20th December, 2001
Notice Board


Well, it's that time of year again, and if, like me, you still have four
hundred Christmas presents pending, then have no fear! Don't bother
trailing around all the shops in the city looking for the perfect gift when
I am here to give you the lowdown on the best present you can give to
anyone, young or old - a CD! So, especially in time for that last minute
rush to the shops, I've compiled a list of my tips for the best albums to
buy for your brother, granny or next-door neighbour!
First up, we have The Corrs' Greatest Hits, one for your mother, granny, or
sister, in my opinion, although the fact that the three sisters in the band
are quite 'easy on the eye' means that they do have a few covert male fans
too! Featuring all their biggest hits since their first single, 'Runaway',
it's selling in bucket-loads already both here at home in Ireland and
abroad. It's the type of album to be played constantly, with whoever
receives it belting out their own out-of-tune version of 'Radio' at top
volume. Just don't say I didn't warn you!
Then there is Britney Spears' third album, the cunningly titled 'Britney' -
ooh, the hours it must have taken to think up that one! Now that she has
shed most of her clothes and has eagerly created a new 'raunchy' image for
herself, it won't just be your kid sister who wants one - your older brother
may procure it for himself "to..er.. have a laugh at the songs". Not one
for Slipknot fans, so if your grandchild has a penchant for wearing dark
clothes and enormous hoodies, then steer well clear!
For the parent, uncle or aunt that was a bit of a Goth in the eighties,
(i.e. if you found pictures of uncle James wearing make-up and with big,
black and backcombed hair), then the perfect CD for them would be The Cure's Greatest Hits. From the luscious 'Lovecats' to 'Friday I'm in Love' and back again, this album proves why this band are still as popular as they
were back when I was in nappies. Borrow it from the lucky relation in
question, play 'Boys Don't Cry' at top volume, and relax, safe in the
knowledge that men wearing make-up will never be in fashion again.
One CD that I would gratefully receive from any member of my family (hint, hint!) is the Smashing Pumpkin's Greatest Hits, 'Rotten Apples'. Being an absolutely huge fan of this band, I am pleased to report that not only are all the finest Pumpkins songs included, ('1979', 'Today', 'Zero' and 'Disarm', for example), but the first copies in the shops feature a bonus CD with their best b-sides. An excellent present for a music-loving niece, nephew or teenager, and even if he/she wasn't a fan to begin with, they sure will be after hearing this!
If your parents get that glazed look in their eyes every Christmas when you
present your father with another paisley tie and your mother with bath
salts, then you're duty-bound to make it up to them this year. Pink Floyd
and Madonna have both released Greatest Hits albums this month (as you can tell, greatest hits are 'in vogue' this Christmas - just don't mention the
words 'cashing in'.), both of which are perfect for Mom or Dad, depending on their respective tastes in music. Impress them with your musical knowledge by telling them that if they play Pink Floyd's 'Dark Side of the Moon' at the same time as the film 'The Wizard of Oz', the two apparently
synchronise, and watch as they spend the rest of the Christmas holidays
attempting to do just that!
Then there's Tom Dunne's Compilation CD of the Best Irish Singles, and it's a well-researched, great-sounding album by any standards. Featuring
everything from Thin Lizzy's 'Old Town' to The Sultans of Ping's 'Where's Me Jumper?', it'll have you jumping around the bedroom from beginning to end.
Make the person you buy this for think that you are really generous when
they discover that this is a two-CD set - but only you will know it didn't
cost you a penny more than a single album!
Other albums worth mentioning are: Mercury Prize winner, PJ Harvey's
'Stories from the City, Stories from the Sea'; The Strokes' 'Is This It';
Stereophonics' re-issued 'Just Enough Education To Perform', featuring my
mother's favourite song of the moment, 'Handbags and Glad Rags'; for your
skateboarding younger brother - Sum 41's 'All Killer, No Filler'; for pop
fans, Blue's debut album, 'All Rise'; Ryan (NOT Bryan!) Adams' second album, 'Gold'; for more traditional music, Kate Rusby's debut 'Little Lights';
Missy Elliott's eclectic hip-hop/rap album 'Miss E.So Addictive'; Matthew
Jay's exceptional debut, 'Draw'; Radiohead's live album, 'I Might Be Wrong';
and Weezer's third opus, 'The Green Album'.
So there you go - the perfect albums to give and receive this year! If none
of these suits the intended recipient, then a voucher for a music store will
enable them to buy one that does. And if all else fails and they hate the
album, then remind them that it would make an ideal tea coaster!

Merry Christmas, and don't eat too many mince pies!


