half the weekly maintenance payment is disregarded in the means test for the One-Parent Family Payment.
Previously, when assessing maintenance payments, only housing costs i.e. rent or mortgage repayments, up to a maximum of œ75 per week were disregarded. Evidence of the costs, such as rent receipts, must be provided. Since April, half the remainder of the maintenance payment after the housing disregard has been deducted is assessed as means.
For example, the maximum One-Parent Family Payment for a lone parent with one child is £100.70. If the parent has weekly housing costs of £80 and is receiving £120 maintenance a week the payment would be affected as follows:
Maintenance £120.00
Housing disregard £ 75.00 (max)
Balance £45.00
Means (1/2 Balance) £ 22.50
One-Parent Family Payment £ 82.70.

The Department of Social, Community and Family Affairs is currently reviewing One- Parent Family Payments which had been reduced by maintenance payments before April 2001. However, they cannot identify situations where the payment is reduced by both employment income and maintenance or situations where the claimant was not entitled to a payment at all because the amount of maintenance was too high. People in these categories should contact the Department to ask for a review.
Further information is available from Cobh Citizens Information Centre, The Parish Centre Roches Row, tel 4814422.


St John's Central College, occupies buildings that are a familiar landmark, at the junction directly facing the Victoria Hospital. Many people do not realise that it is a Further Education college, teaching everything from Aircraft Engineering to Video Production and of course, it provides many opportunities for people from Douglas given that it is conveniently located on the number 6 & 7 Bus Routes.
The college offers opportunities to people of all ages. In fact over 300 students of the College are older adults. For these people, the College makes it as easy as possible to do a training course. The College pays for Crèche facilities for children, pays all book and exam fees for those who are unemployed and may even pay meal and travel allowance to unemployed people on courses. You really won't get a better offer, if you feel you are ready for a training course.
In some instances you don't have to be actually unemployed. These advantages may also apply to spouses of unemployed people, to single parents, and to Widows and Widowers with dependant children.
Return to Work Course
One of the most popular choices that adults take is Computers and Business Applications, Internet, Personal development, Interview Skills and Special Guidance Sessions to help people decide where their best options lie.
This year the course includes ECDL (European Computer Driving Licence) for the first time,
Mornings Only
The Computers and Business Applications / return to Work Course can be taken Mornings Only, which is very popular option with adults especially those with school going children. Also, when the children are on holidays, or mid-term, so are you. The College is very aware of the difficulties that parents have, and makes every allowance for the delivery and collection of children to school or to crèches.
There are great friendships built between people on these courses, and the social aspect of meeting with a group of people on the same 'adventure' can be enormous.
College for Douglas!
If you are interested in this course, please contact the college, but tell us that you read about it in The Douglas Weekly. With sufficient interest, the College might make things even easier, end come to Douglas to deliver the course.
All courses are certified by the Further Education and Training Awards Council (FETAC) and in some instances by other bodies such as City and Guilds. There are virtually no exams, as the modern way of assessing work is for people to build up a portfolio of their work, as they progress on the course and this is the work that is assessed.

Trampolinists show their talent at World and
International level

While most people were enjoying a rest-full summer a group of local Trampolinists were training extremely hard. A group including members of Douglas Gym Club, Westgate GC and Chimea'ra Gymnastics were preparing for training camp and competition in Poole Dorset. For most it was their 1st International and for some it was even their first time away from home. The team of 14 competitors overcame their British counterparts by the narrowest of margins, a mere 0.63.
Mary Coakley, head of delegation for the trip said " The team were so delighted, I was surprised they needed phones to tell their parents the news as their cheering was so loud. I am very proud of their performance and also their behaviour throughout the trip."
At world level Sonya Coakley - Hanan a director and coach at Chinea'ra Gymnastics completed in the World Age Group Games in Denmark. Sonya completed in the 17+ category in both Trampolining and Double-Mini-Tramp. Where she was placed 38th and 24th respectively.
" This was an outstanding performance, " said Mary Coakley Head of Trampolining " Within Irish Gymnastics ' Double-Mini-Tramp' is a very new sport and here at Chimea'ra we are the only club in Ireland offering it at a competitive level. To come in the top 25 in her category at this level in what was only her second ever DMT competition was beyond all our expectations. The standard was extremely high with countries like Sweden and Portugal, for whom this is almost a national sport, taking part."

