25th April, 2002
Notice Board


Politics of Trust is dead. We as a nation could be described as a nation betrayed. Our trust has been broken. Our trust has been broken not only in institutions but in the individuals in those institutions whose hands we put our lives and the lives of our children.
We am not talking about just one institution but the most influential institutions which shape our lives, the parish, the school, the sports clubs, the political groups. Decent people are gagging from the diet of corruption imposed on them.
We are tired of seeing tribunals, of seeing the rich going into them and poor having no voice while prices rise and pensions are not able to keep pace with them. The government would call it a 'budget deficit'. Many politicians use big words like 'collateral damage' to make your situation sound harmless.
The reality of 'budget deficit' is very easy to understand when it is your problem. It is when you draw your dole or pension on a Friday and you are broke by Tuesday, so from Tuesday to the following Friday you are suffering from a ‘budget deficit'. Big words to cover the human suffering and emptiness that you have to get on with. If you don't get on with it feel you are useless at managing.
Is their anyone who can be trusted, who is compassionate, who has a track record in seeing justice in the areas of housing for our young people, affordable medical care for us when we are sick? Will fight to make sure the poor are not ignored, will look after building workers now that they developers have had their way with them, who has vision of providing low cost social housing for mixed communities as we mature as a nation? And who believes that we now live in a profoundly unequal country. Créche facility’s for young couples with children are no longer a luxury.
Is there anybody out there who is taking note of all of this and who cares enough to do anything about reducing the obscene inequality that exists ?
Yes there is. Senator Brendan Ryan is a national figure in politics in the Seanad, as an Independent. He has been effective as an independent Senator for 20 years.
He is honest and has integrity. He has a profound dislike for the party of wealth and privilege, and the power they exercised in looking after the property owning elite and their tax "burdens" while scandalously continuing to demand that people on a minimum wage would have to continue paying income tax.
He is Labour's Candidate in Cork South Central. He presents us with a real choice for us in the election. He can be trusted. He continues to ask why 'The government tell us things are very, good, they are looking up, but if they are that good" he asks "how come that they are so bad for so many?,.
We will all be given an opportunity to pass judgement on election day, Brendan Ryan now has the force of a strong party behind him which has not been in any tribunals. Give him your Number 1.

Over €3.5 Million of Antiques At Munster
Antique fair

The success of the Munster Antiques and Collectibles fair is now well known. This twice-yearly event goes ahead at its regular venue, the Silver Springs Hotel on Sunday next 28th April. It will be open to the public from 11.00am to 7.00pm and is a great opportunity for all the family to enjoy this high quality event.
"Picture the conference centre filled with antiques valued at over € 3,5 million all exhibited for sale and you will see why this is such a popular event. The quality is always excellent and over 60 Antique Dealers will attend". Explained Hugh O'Donnell, a marketing Consultant who organises the Fair with his brother Robin, the well-known Antique Dealer.
"There is huge interest in this event, by far the biggest event of its type in Ireland, and the area is well known as one of Ireland's leading centres for antiques. It attracts a broad range of interest, people looking for something different can start or enlarge their collection and prices start from just a few Euro" said Hugh.
"It is amazing the interest in the area and those attending will be guaranteed a wide variety in the thousands of different high quality items exhibited for sale. Items on sale will include a huge range of furniture, jewellery, porcelain and china, silver, pictures and prints, coins and notes, glass, clocks, curios, phone cards etc." Added Hugh.
" The fair will be an enjoyable day out for all and will be well worth a visit. Everybody will be more than welcome on the day." Concluded Robin.


Did you know, that all the Lifeguards you see on the Cork beaches were trained in Douglas Pool! Also most of the Pool Lifeguards in Cork were trained in Douglas! This year Irish Water Safety is celebrating 25 years in Douglas, and we would like to say Thank You for your support over the years.
We started in Douglas in 1977, when we moved from the City Baths, and since then we have trained thousands. Some lifeguards have worked in England, America and even Australia. Classes start at 7.30 on a Monday night, we have a wide variety of classes (9) which cater for all ages and levels. We also run specialist qualifications such as The Pool Lifeguard, and Beach Lifeguard Awards, which are recognised world-wide.
These classes are taught by 13 dedicated instructors, all who teach on a voluntary basis.
If you are the more competitive type, The Cork Surf Rescue Club train at 9pm on Monday nights. Last year our junior team won the National Junior Lifesaving Championships in Wexford, and this year we hope to retain our title on home turf. Cork Water Safety is hosting the National Junior Lifesaving Championships in the Dunmanway Swimming Pool and the Warren Strand on Fri. 16 and Sat 17th August. There are 4 team members we hope to see on the National Squad going to Germany in July.
With the summer just around the corner, and thousands of people planning their summer holidays at the beaches in Cork and abroad, the risk of water related accidents increases. This could be dramatically reduced if people had a basic knowledge of water safety. You don't have to be a qualified Lifeguard to save a life, and not forgetting, prevention is better than cure. Our motto in Water Safety is, '”Every person a swimmer, every swimmer a lifesaver." So if you are interested in learning some lifesaving or resuscitation, why not call up to us some Monday night and ask for Ronan -and you don't have to be an Olympic swimmer to join in the fun. Or check us out at www.corkwatersafety.com


