7th February, 2002
Notice Board


In the new traffic proposals as part of the Douglas study, Douglas West is to get a revamp. Senior Executive Engineer, Dan Ryan, has indicated that the traffic situation in Douglas West has to be alleviated to some extent and a suggestion made some time well in the past is now being taken on board and that is where the footpath Is particularly wide, there is an opportunity for parking bays to be put in place. Council Officials have now accepted that this will be undertaken in 2002 as part of their overall strategy to improve traffic flow in the general Douglas area.
Also I was delighted that Cork County Council would have a throughput of approximately 500 houses in the South Cork area by the end of 2002. This is a dramatic increase in the number of houses being provided through the Council's own building programme through the Social Housing Programme by way of Affordable houses, the voluntary sector, through the purchase of serviced sites and through the purchase of individual houses. The availability of these houses at the end of 2002 should certainly have a dramatic impact and while not curing the incidence of a severe shortage of housing, it will, with the coming on stream of the Social Housing programme make a significant dent on the waiting list which I accept is far too high.
I call on the County Manager to ensure that houses which become available and which require repairs should be repaired at a far earlier stage that they have been to date. Let me point out that, in one case, a house was in the Council's possession since 1999 and was only now actually being let to a tenant. This is an unsatisfactory situation and while I am aware that we have employed a significant number of personnel in order to carry out repairs, I hope that we will never see a repeat of this delay as it is very demoralising for housing applicants to look at houses boarded up for long periods of time while they were in dire need of housing.
At the moment, there are in excess of 70 houses vacant, many of them still requiring repair and it is important that these houses would be made available to aspiring tenants at the earliest possible time.


Patrick Street Refurbishment
The Chamber at its own Board and through representation on the Cork Business Association and Cork City Challenge Ltd Board has been expressing deep concern at the delay in starting work on the redevelopment of Patrick Street and subsequently had discussions with the City Manager.

Originally the work was estimated to cost €10.1m with the majority of the cost coming from the sale of land for the Mahon Development, which however is still awaiting a decision by An Bord Pleanála. Meanwhile the original specification had to be changed and well into double figures over the last 3-4 years with the estimated cost now at €17.7m.

Given the above background the City Manager sought a special grant from the government, particularly with the City of Culture designation in 2005, but to date this has not been approved. The Chamber has also made representations on behalf of the city and raised the matter with the local TD's.

As the work has a two-year timescale it is vital that it be started shortly to ensure it is completed by mid-2004 at the latest and all Cork political and business interests must pursue this issue vigorously particularly with the pending General Election.

Litter Audit
Cork City Challenge in which the Chamber is a shareholder with the City Council and CBA, recently commissioned a study into the question of litter in the city. This looked at where and how litter is created and all the factors that contribute to it. The key recommendations include renewed efforts with prosecutions, focus on evening, night-time and early morning litter especially at weekends, review and revise the servicing of on-street litter bins, substantial increase in the number of litter bins on prime streets, strategic locations for litter bins, review the type of bins supplied, eliminate fly postering and provide more cigarette butt dispensers.

Reception in honour of Paddy Gallagher
Paddy Gallagher, Regional Director IDA Ireland recently retired from the organisation having spent the last 4 years in Cork. Paddy spent 12 years in the US before returning to Ireland and arrived in Cork after a brief sojourn in Athlone. His time in Cork was extremely fruitful and the successes achieved were a tribute to him and his colleagues. As a tribute to his contribution to Cork's economic development the Chamber recently hosted a dinner in Fitzgerald House in his honour.

The History of Douglas by Con Foley


Note 1:
“Sir Henry hid behind the tree
Sir Henry kissed the Quaker
He kissed her once, he kissed her twice,
But sure he didn't ate her."

(This version was given to me by a lady living in Castletreasure).
Note 2:
“Henry Brown Hayes, eldest son of Attiwell Hayes was admitted freeman of Cork City, Nov. 12,1782. In 1790 he was one of the Sheriffs of the City and on the arrival of the Lord Lieutenant at Mitchelstown Oct.20, he waited on him as Sheriff, to request the honour of his dining with the Mayor and Corporation, when he was knighted."

Note 3:
A current epigram in Cork, at time of abduction:

"The fate of Sir Henry is sure a hard case,
Unable in Cork to exhibit his face.
Pursued by the brethren, proclaimed in the papers,
Though his mighty misdeeds were mere boyish capers.
Since Mercy, high Goddess, revisits these climes
And rebels and traitors are pardoned their crimes,
Tho' different his guilt, let them all share alike,
He was not “UNITED” and gave up the "PIKE"."