Holiday Notes from our Resident American

Tralee's Two Jewels - the Rose Festival and Siamsa Tire

Monday evening, August 27
I was new to caravaning. It took several trips into Tralee to order the correct parts for the electrical connection to my caravan. Meanwhile my mobile was deader than an Old battery. So in I go with my best clothes on ready for the Brandon Hotel if necessary looking for a socket. I tried the cinema and several restaurants with menu in hand searching the skirting boards, but no luck. In the Brandon with the assistance of two housewives who escaped their husbands and children for a week we found a socket moved a table and installed the charger.
While my mobile was refilling itself I went to the bar to do the same. In the lobby I was chatting to an 80-year-old grandmother from Farranfore when ten 'roses' walked in each with a very large bouquet of pale pink roses. Kate the grandmother enlightened me. Did I not know on this night and the next was the Rose of Tralee Festival? I hadn't time to reply that I hadn't a clue when Gay Byrne strolled in front of me looking fortyish, fit, slim and rested.
For the next hour the 'Roses', their escorts, parents, friends, well wishers and the glitterati - each with their mobiles - and an endless stream of waiters with trays of coffee, tea and sandwiches filled and bustled in the Brandon.
7,30 pm
My pint was gone and my mobile charged. On my way out I thought the whole shebang vas over, when across the street a roar went up from the crowd. The police had stopped the traffic. The roses on the arms of their handsome escorts walked two by two into the entrance of the Dome. The 'Roses' were a lovely sight. They were pretty, fresh and affable in their 'haute couture' evening gowns of satin, silk and chiffon. Everyone applauded.
To further refresh the wounded spirit, buy a ticket for £10 to the charming, not too large Siamsa Tire theatre. Enjoy live Irish dance, music and stories performed by the resident company. Suitable for all ages and the stories are so well choreographed that lack of the Irish language is no problem. This is a celebration of life from our National Folk Theatre enjoyed by tourists and Irish alike. On a scale of enjoyment, the shows from these handsome and talented artists is head and shoulders above anything else on offer in Tralee.
Dana Forbes (Director Douglas School of Music)


Volunteers urgently needed for, Douglas Community Association, Community Park, Church Rd. Douglas. Phone 4362286.
It incorporates meals on wheels, Community Park, Playground, Oscail, Pre-school Playgroup and various sub committees. Meetings on third Monday of the month.
Next meeting October 15th. Fresh ideas for future enhancement welcomed.


Cllr. John Minihan recommends people to take the influenza vaccine….. Deirdre Clune T.D. has welcomed the Ministers decision to commission a study on the health implications of an incineration programe… .. our population is growing by a 1000 per week - where will they live ? asks Deputy Clune .


Marymount Hospice Concert
A Gala Concert at the Rochestown Park Hotel, dedicated to the memory of the late Maeve Coughlan. Featuring: Renowned Sopranos Majella Cullagh & Mary Hegarty / Breffni Horgan -Tenor Eleanor Malone -Accompanist / David Mclnerney -Master of Ceremonies / The Willocollane Singers & The Garda Male Voice Choir under the baton of Anne Dunphy and Accompanist Ursula O'Sullivan. All proceeds to be donated to Marymount Hospice, Wellington Road. Put the date in your diary - Sunday 14th October. Tickets from Marymount Hospice, Phone: 021/4501201 and Pro Musica, 20 Oliver Plunkett St. Phone: 021/4271659

L.D.F / F.C.A Annual Re-Union
The annual Re-union of the 47th /48th/ Midleton, Infantry battalions will take place this year at Collins Barracks, Cork by kind permission of the General Officer in Command. This is very popular event will take place on Friday 12th October, and will commence with mass in the garrison Chapel @ 7.30pm. A Colour Party will be present. Medals may be worn. Buffet & Social Evening at 8.45 Sharp. Bar facilities will be available. Tickets are available from Finbarr Burns, 123 Lower Glanmire Rd. 021 4508184

Cork Fringe Festival
The Cork Fringe Festival unveils its programme this week. The fortnight will see 12 companies from the UK and Ireland present 35 performances of 14 shows, featuring world premieres alongside international award-winners. Performances range from Claire Dowie's one-person stand-up The Year of the Monkey, to Grid Iron's Decky Does a Bronco, featuring eight performers on swings in the open air (an Edinburgh Fringe First winning show played free to audiences of up to 400 in Midleton and in the historic surroundings of UCC campus). Cork Fringe Festival 2001- Monday 24th September - Saturday 6th October For further information please call Ali Robertson / Maeve Lewis on 021 - 490 4272.

Christ King Girls Secondary School
Annual general meeting. Tuesday 25th September. School hall @ 7.30 pm sharp.
All parents or guardians requested to attend. Please


"Almighty God, from whom all thoughts of truth and peace proceed: kindle, we pray, in the hearts of all people the true love of peace; and guide with your pure and peaceable wisdom those who take counsel for Ireland, for the United States of America and for all nations on earth; that in tranquillity your kingdom may go forward, till the earth is filled with the knowledge of your love; through Jesus Christ our Lord. Amen."
Compiled by the Right Revd Dr Michael Jackson, Dean of Cork.

The above prayer is suggested for use at a time when world peace is threatened. Grief, anxiety and fear for all affected by the horror of what has happened in New York, Washington and Pennsylvania on Tuesday, September 11th 2001 combine with an expression of hope for peace, reconciliation and grace.
St Finbarre's Cathedral, Cork, is open most weekday evenings from 8.00 p.m. to 9.00 p.m. ALL who wish to pray are welcome here. In praying you may use the silence, your own prayers or those suggested here. Please respect the need of others here for silence.

Church of Ireland PRAYERS FOR PEACE, September 2001



A Gala 'Style Night' in the Carrigaline Court Hotel will be held on Wednesday 26th September @ 8pm. Hair - Make Up - Colour and Style Analysis with Claire Cullinane of RTE's "Off the Rails". Tickets £8 available at: Post Office / Carrigaline Court / Local Shops and at the School. All Proceeds in aid of Ringaskiddy lower Harbour national School building Fund.

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