14th November, 2002
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By Michelle Moore
Cynthia Martin is nineteen years old and she is from Nantes, France. Cynthia came to Cork working as an Au Pair. However, she was looking for a football club to join. One day, she picked up a Douglas Weekly and read the sports columns. She immediately got in contact with the Douglas WeekIy office. She was looking for recommendations. Douglas Weekly recommended the best and that was Douglas Hall Ladies F.C.
Cynthia began training with the U18's Ladies Team and it was evident that she had played football before. She had lots of experience. She was a brilliant player; she could play either as centre mid or as a forward Cynthia scored lots goals for Douglas Hall, which helped them win the league.
Cynthia blended in so well with the girls and the club, that she made lots of new friends. To her delight, the other girls on the team voted Cynthia as ‘Player Of The Year' that season
More than often you have to chase girls to get them to go to training or matches. Cynthia was was very eager and willing. She was the type to ring mentors about upcoming matches and training.
Unfortunately, it was time for Cynthia to go home to Nantes. After 8 months in Cork it was sad to see her go. There was a going away gathering for her before she left. Fellow players, mentors, friends and even Douglas Weekly were all there to see her off.
Cynthia went home to France. At the moment she is suffering a knee injury, which she blames on a dirty tackle from an opposing goalkeeper, whom she played against with Douglas Hall before she left for France. She currently plays for a local football team called 'Celtic Club Pierric'.
In October this year Cynthia's mother tragically passed away. Cynthia wanted to come back to Douglas for a few days over Christmas. But. Unfortunately, because of the untimely death of her mother, she cannot afford to fly here.
All of Douglas Ladies miss Cynthia terribly. They all send their sympathy and regards to Cynthia and her family. Also Douglas Hall would like to thank Douglas Weekly, because if it wasn't for the ‘Weekly’, the girls would never have met Cynthia and developed such strong friendships. Cynthia is still in constant contact with a few of the friends she made here. Someone in Douglas sends her a Douglas Weekly every week to keep her up to date with the happenings of Douglas.


Pat Pyne has been appointed Regatta Director for the 2003 Sovereign’s Cup Regatta at Kinsale Yacht Club.Pyne is a former Commodore of Kinsale Yacht Club. During his term of office both he and his wife Maureen worked tirelessly for the betterment of the club. It was while Pyne was at the helm that Kinsale Yacht Club was awarded 1998 Mitsubishi Motors / Irish Independent Club of the Year. It is anticipated that Pyne will bring this same energy and attention to detail to the Sovereign’s Cup to enhance the regatta’s increasing popularity.
Pyne takes over from Tony Kingston, who acted as Regatta Director for the previous two events. Kingston proved himself a popular and able choice. Not able to commit the time for a third event, Kingston will, however, remain on board the organising committee and will be an invaluable asset to the team.
The Sovereign’s Cup Regatta 2003 will run from June 25 to 28 inclusive. Kinsale Yacht Club’s policy to keep the event exclusive and focused on the enjoyment of participants has paid off for them. 125 yachts took part in the 2001 event, which was the fourth Sovereign’s Cup, with an ever growing representation of UK boats.
Pyne plans to communicate with previous entrants over the coming weeks. The Kinsale Yacht Club site - will also feature regular updates on the event.


