22nd November, 2001
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Congratulations to all who those who came up with the right answer.

Last Week’s Answer Dr. Bicuspid. Since these are the only two dentists in town, it is certain that they do each others dental work. Therefore Dr. Molar must be responsible for the poor state of his partners teeth and should be avoided.

This Weeks Teazer: Six men drove 240km (150 miles) in a car at an average speed of 100km/ph (62.5 mph). The journey took 2.4 hours. When they unpacked their luggage they realised that the car had a flat tyre during the entire journey. Why had they not noticed this before ?


by Con Foley


In the early ‘80’s a “New Fingerpost” was erected at its present picturesque setting in the centre of the roundabout at the foot of Maryborough Hill, just a few metres from where the “Old Fingerpost” once stood. The original Fingerpost was a stoutly built wooden road sign, of a type rarely seen nowadays, it stood at the junction of the Maryborough and Rochestown Road. Embedded in a beehive shaped pile of stone, it is about fifteen feet high, including the base. Apart from its value as a road sign, it was of some local historical significance. A local man, Phil Carty of Donnybrook, is said to have been hanged on the original Finger Post for his part in the 1798 Rebellion and his corpse left dangling in chains there. In days gone by, men passing by would raise their caps and bless themselves. This execution was commemorated in a local ballad.
"The Finger Post where walks the ghost
Of Phil Carty, Rapparee
Who hung in chains from his pointed vanes
Is now but a fallen tree.

'He gave one last look at old Donnybrook,
His home when he was free.
The stars were bright, but his mother's light,
Showed steady and plain to see.

'When the wind blows low, he cheats his foe,
When high on the gallow tree,
You'll hear the chains of his ghost's remains,
So a prayer and a tear give ye."

(The full version of nine verses, was given by Mr. John O'Leary, Douglas, on the 'Evening Echo,' 7/ 4/ '66)
The Village Pound
This was situated opposite the 'Cafe.' The space is now occupied by The Douglas Village Shopping Centre.
Tramway Sign
At the junction of Well Road and Douglas Road, on the Douglas side there was a lodge and a signpost which stated "To Ballintemple Tramways through Ballinlough." The trams ran from the Statue, Patrick Street, Grand Parade, South Mall, Anglesea Street, Southern Road, Douglas Road to the terminal at the former Garda Barracks.


Annual Sale
St Luke’s Home, Castle Road, Mahon. Annual sale is on Saturday 1st Dec from 11am to 4.00pm. Santa
will visit between 11.30 and 12.30. Other items include a Craft Stall, Gifts & China, Knitting, Country Produce / Plants / Bric-a-Brac, Household items, Books, Residents Craft Stall, Lunches & Teas, Cakes and Toy’s.

Carrigaline Craft Fair
St. Mary’s national School Carrigaline, Parent Teachers Association are holding their Christmas Craft fair on Saturday and Sunday 24th & 25th November in the GAA Hall Crosshaven Road, Carrigaline. Quality hand made crafts are available; Woodturning, Pottery, Chocolates, Children’s Clothes, jewellery, candles, Stained Glass, Paintings – plus face Painting for Children and much much more….. Delicious home-made food available all day.

Chernobyl Orphans Fund
The Christmas Craft Fair of 2001 will be held on Sunday 25th November at the Cork Opera House at 12.00 Noon. An incredible array of goods will be on sale including items from Irish Crafts People i.e. designer Clothes, Crystal, Pottery, jewellery, Sculpture, Knitwear and many other exciting items at competitive prices, cash, cheques and visa accepted.

Fun Table Quiz
Christ King Secondary School Parents Council present a Fun Table Quiz at the Nemo Rangers Club on Thursday 29th November @ 8pm. Price £12 per team of 4. Prizes 1st , 2nd, & 3rd plus Spots.

An Oige
An Oige Swimming Club meet every Thursday at 9.30pm. in the An Carrig Health & Leisure Club Carrigaline. New members welcome. Phone Michael 021-4372552.
Dec.8-9th. Christmas Spirits Cycle to Ardmore. Contact Aidan 021-4274143.