“Occasions” on the Move.
As and from Monday 23rd April their new offices will be at “Occasions”, Boreenmanna Road, Cork. The Telephone number remains 021-4276465.

Bone Marrow Fundraiser
The Debbie Donovan Bone Marrow Fundraiser takes place in the Lake Room of the Ardmanning house on this Friday 26th April. Music is by Anna & Stardust with guest artists Pat Lynch and the Cork Male Voice Choir. Doors open @ 8.00PM. Spots Galore. Admission € 5.00. Further information from Anna 021- 496 5178 / 087 6254869

National Tea Day
Thursday 2nd May is National Tea Day in support of the Alzheimer’s Association. Marian Rose Properties on the Douglas Road would like to raise some funds to support this worthy cause, so you are invited to vivit their offices for a cup of tea / coffee anytime between 10.00Am and 12.pm. All donations go to the Alzheimer’s Association

Douglas Library
Friday April 26th at 11.00 am Meeting of the Irish-speaking group, An Ciorcal. If you would like to practice your Irish and have "an cupán tae and the cúpla focal", with like-minded people, you are very welcome to come along. Admission is free.

COUNTRY COOL! by Aoife Barry

Those of you who have the odd Garth Brooks CD in your collection no longer have to feel ashamed, because now it’s official – country music is the new cool. Well, so-called ‘alternative country’ is apparently this millennium’s rock ‘n’ roll – the new musical genre that’s being touted as the next big thing in music magazines world wide. Some of the bands that are waving the ‘alt.country’ flag this year are American groups such as Wilco, The Handsome Family, Grant Willard Conspiracy and Will Oldham, to name just a few. I popped along to the Handsome Family gig in the Half Moon Theatre two weeks ago, with my boyfriend and my mother for company, and ended up having one of the most enjoyable and unusual nights of my life. You see, to put things lightly, the Handsome Family aren’t your typical band. For starters, they are a husband and wife team of Brett (lumberjack shirt, big glasses and Colonel Sanders beard) and Rennie Sparks (the upstate NY Morticia Adams of music), a couple whose favourite pastimes include filling up ice-cube trays and checking them every three minutes to see if they’re frozen, and (apparently) living in their basement existing on nothing but bread and water. The Partridge Family, they certainly ain’t. Rennie and Brett exchanged insults throughout the entire set, with Rennie shouting obscenities at her spouse for his cutting short of one of their songs, while occasionally they mused over topics such as whether the rain in ‘Singing in the Rain’ was real, and about whether or not the three kittens they ordered were ever to appear on stage. At times it felt as though I was the subject of a Dali piece -stuck in a surreal world with only lunatics for company! But leaving all their idiosyncrasies aside, it has to be said that the highlight of the night was the music – unashamedly depressing, morose and downright scary country. Suicide, death and depression were all sung about, the lyrics weaving stories about such tales as a mother driving herself and her children into a river, a dog who died after eating Christmas tinsel, and the Giant of Illinois who died from a blister on his toe. Not exactly what you’d call easy listening! All in all, it was a night that I wouldn’t have spent any other way – watching two misfits display their wares in the wackiest of fashions has never been so enjoyable.
Oh no – those Aussies are at it again. You might think that after Natalie Imbruglia, Kylie and Jason Donovan, the mighty country of Oz would have spewed forth all the soap actors-turned-singers that the rest of the world could handle, but alas, you would be wrong. Once again, it’s Neighbours that has spawned the new talent, and this time it’s the actress Holly Valance, who plays the oddly named Flick in the afore-mentioned show, whose song ‘Kiss Kiss’ is making it’s way up the charts as we speak. The fact that Ms. Valance doesn’t appear to be wearing much clothes in the video has seen her make a few appearances in British tabloids of late, which can only mean one thing: a top-ten hit in Britain, a famous pop-star boyfriend and pictures splashed all over the front of the Sun. Who could ask for more?
Finally, if you’re a fan of Irish singer-songwriters, tune into Cork Campus Radio, 97.4FM, on Friday morning from 8-11 – yours truly will be co-presenting the show and we’ll be featuring an interview with Nina Hynes, as well as a few surprise guests. Quality listening guaranteed!