Aries (March 21 - April 20)
This week you will suddenly become more motivated and you will attract whatever it is that you need in your work environment, and/or you will receive a considerable increase in salary. You are going to have to wait a day or so before you can resolve a dilemma, find what you need or correct a problem. A new love or strengthened old one will have some happy surprises in store. This could also indicate a pleasant social event. Luck will be with you in landing a new job. The result will be up to you, it depends how much you want it!
Taurus (April - May 21)
This week you will be feeling uncomfortable due to confusing situations. You will enjoy partying and flirting as well as an unexpected business opportunity or increased income, but true happiness will come through surmounting your weakness, doubts or fears. Someone will call and come over. You will be grateful for the ability to keep going in spite of disappointment’s & that things are working out better than you anticipated. Rest when one is needed!
Gemini (May 22 - June 21)
You are going to be surprised by a very fortunate adjustment in your love life, and by something which looked negative on the surface related to your work, turning out to be an unexpected blessing. You can expect many social invitations, but past failures will make you leery of making the same mistakes all over again. There will be unexpected family problems or you will hear that some-one who owes you money is not going to pay or is broke. Your success will come through unexpected places, social situations, admirers and/or handling money problems.
Cancer (June 22 - July 23)
This week you will be unprepared for the extra responsibilities brought on by another persons words or actions.
An adjustment will be difficult, when someone will cause you to change your plans or move in a different direction.
You shall derive a great deal of satisfaction through helping others and completing projects successfully. A message will arrive concerning a change of plan and you’ll be relieved, or a loved one will call with an invitation to come & visit. Your success will come through patience. Good fortune will come through a change in your environment.
Leo (July 24 - August 25)
You are about to be pleasantly surprised by someone who inadvertently provides the missing link needed to reinforce your determination and ensure the success of an idea, project or enterprise....Something you searched for or wanted, but didn’t know existed. Luck will be with you in receiving help for turning a negative situation into a positive one.
Expect a nice surprise & a new discovery will bring unexpected joy. Positive results will come, but not over night!
Virgo (August 24 - September 23)
Someone’s irrational behaviour will hurt or upset you very much, and you wont know how to deal with it. This week, you will feel anxious and depressed & will long to leave every thing behind and begin a new life. You shall be happy about the sudden acquisition of money and the opportunity to advance professionally. New opportunities are arriving. Eventually you will surmount obstacles and come out on top. Keep in mind, that every thing happens for a reason!
Libra (September 24 - October 23)
Expect a surprise from a man, this week. You will feel pressured to “Perform”, or give more than you are capable of.
Something is going to transpire that you did not think possible....Something you want very much. A phone call will clarify a question or concern and/or you may hear news of a marriage. Your best success will come through your creative, inspired, or innovative ideas. You shall receive insight receive an unexpected blessing through a chance encounter. ACT on new ideas, ambitions or new avenues or say “Yes”! Your ideas will be met with success.
Scorpio (October 24 - November 22)
You will be surprised because the one you want to hear from calls. This week, you shall feel as if you are making a compromise, but you will not let that happen. Instead, you will take steps to assert yourself & to correct the situations. An uplifting message from a lover, friend or business associate will arrive. You are going to be lucky in business, finance & negotiations. Your success will come through a change in attitude. You will get what you need, which you will later realise, was exactly what you wanted.
Sagittarius (November 23 - December 21)
You will hear of or talk of a health problem, accident or injury which may need medical attention or hospitalisation and/or of misfortune befalling another. This week you are going to feel alone or lack confidence. Finances will improve & you will receive spiritual guidance or inspiration when you need it most. An unhappy message will cause a let-down or failure to unite as planned, discussions about then break up of a relationship could also be indicated. Happiness will come after what you regarded, a very unfortunate experience.
Capricorn (December 22 - January 20)
This week you will be surprised by a sudden flirtation or romantic possibility. It will be a strain communicating with some people because you are going to feel intolerant or critical, yet it will motivate you to get your intentions clear & to take action to resolve the difficulty. You shall find peace, comfort & inspiration, through nature, rest, social gatherings and small trips or pleasurable pursuits. Something inside is trying to tell you something - get in touch with your feelings! Expect delays....But there is a promise of future success.
Aquarius (January 21 - Febuary 19)
This week a debilitating illness, a business disagreement, or an emotional issue will cause a loss of employment or earnings. You will encounter many disturbing events, which you will be unable to exert any influence over & because of this you will be left to your own devices and will have to master the situation internally. You are about to have a very important conversation and you shall find a sense of solitary satisfaction or well-being. The problem is not going to go away of its own accord, you must take action to resolve it!
Pisces (Febuary 20 - March 20)
This week, you will be surprised at the response or action of another to something which you unwittingly said or did.
Both professionally & personally, others will be friendly and supportive. Expect news, assistance or a beneficial surprise concerning your work. You shall enjoy a change of venue, or an outing with a friend. You are going to get some great news, which you have been expecting. Luck will be with you concerning your love life & business affairs. Negative conditions will end & positive ones will be established, but your success will be well earned!