Douglas Gardai wish to extent their seasons greetings to all for Christmas 2001. We hope it will be a joyful, happy, safe and crime free Christmas for you and your family.
We would ask the people to be more self aware concerning their personal safety at home, driving and shopping over the next week.
With regard to home: We would advise you not to keep large amounts of cash, have house security and alarms in proper working order. If you are away over the Christmas period please leave a key with a trusted friend or neighbour who will be in a position to check it for you and turn off your alarm if it should be activated.
With regard to shopping: Place items in the booth of your car out of sight. Keep you cash cards and pin numbers separate and be aware when withdrawing cash at ATM's with regard to the people in the vicinity. Do not leave handbags on shopping trolleys when you are away from same.
As for parking, we would appreciate your co-operation when parking in the village and surrounding areas. Please observe double yellow lines and clear ways. Disabled parking areas should be respected.
We will be inundated with heavy traffic and it will benefit everyone if the above are complied with. As for speeding and drunk driving we can all see the devastation on our roads over the past year and these two items are the main cause of these deaths. Checkpoints are in operation all over the City and County. As most people need a licence for their work we would hate to see anybody loose it for the New Year.
Finally that we wish to offer you a joyful and peaceful Christmas.

Douglas Gardai

The History of Douglas by Con Foley

Part 69 - continued ...

Jacob's Ladder
This is a nautical term rather than a biblical one, referring to the rope ladder to the rigging of an old time sailing vessel. It is a little known name for the last, and steep, descent into Ravensdale opposite the rectory gate as one comes off Carr's Hill.
The Cafe
This was a red coloured corrugated building, just to the left of the Douglas bridge as one enters the village from the city.( The site is now the entrance to the road leading to Douglas Court Shopping Centre from the roundabout at the Select Service Station) It was originally built as a teashop towards the end of the last century, it was still known by its original name up to the time it was demolished. It was built by an English contractor named Knight, who was also engaged in the construction of the Cork Tramways. The venture was not a financial success so, the centre was used for a while for local entertainment. It was divided into four separate houses.
The ‘Kushawallas’
The spelling is phonetic. 'Cois a' bhaile' in Irish roughly means 'at home' or 'the homestead.' The establishment of this society to promote the speaking of Irish, in the beginning of this century, is a reminder of the efforts of the Gaelic League in Douglas for the restoration of Irish. In the promotion of the Irish language, culture and dancing, the O'Driscoll family must receive special mention.
Civility Stud
On the left side of the South Douglas Road going towards the city. It is easily recognised by the very high iron gates and red brickwork. This was the racing establishment of the Reece family. The workmens' houses were in the yard. Judging by its size and the number of horse stables it must have been a big establishment in its day. The Reeces had a stallion named 'Civility' - hence the name of the stud.
"Scotchies' Terrace"
This is a terrace of five stone houses just past Morroghs' Mills. As the name implies, these houses were build to accommodate skilled operatives from Scotland.
There is another row of houses, of red and yellow brick, at the beginning of Grange Road. These were probably occupied by mill foremen or minor executives. The two in the middle are of different design, perhaps for a managerial class. Some of these houses have been already sold.


Health-related fitness Health-related fitness includes such qualities as aerobic power, flexibility of the spine, abdominal strength, body fat, cholesterol levels, and glucose tolerance.
Aerobic power enables a person to comfortably perform such activities as cycling, racquetball, rowing, running, stair climbing, swimming, vigorous walking, or yard work. Participation in aerobic activities on a regular basis can reduce the risk of coronary artery disease, the most common form of heart disease. Along with diet control, these activities can also help prevent obesity (being too fat) and osteoporosis (loss of bone tissue).
Flexibility of the spine involves the range of motion of the joints of the spinal column. It is important for reducing the risk of low back pain. When in a sitting position with both legs extended, a person should be able to reach within about 4 inches (10 centimetres) of his or her toes.
Abdominal strength also helps reduce back pain. The abdominal muscles should be strong enough for a person to do about 20 bent-knee sit-ups easily.
Body fat. The percentage of body tissue that consists of fat and the distribution of that fat are important factors in a wide variety of diseases. The percentages of body fat for young adult men should fall between about 5 and 20 percent and between about 12 and 30 percent for young adult women. Levels over 20 percent in men and 30 percent in women contribute to health risks, including arthritis, diabetes, gall-bladder disease, heart disease, and high blood pressure. People whose fat is mainly in the abdominal area have a greater risk of heart disease than people whose fat accumulates chiefly in the hips and thighs do. Exercise helps prevent excess fat.