Marymount Hospice Golf Classic

This golfing year is set to be a big one for Hourihans Golf Society in Passage West Only two years in existence this vibrant golf society has already chalked up some notable firsts.
Their first year in existence saw them embark on a trip to Spain, where they played four games over ten days and beat the local Golf Society into the bargain.
They were then involved in the Ryder Cup. They played three matches over three local courses; Kinsale, Harbour Point and Fota, against a team of Twelve players from Red Hook, New York, which was played in the Ryder Cup format. In true Ryder Cup fashion the match went down to the last days play in Fota Golf course. After some impressive play by both sides, Houirhans won the Competition by three points.
This competition resulted in a great friendship being born by both sides, so much so that this May sees a party of Eighteen Players leave for the golf courses of Up State New York to defend the Ryder Cup won so narrowly at home.
The party will spend eight days Up State in Red Hook and then spend two nights in New York City, when they hope to return the Trophy to the stand again in Houirhans Bar. But perhaps their most ambitious project yet is taking place in Monkstown Golf Course on Friday June 14th. That day sees the Society run a major Corporate Golf Classic in aid of the Mary Mount Hospice. This undertaking by the society for a very good cause, and it is hoped that it will be supported by one and all.
The Golf Classic will be run off all day on the Monkstown Golf Course, with teams of three. The fee per team is € 250 and includes a barbecue. Top Class Music will be provided that evening in the Monkstown Club House. It is hoped that this worthy cause will get the deserved support from all golfers and public alike.
Team Times can be obtained from any of the following people; Sean Houirhans 4841385, Robert Roha 087-2788809, Tom Morrisey 4841512, Mark Willis 086-8045668, Pat Walsh 086-8288407, Kiren Brosnan 4843950, Noel Collins 4841949, Donal Crowley 087-2639076
Other fixtures for the year includes; Outings to Kinsale, Water Rock, Mahon, Fota, Fernh ill and Raffen Creek. Officers for the year. President: Sean Houirhan, Captain: Pat Walsh Treasurer: Donal Crowley


The following are the projects we hope to fund from this years walk.

In Malawi 54% of the population are below the breadline, 13% of all newborn babies die within the first year of life and 20% of all children die before the age of 5 years.
The project aim is to provide baby formula (food) for vulnerable orphans living in Mtsirizia in child headed families or with old grandparents. Baby formula has the advantage that it can be prepared simply and safely in the village, it is also readily available in Malawi at a reduced rate for orphans. 120 children will be assisted by this for one year as a result of our endeavours.
Our aim is also to provide milk for the orphanage at Kawale, Lilongwe to whom all newborn babies and children under 1 year are referred and also to provide food and clothing when possible. 80 children will be assisted by this for one year.
Burkitts Lymphoma (BL) is a cancer, which mainly attacks children, usually on the face, eyes or jaw. This form of cancer is a rapidly growing tumour and is always fatal if not treated, but it is also the only cancer, which can be cured by low-grade chemotherapy alone. This pilot project was taken on by the Walk in 2000 in support of Interchurch Medical Assistance.
Up to then parents were expected to pay for this treatment themselves at a cost of €50.00 per child, which is completely outside the capabilities of the families.
To date enough money has been raised to treat 536 children who otherwise would have died. This years aim is to raise enough funds to treat a further 100 children at a total cost of €5100. If enough funds are raised this treatment project will be extended to cover all of Tanzania.
THIRD PROJECT - CORK - Special Baby Care Unit, St Finbarrs Hospital.
The Special Baby Care Unit, St. Finbarrs Hospital, was another project taken on in 2000 to purchase comfort items, in consultation with Sr. in Charge Mary O'Sullivan, for babies and parents, which are not available through the system. i.e. rocking chairs, camp beds, baby grows, cot blankets etc. This year we propose to continue with our support to the dedicated staff of St. Finbarrs Hospital SBU.
We are particularly interested in receiving sponsorship or contributions from business. The details regarding sending contribution are listed below.
Cheques should be made payable to WALK FOR LIFE, and may be sent to
Sgt. John Wade, Dining Complex, Collins Barracks, Cork.
Sgt. Michael Kelleher, HQ, 1 Logistics Support Battalion, Collins Barracks, Cork.
or direct to ACCOUNT NO:
Trustee Savings Bank,

This years walk, consisting of members of the Defence Forces stationed at Collins Barracks Cork, FCA Personnel, ex-serving members of the PDF, Nurses of the Special Baby Care Unit, St Finbarrs Hospital, Cork, friends and sponsors takes place on the 22 June from Crosshaven to Patrick Street Cork. The walk begins at 12 noon and finishes at approx 4 pm.