Fund raising table Quiz
Cork Bridge Club, 36 St Patrick's Quay on Tuesday November 19th at 8pm. Tables of 4 - €40. All welcome

Club Nostalgia
This is a new record club with a difference; you will not hear any highbrow music etc, just popular music and songs from the 40's to the 70's including movie sound tracks of the period.
So if you are interested then come along, bring a friend or two, and join the gang for an entertaining evening. Details of time and venue call Michael 021- 4806602

Eagles Tribute
B-Eagles - Europe's finest tribute to the Eagles at The Village Arts Centre, Kilworth, Co Cork on Friday, Nov 15 at 8.15pm. Tickets € 12/10 Tel 025-31599/24858.


The Tidy Towns Committee are in the planning stage for 2003.
Part of the planning involves the laying out of work, and ensure that what work can be done in the Autumn and Winter will be done.
Over the last few weeks a scheme promoted by the Tidy Towns, with great assistance from Theresa Church, who co-ordinated the colour schemes, was undertaken to colour co-ordinate paint work done on the whole of Tramway Terrace. I think anybody driving by now, will see that this is something that the Committee can be proud of.
One area that caused some adverse criticism by members of the public and the Tidy Towns, was the open area in front of the Legion, which is privately owned (and not by the Legion).
On last Saturday despite the most torrential rain, a small group of volunteers laid out the site and had it covered with walking gravel. The immediate effect is wonderful. The improvement from what looked like an unattractive site, to one that is now clearly cared for, something that the Committee is proud of.
Regular meetings are still being held on Thursday nights at the Community Centre, and a street sweep and other work is going on every Saturday morning, with a meeting at the Centre at 10.30am.
Volunteers for all kinds of work from purely administrative to planning, to physical work, or in any other way that volunteers feel they can assist, any volunteers can contact us at the Community Centre or by phone 021 96 4894955.
Yours sincerely,


Kinsale has always had a lot to offer the Christmas shopper. The wide variety of shops is complemented by a selection of restaurants and coffee houses to facilitate the most relaxing shopping experience for even the most reluctant, once a year, shopper.
An interesting addition to Christmas shopping in Kinsale this year is the Christmas Craft Fair which will take place in the spectacular Town Hall, overlooking Kinsale Harbour, on November 30 and 31.
The Fair is the brainchild of jewellery maker Gidi Gur and ceramic artist Sara Roberts. As craft workers themselves, and exhibitors in fairs nationwide, they knew they wanted a showcase for quality and a variety of products. Through the fair, members of the general public will have the opportunity to buy some unique gifts, while retailers will have the opportunity to source new products.
On sale at the Kinsale Christmas Fair will be beautiful handmade cards by Alex Morrison, luxury chocolate gifts from Eve Chocolates, culinary oils from TWINE, metalworks in iron, copper and bronze from Paddy McCormick, kilims, rugs and cushions from CATTAPILLA, batik and marbling from Carmel Smith, wooden gifts and puzzles from COOLKELURE CRAFTS, angora knitwear from BALLYHOURA ANGORA, ceramics from Adrian Wistreich and Sara Roberts, handmade soaps from GALLUNAC, wood turning from William Edwards and Hilary Hale, mirrors from Jill Dundee, aromatherapy candles and bath products from CANDLE
CREATIONS, silk scarves from Cheryl Roberts, and gold and silver jewellery from KEYSTONE CONCEPTS.
Exhibitors are travelling from throughout Ireland, with products sourced as far away as Afghanistan. Retailers are encouraged to visit the fair to meet with the exhibitors with a view to stocking these products in their shops.
Trisha Broughal will run a coffee shop with home baked cakes and biscuits in the exhibition area to complete a very satisfying shopping experience.Christmas shopping has never been easier.
Ceili Mor
This months Ceili Mor at the Carrigaline GAA Pavilion on Saturday next 9th November, marks six years of successfully run ceili's by the Owenabue Valley Tr
A series of readings guaranteed o
Thursday, 21st: Mary Leland, Thomas McCarthy, Gerry Murphy
Thursday, 28th: Conal Creedon, Rosemary Canavan, Niall Connolly
Supported by the Munster Literature Centre admission to the readings is free.

SIMON COVENEY, TD, writes...