Cholesterol levels. Cholesterol is a waxy, fatty substance found in animal tissues and the food that comes from them. High levels of cholesterol in the blood increase a person's risk of coronary artery disease. More important than the total amount of cholesterol, however, are the relative amounts of lipoproteins, large molecules that carry cholesterol through the blood. There are two main types of cholesterol-carrying lipoproteins: (1) low-density lipoproteins (LDL's) and (2) high-density lipoproteins (HDL's). Cholesterol in the blood can be identified as either LDL-cholesterol or HDL-cholesterol, depending on which lipoprotein carries it. High levels of LDL-cholesterol increase the risk of coronary artery disease, but HDL-cholesterol seems to reduce that risk. People who engage in regular aerobic exercise lower their levels of harmful LDL's and increase their beneficial HDL's.
Glucose tolerance is how the body responds to a feeding of a sugar called glucose. Healthy people can consume foods containing glucose without developing excessive amounts of glucose in their blood. Elevated levels of glucose in the blood indicate diabetes mellitus, a serious disease in which the body cannot use glucose normally. Regular aerobic exercise may improve glucose tolerance and improve the function of insulin, a hormone that regulates blood glucose.
Developing physical fitness
To achieve and maintain physical fitness, people should eat a balanced diet and exercise regularly. A balanced diet includes all the nutrients the body needs to remain healthy. Nutritionists have developed various guidelines to encourage good nutrition.
Physical education programs in schools help children develop good fitness habits. It is recommended that all schools provide a period of at least 20 to 30 minutes of vigorous exercise daily. An effective school program also offers team sports, courses in health care, and performance tests to measure students' progress in physical fitness.
Health experts recommend at least 20 minutes of vigorous aerobic exercise three to five times per week for adults to develop and maintain aerobic power and to help control body fat, cholesterol, and glucose tolerance. But a less vigorous exercise program can also have important health benefits, especially for reducing the risk of heart disease. Such a program should include 30 minutes or more of moderate exercise--such as walking, easy bicycling, or gardening--at least five days a week. Men over age 40, women over 50, and anyone with risk factors or symptoms of heart or lung disease should check with their doctors before starting a vigorous exercise program.


From Ger O’Regan
Two roommates remain at their deserted college dormitory over a holiday break. One of the girls goes out on a date that evening, and the other one turns in and goes to bed before her roommate returns. Later that night the sleeping girl is awakened by gurgling and scratching noises coming from outside the hallway door. Frightened, she locks the door and cowers inside the room until morning. When the girl finally opens the door and ventures outside, she discovers the bloody corpse of her roommate in the hallway. The murdered girl's throat had been slit, and she had bled to death in the hallway while clawing at the door.


The woman’s 2-person bob sleigh team has actually 3 people involved. The driver of the Irish bobsled is Lesley FitzGerald from Glanmire, and the brake persons are two sisters from Portarlington Co Laois; Siobahn and Aoife Hoey.
Readers will be aware of the cult film “Cool Running” which featured a bob sleigh team from Jamaica competing in the world Olympic Bob Sleigh Championships which take place each year in Salt Lake City, Utah, USA. That film was actually based on a true story.
Believe it or not Ireland has both a male and female bob sleigh team, who are competing in the Winter Olympics in the USA against the best in the world and in the recent North American Bob Sleigh Championships in Calgary in Canada. The Irish Male Team came 1st and the Irish Woman’s Team came 3rd after Canada and the USA. Winning both a gold and bronze medal – a great achievement from a team who are representing their Country with no major finical support. Except from one sponsor who believes in their ability to compete at world level. The Woman’s Team also had the distinction of coming 5th in the World Time Trials for Bob Sleds held in Monaco and hosted by Prince Albert of Monaco last July.
Lesley FitzGerald from Glanmire is the daughter of Gerald and Marian FitxGerald and is very much a person who enjoys that thrill; Bungee Jumping, White River Rafting, Parachuting, Diving and Driving a Bob Sleigh down an ice slide at 85 MPH.


Fr. Philip Andrews wishes to send very special Christmas greetings from his parish in Penza (Russia) to his family, friends and benefactors in Ireland. Without their Prayers and donations his mission would not be possible.
Last weekend they distributed soap, tea and medicine in the prison. Also Christmas treats to 300 street children. In a few days he will visit the local orphanage with gifts and more medicine.
Fr Philip will offer Mass and will pray for you and your intentions - during this Holy Season of the Birth of Our Lord.
PS The temperature in Penza at time of writing is twenty degrees below freezing.


C.U.H. Radio 107.8 FM
Mass is broadcast Monday to Friday @12 noon. On Saturday @ 12 noon with a Vigil Mass @ 7.30. Sunday Mass is at 10am. Christmas Day Mass at 8.30AM and 10 AM. Broadcast live!

Dog Found
A small brown / black terrier ,female, found Donnybrook / Grange area. Phone 021 4363858

Rape Crisis Centre
The Cork Rape Crisis Centre is situated at 5 Camden Place Cork. 1800 496 496 or 021 450 5736. Fax: 021 450 4690. Website:www.cork-rapecrisis.ie, email: info@cork-rapecrisis.ie

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