Scoil Chríost Ri Sponsored Walk 2001

On the first Saturday in October, nearly 600 pupils accompanied by parents, grandparents, and relations set out from Scoil Chriost Ri. Rain had been forecast, but the walk took place in bright October sunshine. All along the route teachers acted as stewards, helping families across roads, monitoring any litter that might be dropped and chatting with parents. A motorcycle Garda patrolled the route, and ensured another accident -free walk. On their return, each walker was treated to minerals, crisps, arid yoghurts; the yoghurts kindly sponsored by C.M.P
The amount realised was a staggering £16,600. This surprised everybody, even though we are used to the generosity of the parents and friends of Scoil Chríost Rí, The Board of Management, principal and the teachers wish to thank everybody involved most sincerely.
This money will be used for: Computers and software, Library books musical instruments for the classroom, Plants and shrubs for the school environment, Celebration breakfast for First Communicants, Lectures and talks for pupils and parents throughout the year.
The money raised in the walk each year enables us to stretch beyond the resources provided by the Department of Education and Science, and to ensure that Scoil Chríost Rí is in the forefront of all educational and technological developments for years to come.
Scoil Chríost RI will hold an Open Night on the 28th of N


Senator Máirin Quill has called for a serious over-haul of the personal injuries industry, which is worth £1.2 billion she says that last year £400 million, of a total of £1.4 billion paid in personal injury claims, was spent on legal fees….County Manager Maurice Moloney has advised members of Cork County Council that the Council has taken an option on a site near the Rossmore Landfill in Carrigtwohill for a Materials Recovery Facility(MRF)…….former Rose of Tralee, Geraldine O’Grady who has been attracting a lot of attention with her distinctive style can be seen with her five piece every Wednesday at the Isobar……Councillor John Minihane has called for caution and responsibility in the budget he says the Minimum Wage should be exempt from tax and that the budget should help to maintain and grow employment…… a group called DIG (Demand for Immunisation Guidelines) have called on the Minister for Health Michéal Martin to reform the present system whereby doctors from State health Boards are vaccinating school children without thorough knowledge of their family medical history, they have also asked the Ministe to update the (1970) Health Act to include Crohn’s Disease / Ulcerative Colitis under the long term illness list and provide a non means tested medical card for the increased number of children and young adults who have been diagnosed with this distressing long term illness. Anyone interested should contact Mairéad Hilliard at 01-628 2618


“Cork A Pictorial Journey” is to be launched at St. Columba’s Hall, Douglas on the 23rd of November by the Right Hon. Lord Mayor of Cork, Cllr. Tom O’Driscoll. This publication is compiled by Michael Lenihan and Kieran McCarthy, both of whom have a profound interest in the history of Cork City and County.
Michael is an avid collector of Cork literature, especially that of a historic nature. He has amasses a large collection of maps, pamphlets, early postcards of Cork, periodicals, journals, street directories and books relating to Cork of long ago. Michael is also a member of the Cork Historical & Archaeological Society and he is currently pursuing an M.A. in Local History at University College, Cork. Michael has had articles published in the Douglas Weekly and has undertaken research work on historical projects for various people.
Kieran was involved in the Lord Mayor’s Schools History Project in 1993 and he went on to graduate from University College, Cork in 1999 with a joint Honours Bachelor of Arts Degree in Geography and Archaeology. Kieran has lectured widely on Cork’s past in association numerous institutions and community associations within Cork City. He is currently writing a series “Our City Our Town” for Inside Cork. He has been involved in the compilation of several television reports on various aspects of Cork’s history. Kieran is currently working as a Historical Consultant and is completing a Masters of Philisophy in the Dept. of Geography at University College, Cork.
The book comprises a brief history of the City from 1880 to 1940 by Kieran McCarthy and it outlines the growth and expansion of Cork City into the modern industrial era. The pictures in this publication are taken from Michael’s rare collection of postcards which have been skilfully enhanced to A4 size. This collection of pictures gives the reader a nostalgic glimpse into the life of Cork City from the turn of the century with the addition of captions outlining a brief resume of each one. These early photographs show scenes of trams, locomotives, bridges, churches and events such as the 1902 exhibition at Fitzgearlds Park and the burning of Cork’s City Centre by the Black and Tans in December 1920. This publication is a must for anyone interested in the history of Cork and it will make an ideal christmas present for both young and old.


William Crapo Durant born in Flint, Michigan in 1862 was the son of a timber yard owner. He started making horse-drawn carts and motor cars and started share dealing. At various times he owned Durant, Oakland, Oldsmobile, Cadillac, Chevrolet, Starline, eagle, Princeton, Flint 40 & Locomobile.
In 1908 he formed General Motors and he was also famous for his involvement in raising finance to build the Empire State Building. He was caught out by the Wall Street crash of 1929 and the man who was known to mount a share raid on Wall Street of $500Million died in 1947 penniless.
Dan Dempsey's 24 hour rescue & Recovery, Kinsale 086-8217777

Douglas Rotary Club's 10th Birthday Celebration.

Douglas Rotary Club under its President, Brian Tobin, marked its tenth anniversary with a gala Celebration Dinner in the Rochestown Park Hotel on Friday night last, 16th November.

Guest of Honour, Minister for Health and Children, Micheal Martin T.D., who had earlier in the day attended a meeting in Belfast with Ulster Unionist, Dermot Nesbett, and Sinn Fein's Bairbre De Bruin, made it back to Cork for the event, and spoke of Rotary's outstanding record of community service both at home and abroad.