There is now strong reason to believe that an area known as the Irish-box, the sea area surrounding the island of Ireland up 50 miles off our coastline where fishing restrictions exits on foreign vessels, is now under threat from new EU Common Fisheries Policy negotiations.
The Spanish fishing fleet has recently been refused access to fishing waters off the coast of Morocco and will therefore be eagerly looking for new and fertile fishing areas. At present, restrictions allow only 40 Spanish fishing vessels to fish within the box. Any loosening of restrictions, allowing Spanish vessels more access, would have disastrous consequences for Irish fish stocks. The Irish box must not be allowed to become a target.
Minster Ahern must seek assurances from Commissioner Franz Fischler, that the massive Spanish fishing fleet will not get increased access to the Irish box under any new common fisheries proposal.
The Irish box must be protected at all costs, if we are to ensure a viable future for the Irish fishing fleet.

RONNIE McGINNS Poetry Corner

Win € 100 in our Christmas Poetry Competition.
Sponsored by O’Flaherty’s of Parnel Place. It’s open to everyone so start sending your entries straight away.
Our first poem this week comes from a very talented young lady. Some of her poems have already appeared in the Douglas Weekly and we are delighted to see she is still writing and we hope to hear a lot more from her in the future.

A Cold November Night

Summer’s gone; Christmas is yet to come
And I lay here, in silence, thinking of all that I’ve done
The cool night air pierces my bare arms
And I wonder if the night still holds those charms

What secrets what mysteries does it hold?
Or are they frozen in the darkness and the cold?
As each diamond in the sky sparkles down
Like ancient treasures that are newly found

But the biggest jewel holds still the light
As it guards yet shines so very bright
Preventing evil’s which to c brings nothing but fear
Eliminating the witches and ghosts which hold their refuge here
Kelly Burke

Our second poem this week comes from Sinead Carolan of Shehard Road. Sinead didn’t give us any information about her background but her sincere and emotional poem speaks for itself and strikes a chord with all of us. Please send in more of your poems Sinead!

In Memory
We all knew you were unwell,
But we didn’t believe it would happen our friend,
I never got to say goodbye;
To tell you I loved you before you died.

There in your satin robe you lay,
With your hands crossed and your face all grey.
I was waiting for your eyes to open,
To say it was a trick,
To tell me you were joking.

But it really happened, your really gone,
I don’t think I can handle it or carry on.
Your in my thoughts most every day,
I can’t get rid of them, they’re here to stay.
Sinead Carolan

Send your poem or your Christmas Poem to The Poetry Corner / The Douglas Weekly. Or you can email it to; ronniemcginn@eircom.net If possible keep your poem to 20 lines. Choose any subject you like, in any form you like. We look forward to hearing from you. Ronnie McGinn

OUT & ABOUT with Kathy O'Donnell

Hello again, I went to the preview of “Harry Potter 2” and you are in for a treat its even better that the original! I would definitely recommend viewing this movie in all its magically glory, at the cinema. Last year I didn’t bother indulging in the whole cinematic experience and instead saw Harry Potter on video, and I regret it ever since! Crammed with special effects, sound effects and charisma, this is one film you just HAVE to witness on the big screen!
On the topic of screens what do you make of the “Big Screen Siren” herself, Anna Nicole Smith? And I mean BIG on so many levels : Big mouth, big ego, big boobs & big build - Or “Broad boned”, as she likes to call herself! Her new reality show “The Anna Nicole Smith Show” was a hit in the USA (Although what isn’t over there!) and this former play boy bunny is now gracing our screens on Sky 1. This controversial gal, who was “Rescued” from her humble up-bringing by multi-millioner, Howard Marshall, has both fascinated and repulsed the public. Anna left school when she was 15, had a child and became a stripper, when she then met Howard in a Gentleman’s Bar. Despite the age difference, (Anna was in her twenties - Howard was in his nineties), Howard was besotted. The pair married and Anna adored her new luxurious life style, she soon reached for the bleach, make up & enormous implants and became a Play boy cover girl, model and actress. Sadly Howard died and Anna’s proportion of his will was in threat, as Howard’s son refused to give her the $62,00000. Finally after Anna lost her court case, she won the re-trial, but has yet to receive the money. Although Howard junior was awarded an extremely generous portion of his fathers wealth, he regards Anna as “A cheap, manipulative, Gold-digger,” (As do many) and stubbornly refuses to acknowledge her existence. What strikes me as unfair, is that Howard’s son rarely even spent time with his old dad, at least Anna was there for him and blessed his last few years with happiness! Poor Anna was even asked not to attend her husbands funeral. She claim’s, her husband will always have a special place in her heart and that even though the relationship was not a sexual one, she loved Howard dearly. And witnessing her complete devastation as half of Howard’s ashes (Howard junior has the second half), were being moved to Anna’s new mansion - I believe her. True, Anna is over baringly childish, completely self-obsessed, attention starved and money-mad! She is also funny, outrageous, glamorous and deep down, she has a heart of gold & her show is amusing to say the least! Although no-where near as entertaining as the “Osborns”, it is worth a watch.
With Christmas being just over five weeks away, try starting the shopping now. Not only will you be much more organised and save money on the “Mysterious Christmas Rise”, which is when items magically increase in price as the holidays approach. But it is also less strenuous on the pocket, as you hardly notice if you buy a present or two every week, as opposed to splashing out on what ever crap is left on Christmas Eve! Why not try buying meaningful presents this year, such as books, music, craft sets or a voucher for a favourite hobby, etc.