The number of uninsured drivers on the road seems to be dramatically on the increase . This is an extremely worrying trend and one which has to be arrested I recently received two complaints from persons who were involved in accidents, both of whom were totally innocent. One of these people had their car hit by a non-national who had no insurance and another by a native who had no insurance. In both instances, they are failing to find some redress for the actions of the people driving the cars.
I realise the cost of motor insurance is exceptionally high for young people and this is a matter which has been addressed by the enquiry into the industry as a whole which recently released it's final Report. That being said, the notion that, because a person cannot afford insurance, that they are entitled to take an uninsured car onto the road is a situation which cannot be tolerated. Emerging also is the fact that, in many instances, cars are being sold to persons who would quite obviously not be in a position to afford the cost of the motor insurance. The law, at the present time, does not place a requirement upon the person selling the vehicle to ensure that the purchaser has adequate insurance. This responsibility rests with the purchaser and I am now writing to minister John O’Donoghue asking him to examine how our legislation could be amended to ensure that there is a responsibility on those people selling cars to ensure that adequate car insurance is? in fact1 in place before the sale of a car can be completed
The current almost tragic situation being outlined by the Gardai in Cork gives further strength to my call for proof of insurance to be made available when cars are being sold.


A comprehensive research study into the present and future needs of young people living in the greater Douglas area is to commence very shortly.
The research will establish the present and future recreational and social needs of young people in a specific geographical area with excessively high population growth.
It will identify the best way to contribute to the Health/well being of young people in this area
It will consult with young people themselves
The project process and research results can be used as a template for future use by other communities to suit their needs.
There is great potential in this project not alone for the young people of Douglas, Grange, Donnybrook and Rochestown but will ultimately be beneficial for the whole community. Douglas Active Teenagers Association (DATA) is a voluntary group of residents/parents representing a wide cross-section of the community. The association was formed following a wide consultation process comprising of Cork County Council; Cork County VEC; Cork City VEC;Ogra Chorcai;Douglas Gardai;Douglas GAA; Residents and Parents.
I set up this process initially because many young people and parents approached me looking for particular types of facilities for different areas.. The DATA Committee whose members met on a monthly basis over the past twelve months decided to put together a proposal for the Minister Micheal Martin Minister for Health & Children seeking funding to commission a professional study to assess and address this critical matter. The results of the study will form the basis for a submission for the overall resources of infrastructure/services etc as deemed suitable and which will have been based on consultation with young people themselves. We can all see from recent tragic events and indeed from incidences at a more local level how important it is that young people are encouraged, through activities they like,to participate in their communities in a responsible manner.
The National Childrens Strategy emphasises the importance of consultation and the involvement of young people in determining the shape and type of services environment and facilities. This research will help create a healthy environment where children from all social and economic backgrounds can feel secure and develop individually to their maximum potential and have the opportunity to participate.
The D.A.T.A. Committee comprises Michael Boland; Ray Devine; Gda. Michael Dineen; Dr Gary Kearney; Tony Lehane; Eleanor O'Sullivan; Aine Ryan; and myself with assistance from others from time to time. We met many times and I would like to thank the Rochestown Park Hotel; Douglas Garda Station and Douglas GAA for facilitating some of our meetings. I want to pay particular tribute to the committee who never gave up on the project despite initial difficulties. Untimately, the project would not have seen the light of day without funding of 19000 euro sanctioned by Minister Michael Martin. At the exchanging of contracts with Mr Bev. Cotton of U.C.C. who will be conducting the research, the Minister stressed the importance of participation by young people in activities which will assist them in relation to their personal and social development and which will help them acquire the knowledge, skills and attitudes needed to overcome any negative results of problems they encounter as they mature. Cork County Council V.E.C. also gave assistance with funding.
I am delighted that at last this project will commence. The results of the research will inform the Statutory Agencies and Government Departments of their specific needs for our Community. In fact, for the first time ever, the results of a project of this nature have been specifically written into the County Development Strategy. This strategy sets out the basis for delivering appropriate amenity needs of young people over the next ten years. Such Research will inform any future submissions to Government Departnents when we seek funding for any projects identified by the Study. The Consultation will take place in various appropriate settings such as Schools, Sports Venues; Street work etc. Interviews will include focus Groups; informal meetings with children with children, work with children from existing group settings and other appropriate methods. The age groups will be between 7/8 years to 18 years. So whatever the findings, be it skateboarding; CyberCafe; Rollerblading; All weather pitches we will then have to put our shoulder to the wheel to deliver on them. CLLR DEIRDRE FORDE PH 021 4363318

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