8th August, 2002
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Owenabue Valley Tradtional Group Debut CD
For many years now the Carrigaline based Owenabue Valley Traditional Group have been performing regularly at home and abroad. People from all parts of the world have greatly enjoyed and appreciated their music, song and dance. These foreign visitors were constantly asking the group for CD's as a memonto of their trip to Ireland. Over the last number of months the muisicans and singers of the group have put much time and energy into recording a fantastic debut CD. With a total of 15 tracks, there is a wide selection of traditional dance music, accordion and bagpipe solos and 4 lively songs in both English agus as Gaeilge. The launch of their CD is taking place in the Carrigaline GAA Pavilion on Friday 16th August, which coincides with the International Folk Dance festival in Carrigaline.

Comfort for Cancer Fundraising Ceili
The Annual Fundraising ceili for the Comfort for Cancer Support group will take place on Thursday next August 8th 2002 in the Carrigaline GAA Pavilion. The night runs from 9 pm to 11 and will be a great nights entertainment with cabaret acts from the Attridge Academy of dance and the Kiely Walsh dancers. Music will be provided by the Owenabue Valley Traditional Group, who will also assisting in calling the dances for anyone that is unsure. There will be ceili, old time and set dancing, so make it a date and get down early for a brilliant night, it's for a good cause. Tickets available from Bridie Mulqueen on 021-4272410

International Folk Dance Festival Carrigaline International Folk Dance Festival will be held on Friday August 16th 2002. Szigetkoz Ensemble from Darnozseli in Northern Hungary are made up of a young energetic group of musicians, singers and dancers who perform a colourful selection of their own Hungarian culture. The 45 strong group will join members of the Owenabue Valley Traditional Group in a colourful marching dance parade at 8 pm through the town led by the Carrigaline Pipe Band. The one day festival will continue with all three groups giving an open air performance in the =
centre of the town. The festival gathering later in the GAA Pavilion is open to all to come along and enjoy the evenings entertainment.
The Hungarian group are on an Irish tour and will be playing and dancing in Clonakilty town centre in the afternoon on Wednesday 14th and at the outdoor ceili by The Lough, Cork City from 7.30 pm to 9.00 pm.. At Kinsale on Thursday 15th , preformances in the afternoon at various locations around the town. Cork City Centre will see them in the morning and Cobh Peoples Regatta in the afternoon on Saturday 17th. Parading into the Feile Fhearmui outdoor ceili on Sunday 18th between 3 pm and 5.30pm, entertaining with their different style of dancing. The Lough, Cork City will get a second night of the classy Szigetkoz Ensemble for the lakeside performance during the evening ceili from 7.30 pm to 9.00 pm. on Sunday night.

Boyhood Days of Yore

by Ger O'Regan - Part 10

As one became older one would expect to get more sense. After school soccer matches amongst ourselves were held in ''Pic~u-jer park. Dunmore Lawn, Loughys front Lawn on the Boreenamanna road and Davy’s back garden which certainly wasn’t level by no means. Poker for pennies and halfpennies were in Davy’s garage and glassyalley games were held everywhere and anywhere.
I was a firm 'Cork Celtic' supporter, no wishy washy ‘Hibs’ here. 'Real men' played with Celtic. Auntie Nora was married to Mossie; she had previously worked in other places amongst them being the Pavilion Cinema. Mossie worked there too as a projectionist. Both were lovely people and very nice to me. I wasn’t short in seeing all the afternoon showings, free of charge. Mossie was an avid soccer supporter being involved with cork A.U.L. and Cork Celtic. Since he was an avid Celtic supporter, it wasn’t long before I too caught the Celtic bug and I have no regrets whatsoever. Biased? Yes of course when seeing the wonderful talents of 'Richie Brooks’, Bobby Tambling, Carl Davenport, John Coughlan and very many others who adorned the orange and black and the blue and white. But one player amongst all really left a lasting impression on me. I was at the ‘Lodge’ to see him make his debut with his acrobatic skills and to the day I die, I will always state that 'Alec Ludzic' was the best goalkeeper the league of Ireland had ever seen. He was like a breath of fresh air. Unlike Cork Hibs who were always winning something or other. Many viewed Celtic as the poor relation of Cork soccer. How ironic it is today that the current Cork City F.C. are located in Celtics old home while Hib’s Flower Lodge is now the property of the G.A.A. and aptly titled Pairc Ui Rinn to a great legend.
When Cork Celtic were voted out of the league or Ireland, that finished me with Cork soccer. Not once have I gone through the turnstiles of any soccer pitch since. Nor do I follow Cork City F.C.