Here is another account taken from reports of the trial, more graphic and revealing.
At the Cork Summer Assizes in the year 1801, was staged one of the most dramatic trials of the century. It was the result of a famous abduction case, which took place two years before in the Southern capital, and this is the graphic story as gleaned from reports of the trial.
Sir Henry Brown Hayes was a middle-aged widower, whose wife had died many years earlier, leaving a number of children in his care. He was the son of a wealthy Cork citizen, but being fond of pleasure and liking to 'cut a great dash,' he soon spent the money left to him by his father. Well-known and very popular in Cork, Sir Henry occupied a splendid mansion 'Mount Vernon' situated in the Liberties of the city. In the year 1797, his finances had reached such a disastrous state that he was forced to take some action. He decided upon the audacious plan of abducting one of the richest young ladies in the district, and marrying her for her wealth.
(continued next week)


Carrigaline I.C.A
Meeting tonight Thursday 7th February to discuss the National Plan for women. 8.30pm in the Community complex
Craft work-night in the day care centre Monday 11th February. Ph Noreen 4372673.
Swimming every Thursday morning (Carrigaline Court Hotel).
Water Aerobics on 1st & 2nd Monday Nights ph. Pauline 4372673

Divine Mercy
The Divine Mercy National Conference takes place on Saturday 16th February at Ballsbridge, Dublin. The speakers are Sr. Briege McKenna, Fr. Kevin Scallon and Fr. Cathal Price. The bus leaves from The Convent of Mercy, Cobh on Saturday morning at 5.30 am sharp. Tickets are € 32 for bus and conference. Meals are extra. Bookings from Henry Hayes 4813073, Paddy Lynch 4811785 and Fr. Fitzgerald 4815511

Wedding Ring Found
A wedding ring was found in Barry’s of Douglas about two weeks ago. If you are missing your wedding ring call to Barry’s and see Michael Gilmartin.

Springtime Ceili
Ireland's No. 1 Ceili Band, The Glenside Ceili Band from Co. Longford, pay their annual visit to Carrigaline for the Ceili Mor in the Carrigaline GAA Pavilion on next Saturday Feb 9th. The Glenside play non stop from 9.30 pm to 1.30 am with a break for tea at 11.30 pm. Adm only 7 Euro. Be early.
Cead mile failte roimh cach.

DOUGLAS ISSUES by Cllr. Deirdre Forde

Douglas Pool
Dear Readers, there were a lot of things happening this week, but with the longer 'stretch' in the evenings I suppose we are all thinking about getting a bit of exercise. I have been asked to find out what was happening about the Douglas Pool (the issue hasn't gone away you know). I understand from Ald.Terry Shannon that a meeting is to be held soon to discuss its future. At present there are two options 1. Funding from the Department of Tourism, Sport and Recreation, whose funds must be matched by the Cork Corporation. This funding would be for the Pool only. 2. A Public Private Partnership whereby a proposal for Pool and state of the art leisure facilities could be agreed. Whichever option is decided the pressure must be maintained to ensure that the matter is brought to a satisfactory conclusion as soon as possible. In the interim, I believe, (because Terry Shannon tells me) that there is a firm committment now to improve and upgrade the facilities. Funding has also been allocated to ensure that the pool continues to be operational over the coming months. I would urge all who have an interest in seeing state of the art leisure facilities for this area to contact their local Councillors;and TDs who continue to take an interest in this matter.
At our next Area Roads Meeting I have placed the Draft Bye Laws on Drink on the Agenda. There was a sub-committee formed to examine options particularly for urban areas but as I have had quite a few representations in relation to this matter I wanted to see where matters stand. I also contacted the Gardai. The solving of some of the problems in relation to this issue has to be multi-faceted but I want to ensure we are proactive at Council and other levels.
Someone also has drawn my attention that there is an old Gas Lamp in the middle of the footpath near the Church so I am having the matter investigated. (I won't go into the matter of an ESB Pole in the middle of someone's gateway somewhere in Douglas in order to spare someone's blushes. Didn't I always say this job gets more and more interesting!!!!!!. Talk to you all next week, Deirdre Forde Ph 363318

Censorship - Foundation of the Irish Free State to World War II

From its foundation in 1922 the Irish Free State, though the books were balanced and law and order firmly upheld, was said to be in a permanent state of emergency. Under threat from the IRA and armed republican activists who refused to accept the legitimacy of the first government made up mainly of the Sinn Fein party who had accepted the 1921 treaty. Cumman na nGael, under William T. Cosgrave were in power and had the support of certain sections of the Irish community including businessmen, merchants, shopkeepers and large farmers, while also enjoying the support of the major daily newspapers of the time such as The Cork Examiner, Irish Times and Irish Independent.

Censorship became an important method of control to protect the culture and morals of the nation while maintaining the security of the state. It was during this period - the inter war years - which saw the growth of international censorship.