Good-Bye & Good-luck, Kathy O Donnell.


For Country Music Lovers
Lost Highway - 5 piece Bluegrass band from California at The Village Arts Centre, Kilworth, Co Cork on Monday, Nov 18 at 8.15pm. Tickets €15 Tel 025-24858.

Bereaved Parents Support Group
An Irish Voluntary non-denominational organisation offering friendship support and understanding to those suffering bereavement especially child loss. Meetings on the second Wednesday of each month . Everyone welcome. Contact Helen / Tony 0212 4364695 or Catherine 021 - 4312978

Cat Show.
The Cork Cat Club will hold their annual Championship cat Show on Sunday 17th November at the Carrigaline Community Centre. The show, which is open to the public in the afternoon from 1pm to 5pm, will feature the best of Ireland's pedigree cats - Persians, Siamese, Burmese, Exotics and many more. As well as these feline aristocrats the ordinary domestic puss is far from forgotten, in fact is an important part of every cat show. In the non-pedigree section there are special classes for the Best Child's Cat, Best Personality Cat, the Best rescued Stray and even the Cat with the Longest Whiskers!
Stalls, an art competition and a raffle all take place on the day to ensure an excellent day out for all the family.

LOCAL ISSUES with Cllr. Deirdre Forde

by Deirdre Forde MCC.
I have had some constituents voice their concerns to me over the past few weeks on a matter that is pretty common at this time of year and that is the problem of fallen leaves. Apart from the rotting mess, the leaves can be a hazard to motorists as well as blocking shores thus leading to flooding. I have brought the matter of this problem up at Council and I have been in touch with the relevant departments with the view of targeting major trouble spots regarding this problem.
Last year I received a petition from residents of Shamrock Lawn to have traffic calming measures in the form of Speed Ramps put in place in their estate. So far there has been no action taken on this matter. The matter has drifted on too long while there are letters on file in relation to this matter for over two years. I presented a copy of guidelines for Traffic Calming to the Traffic Engineer and difficulties in this department have held up the progression of same.
I have received representations from residents in the area regarding the condition of the footpath between the Pedestrian Crossing, near the Bus shelter on the Grange Road and Grange Heights. I have been in touch with the Area Engineer and requested that the footpath be examined and resurfaced. Kiltegan on Rochestown Rd. has a similar problem in the vicinity of No. 13 Kiltegan Park. Again I have made representations to the Area Engineer to have the matter rectified.
The carpark area at Harty’s Quay in Rochestown which is a popular and much utilised facility for walkers on the Old Railway Line to Blackrock, is down for upgrading for some time now. The planning contribution for this development has not yet been released and it appears to me that now, is an opportune time to finish the carparking areas, properely. I have written again to the Area Engineer to further push the matter.
More next week.....meantime if any constituent has any query on any local issues I can be contacted on 021-4363318 or 087-2837780.

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