RTE's No Frontiers' presenter and well known writer, Christy Kenneally, was the after-dinner speaker and had his audience in raptures with his accustomed wit and real life tales of growing up on the north side of Cork city.

Amongst those present on the night were Roger Flack who is National President of the Guide Dogs, and his wife Alison; banker Gene McPolin and Grace; sports shop proprietor, Brendan Cummins and Anne: accountant Bernard Uniacke and Catherine; former Guinness man Tim O Sullivan and Joy.


Continuing last’s week’s article
by Kenneth O’Connor Lic.AC, AC, C. Ac. China, M.A.I.Ac.

“The Fear of Needles”
The insertion of acupuncture needles by the traditional method is virtually painless or no more painful than plucking out a hair. Although, most patients prefer the use of the "insertion tube " because they say that they cannot feel the needles being inserted. I had a new patient who was terrified of needles, so much so that she phoned an hour before her appointment to cancel. She agreed to come along to see this "insertion tube" and if she was still nervous after that then she would not continue. With her mind now at ease she decided to try one needle. The tube was so successful that she was unaware that the needle had been inserted. She was so impressed that she completed the treatment course and found acupuncture to be very relaxing. The following is a test you can do on yourself, which will give you some indication of what the insertion tube feels like. Get the end of a pen (Not the part you write with) and with medium pressure, gently press it against the palm of your hand. That's it!
Most people's experience of needles is that of those used to give injections, take blood etc. Acupuncture needles differ from these hypodermic syringes in that they are much finer and are solid rather than hollow; they are designed to part the skin without excessively cutting the tissues. Confirm that your chosen practitioner uses single use sterile disposable needles only. Leave immediately if the practitioner re-uses needles. All Members of the A.I.Ac. use only single use sterile disposable needles. Members are also bound by strict Codes of Clinical Practice and Professional Ethics.
In short there are no side effects from Acupuncture. Acupuncture is about re-balancing the body's energy and quite often a sense of relaxation and general wellbeing results after a course of treatments. Because of this re-balancing effect, other conditions may resolve or become less bothersome while you are undergoing treatment for a different condition. Even if you are treated inappropriately by a practitioner, the body is likely to compensate for this and nullify the effects of the inappropriate treatment.
When choosing an Acupuncturist ensure firstly that the Acupuncturist is a Member of a recognised body such as the A.I.Ac. and carries full Professional Indemnity Insurance. Your personal rapport with the Acupuncturist is important so try to find somebody with whom you feel comfortable, who understands what you want to achieve from treatment and who will take the time to explain how he/she feels acupuncture can help you.
Your G.P. should be your first port of call when you have a concern about your health no matter how trivial it may seem to you, the only silly question is the question you haven't asked! Most G.P.'s now accept that Acupuncture may be helpful for some chronic conditions which are not responding to conventional medicine or where patients do not wish to be on long-term medication or where such medication is causing unpleasant side effects. G.P.'s are also mindful of the increasing desire of people to try other forms of Complimentary Medicine. Your G.P. may refer you to an acupuncturist and many acupuncturists favour this form of referral, as they then know that the patient has been fully evaluated by the G.P. In fact, at a first consultation, an acupuncturist may ask the patient to visit their G.P. for an assessment if they have not seen their G.P. for some time or if the Acupuncturist identifies something in the medical case history, which warrants the GP's assessment. Don't be surprised if you visit an acupuncturist who suggests that you should make an appointment to see your G.P. first, the skill of any acupuncturist is knowing when to treat and when to seek an expert medical opinion. Since many people seek acupuncture treatment without a referral from their G.P., an acupuncturist can frequently pick up signs and symptoms such as hypertension, changes in bowel habits, suspicious skin lesions, persistent cough with blood etc. which warrant early G.P. intervention.
More next week


EAST CORK CHORAL SOCIETY with THE SEAFIELD SINGERS from Dublin will perform Handel's MESSIAH, in the Cathedral of St. Mary and St. Anne (NORTH CATHEDRAL) Cork, on Saturday, December 1st at 8 p.m. Soloists are HELEN HASSETT, Soprano; DEIRDRE COOLJNG-NOLAN~, Alto; ROBERT CRAIG, Tenor; FRANK O'BRIEN, Bass.
The performance is in aid of the Cathedral Building Fund
Tickets £10 are available from Pro Musica, Oliver Plunkett Street, at the Cathedral and from Society Members

Carrigaline I.C.A.
Worknight November 26th from 8PM to 10PM

(Passage Assoc. for care of the Elderly)
Christmas Fair Sun Dec 2nd, Bric-a-brac, Toys, Cakes, Raffles, Books, face painting, Hair braiding, Tea & Coffee. Great day for all the family 12 to 6PM

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