Question I believe it is possible for a person with a disability to get a refund of VAT on certain aids he/she requires. Can you please give the details?

Answer Under the Value Added Tax (Refund of Tax) (No.15) Order, 1981 a refund of VAT is available on certain aids and appliances bought for use by a person with a disability. The aid or appliance must be for the exclusive use of the person Where the refund of VAT is claimed by another person, Revenue may require evidence that the aid or appliance is exclusively used by the person with a disability and is in his/her sole possession
The relief applies to the purchase of goods which are aids and appliances designed to assist a person to overcome his/her disability in the performance of daily functions or in the exercise of a vocation- Examples of eligible goods range from eating and drinking aids designed solely for the disabled and hoists and lifters designed for invalids, to a computer required so that a person can pursue a course of education or carry out duties at work.
You can obtain claim form (VAT 61A) from:

VAT (unregistered) Repayments Section,
Revenue, Kilrush Road, Ennis, Co Clare.
Tel; (065)6849000 or LoCall 1890 202 033.
It may also be downloaded from Revenue’s website at www.revenue.ie
You will have to submit the original invoices for all goods in the claim and medical evidence of a disability may be requested.
Further Information is available from the Citizens Information Centre below.

This column has been compiled by Cobh Citizens Information Centre which provides a free and confidential service to the public. Tel. 021 4814422 Address: Parish Centre, Roches Row, Cobh


By Aoife Barry
It would be a lie to say that every new Irish musician was not compared to their peers – indeed, it seems as though every time a new album by a guitar-wielding man/woman is reviewed, they are immediately stamped with ‘sounds like The Frames/David Kitt’ on their backside. So when you find someone without this ‘disclaimer’ preceding his or her name, then you are sure to take notice. One such example of an Irish musician who has managed to dodge the ‘curse of the Frames’ is one Martin Finke, a Clifden, Co. Galway native who has three albums and one EP under his belt and who is never, ever compared to the Kittser et al. Lucky man. A cynical person could say it is his absence from the Irish music ‘scene’ (he has only just returned to Ireland after spending a few years in Boston) that accounts for this, but one listen to his third album, ‘Let It Ring’ which was released last November will attest to the fact that it is his unique ‘lo-fi’ sound that marks him out from his peers.
Fans of acts such as Low, My Bloody Valentine and The Wedding Present will be immediately charmed by the swirling drum-loops and sparse vocals that haunt this record, while most listeners will be enchanted by his poetic lyrics and dark images (“my landlady is the sea / she keeps me and rolls me to where there is joy”). Although at first it seems as though the music takes precedence in each song and the lyrics are purely ornamental, closer listening helps you to uncover the fact that the music is, in fact, built around the music, with each instrumental layer adding weight to the meaning of Martin’s poetry. Indeed, when I met Martin last weekend in the Lobby and put this to him, he whole-heartedly agreed, adding that he concentrates on writing the lyrics first, and then adding the music around them. Often, he said, he would have spools and spools of lyrics, which he would then begin to structure guitar, bass and drums around.
But where Martin does begin to sound like one of your typical singer-songwriters is when it comes to the actual recording of his albums. Not yet having set foot in a recording studio, he has recorded all of his albums/EPs in his own house, even in the case of his side-project, the band Mineymoh which he formed with his friend Rian Kelly, whose album was also recorded ‘at home’. Even though he says he would be willing to up the budget a little and would like to record in a ‘proper’ studio next time around, Martin does admit that when it comes to the studio he does not want to relinquish any of the production duties he’s had for his home-recorded works. In testament to his home-made production style, his first album was a tape called ‘A Coat For You’, released in 1999, before he moved on to compact discs with his first EP, ‘How Not To’, released in 2000. Next up came his album ‘Cast in Old Cast Iron’, which was released in November 2001, which was followed exactly one year later by ‘Let It Ring’.
Although on record he uses recorded drum-loops, condenser mics and mixes the record on computer, when he plays live he shuns all this technology and is accompanied by his acoustic guitar. Indeed, he admits he wouldn’t be entirely comfortable with the idea of bringing all this technology on stage with him! When he played the Lobby last Wednesday evening, the only accompaniment he had besides his guitar was the voice of his lovely (Cork bred!) girlfriend, Lara. The gig itself was two hours of sheer musical poetry, with Martin playing tracks spanning his career to date. Cajoled back onto the stage by the audience after what he claimed was his last song, he treated us to a spine-tingling version of ‘Octopussy’ by the Wedding Present. And even though we begged him not to, in the end he had to leave the stage, after an impromptu duet with Lara, with a smile on his face and a promise to be back again, soon.
For more information on Martin Finke, log onto www.martinfinke.com!

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