In the early years of the Irish Free State, Public Morality was high on the agenda of the Cosgrave government with the passing of the Censorship of Film Act in 1923. This act gave an official film censor the power to keep films which were believed to be indecent, obscene, blasphemous or a threat to public morality, away from public viewing.

Three years later the Wireless Telegraphy Act was passed giving the government a monopoly over radio with a built in censorship in broadcasting. The first broadcast from a national radio station was from Dublin in 1926 with broadcasting beginning in Cork a year later in 1927. It was in 1926 which saw the foundation of the Fianna Fail party by Eamonn de Valera who in 1927 accepted the role of parliamentary opposition for Fianna Fail. The threat to the state from the IRA still remained and was demonstrated in 1927 with the assassination of one of the governments most active young ministers, vice president of the executive council and Minister for Justice, Kevin O'Higgins. This deed led to the passing of the draconian Public Safety Act, as it did again in 1931 following republican violence and intimidation. This act included a ban on the publication of any statement by or on behalf of 'an unlawful organisation'.

Obscene publications were covered by the Customs Consolidation Act and Obscene Publications Act which had been inherited from the British and which in 1929 after pressure from Catholic pressure groups, the Censorship of Publications Act was passed. This act gave power to a censorship board to ban any publication which it deemed obscene or indecent. In the early years of its forty year duration the censorship board, between 1930 and 1939 banned over 1300 books and periodicals, indeed in the thirty years from its inception it banned many of the major literary works of the 20th century including the works of Irish authors.
This form of censorship wasn't exclusive to the Irish Free State as many countries in the early 20th century felt that the growing number of publications, particularly cheap newspapers and magazines created an immoral and anti social problem. Such problems were the subject of an International Convention to stop the distribution and traffic of obscene publications.


'Vanilla Sky', the latest film starring Hollywood's shortest man, (joke! Don't sue me Tom!) Tom Cruise, is the latest in a line of movies that have defied critics by pushing their way to the top of the Box Office charts, despite mostly negative reviews. Co-starring the bird-like Penelope Cruz, Kurt Russell and Cameron Diaz, it boasts not just a fine cast, excellent soundtrack and camera-work, but probably the weirdest plot since - well to be honest I haven't yet come across such a weird plot! The film basically concerns the story of one Mr. David Aames, a man who appears to have it all: money, success, women, and power. Head of a multi-million dollar business, with an adoring 'ladyfriend', Julie Gianni (Diaz) on his arm, his life seems to be perfect - that is, until a woman called Sofia enters his life. One night at a party at his house, David's best friend brings Sofia as his date, only for David to develop a little more than a crush on this woman who describes the aforementioned Julie as "the saddest girl I've ever seen holding a martini glass". As we see Julie become more and more obsessed with David, and David fall more and more in love with exotic allure of Sofia, this story grows from your run of the mill love story to a strange, confusing tale of deception, dreams, and disfigurement. When David is brutally injured in a car crash that leaves Julie dead and him with facial lesions, the tale goes deeper and deeper into unknown territory. David is charged with Julie's murder, and undergoes 'therapy' sessions with (a rather wooden) Kurt Russell, where he reminisces about his perfect past. But before long, he does not know if he is living in a dream or fantasy world, or if Julie is dead or alive, as he keeps having strange dreams that seem to intersperse with reality. Confused already? I certainly was. I literally spent most of the film silently mouthing "huh?!" and ten minutes nodding " aha. I see!" The trouble with this particular film is, that as a remake of the 1997 Spanish Film "Open Your Eyes", ("Abre Los Ojos",) it is obvious that the director Cameron Crowe has not put much of himself into it - he is too constricted by the chains of doing a new version of someone else's work. While his ideas regarding the remake are original, he is too constrained by someone else's vision. Acting in the film is quite good - Cruise and Cruz are their usual selves, while Diaz steals the show as the obsessive lover. Kurt Russell puts in one of the worst performances of his career, but his role is minimal enough so as you don't notice too much. All in all, Vanilla Sky is worth going to see only to try figure out what really happens at the end - this is a film that you really have to engage your brain to watch, so be warned! 6/10

Music News this week - the Handsome Family are coming back to Cork! Fans of 'dark-country' had better get their tickets fast before they sell out, as this is a band that have consistently sold-out the last few times they have visited Cork! Weird, wacky but downright wonderful, go see the Handsome Family at the Half Moon Club on Wednesday, 10th of April, for a night you won't forget. Tickets cost 13.50euro and are available from the Cork Opera House and Half Moon Box Offices.
Fred Zeppelins plays host to three Cork bands this Saturday night, when Wretch, Decoy-X and Dog On Stilts play upstairs at 8.30pm. 3 Euro admission, to be paid at the door, is a cheap price for to pay for some local talent!
Finally, don't forget about Damien Rice at the Lobby this Saturday; he will be playing at 4pm. His debut album, 'O', should be available in Cork this week! And about time too!

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