21st November, 2002
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Tanaiste visits USA
Tanaiste Mary Harney recently took charge of a trade and investment mission to the West Coast of the USA on behalf of IDA Ireland and Enterprise Ireland. While there,she met a number of key American corporations in order to promote Ireland as a continuing location for foreign investment. US investment is crucial to Ireland's economic success. It is by far the largest source of inward investment,far outweighing that of its closest rivals,Britain and Germany. According to recent data, 58% of new foreign investment projects in Ireland during 2001 came from the US and we export approximately 17% of our exports to the US market. These figures show very clearly the importance the US plays in our economy and why it is so important that we continue to target it for increased trade and investment. Some time ago Mary Harney also said : 'for years we have played a good tune,but now it is time to take charge of the orchestra and start composing the music'. This is very valid. We will not survive on manufacturing alone and we must make all attempts to get businesses where we can have an input into design and logistics which will give us a greater value add to anchor us deeper into the landscape of survival.
Unemployment Numbers
There was a decrease of 3,726 in the number of people claiming unemployment benefit for the month of October,according to figures recently released by the CSO. Some 157,706 people are now registered as being out of work,compared with 161,400 in September,the lowest level since May. Seasonally adjusted,the decline was just 100 and the Live Register continues to rise on an annual basis and it was up by over 11% in October compared to the same month last year.

Junior Humour
It's great to see that kids are still very creative when it comes to putting jokes together. The following was created by Kevin O'Donoghue,aged 9,from Kiltegan. Well done,Kevin,and let's have some more.
Two coins were out on the lake in a boat. One got tired and said to the other : 'Euro'.

Ryanair has recorded a 71% increase in after-tax profits to 150 million euros for the six months to the end of September. Michael O'Leary,Chief Executive of the Airline was delighted with the results,describing them as exceptional and also difficult to repeat. Ryanair also unveiled its plans for a 114 million euro second terminal at Dublin Airport. It will be capable of handling ten million passengers per year with no cost to the taxpayer. The Ryanair plan was one of 13 submitted to the Minister for Transport, Seamus Brennan ,on October 31st.

Manufacturing Activity
Irish purchasing managers recorded the first contraction of the manufacturing economy in nine months,during the month of October. The latest NCB Purchasing Managers index (PMI) recorded a reading of 48.8 for October,which was below the critical no-change mark of 50, and the lowest level recorded since December 2001. The erosion in manufacturing activity was blamed on weakened demand from industries in the US and Europe and a softening of domestic demand in recent weeks.
Last week the Chairman of the Federal Reserve in the USA, Alan Greenspan, dropped the US rate to its lowest in over 40 years. I wonder what he saw in the tea leaves to make him do this?

Sign on company noticeboard
'This firm requires no physical fitness programme. Everyone gets enough exercise jumping to conclusions, flying off the handle, running down the boss, flogging dead horses, knifing friends in the back, dodging responsibility, and pushing their luck’

Some time ago Bill Gates handed over the operational responsibility of Microsoft to Steve Ballmer. Steve was in Ireland recently to meet with representatives of the Technology sector and also to visit the 1800 employees at Microsoft Ireland. He made some interesting comments during his visit to Ireland.
He said the company was committed to Ireland and would not move the operations to low-cost locations,such as India and China. According to Ballmer: 'Things are easier and better here and we like the business environment' He also went on to say that 'The business environment in India is non-competitive,even if the labour market is competitive'. He had no greater visibility than anybody else as to when there would be a pick up again but felt that the falling had now stopped and that the technology sector would pick up again as world economies began to improve.

Glen Dimplex
Glen Dimplex,the electrical-appliances manufacturer privately owned by Martin Naughton and Lochlann Quinn, has purchased Norwegian electrical wholesaler NOBO Electro for an undisclosed sum. NOBO Electro is reported to have about a quarter of the market for installed electric heaters in Norway. It hopes the acquisition will give it a foothold in the Scandinavian market, where it also plans to sell its other brands, including Dimplex and Morphy Richards. Glen Dimplex employs some 8,500 people worldwide, about 2,500 of them in Ireland.

The IFI Saga
It is very hard to believe the downward spiral that the IFI closure has taken. As the Government ran for cover,employees had to become involved in sit ins and travel to London and Dublin to protest and fight for their rights. It is a sad reflection on our political leadership.

When the Government became the major shareholder in the Company some years ago they took on a legal and ethical responsibility to the employees in the three IFI Plants.These employees should be treated with the same dignity and respect as the senior civil servants who are employed by our leaders in Dublin.
If the business is no longer viable we must accept it and move on and the Government as an employer must transition the closure to ensure that the employees are properly looked after ,both morally and financially. If this happened in the private sector the Government and TD's would be shoulder to shoulder shouting outrage and baying for blood. The Government had an excellent opportunity to process this closure correctly and efficiently,as an example to others,but failed miserably.
Let's stop the nonsense now before we become the laughing stock of Europe.Give the people the P45's so that they can seek out alternative employment and give a fair and justified redundancy package so that the former IFI employees can get on with their lives and look forward to Christmas,which is just around the corner.

A little boy was doing his maths homework. He said to himself, "Two plus five, that son of a bitch is seven. Three plus six, that son of a bitch is nine...."
His mother heard what he was saying and gasped, "What are you doing? "The little boy answered, "I'm doing my maths homework, Mam." "And this is how your teacher taught you to do it?" the mother asked. "Yes," he answered. Infuriated, the mother asked the teacher the next day, "What are you teaching my son in maths?" The teacher replied, "Right now, we are learning addition." The mother asked, "And are you teaching them to say two plus two,
that son of a bitch is four?" After the teacher stopped laughing, she answered, "What
I taught them was, two plus two, THE SUM OF WHICH, is four.”

Words of Wisdom
When things are bad,we take comfort in the thought that they could always be worse. And when they are, we find hope in the thought that things are so bad they have to get better (Malcolm S Forbes)

We would be delighted to hear from our readers at any stage in relation to any comments,inputs or queries they may have.

Bill Daly works as part of a group of Independent Business Consultants and specialises in Materials, Operations Management and Executive Mentoring. Bill can be contacted at
E-Mail: bdaly@tornaservices.com
Web: www.tornaservices.com
Mob: 085 7233362


On the evening of the 7th of November 2002 Douglas Community School celebrated its Gradam na Scoile Annual Prize giving Awards for the academic year 2001-2002. The awards recognize the outstanding range of achievements and abilities of the students and a large gathering assembled in the school to celebrate and witness the event. The Principal Mr. Bernard Horgan, addressed the assembled guests and staff paying tribute to the diversity of achievement enjoyed by students in both academic and extracurricular domains in the past year. Mr. Horgan welcomed the keynote speaker and prize giver Mr. Noel Lucy, a past pupil and currently the president of the Irish Publicity Board. The awards presented represent a broad spectrum of activities and achievements highlighting the schools commitment to the holistic development of its students.
Awards were presented in the sporting fields of Soccer, Hurling, Gaelic Football, Athletics, Basketball, Swimming, Golf, Pitch and Putt, Hockey and Badminton Medals were presented on the night to the victorious Cork U-16 Hurling and Football championship winning teams, to the Munster U16½ Football champions and the Cork U-18 Football champions. Awards for Public Speaking, Essay Composition, Christmas Card Design competition winners, the Rotary Club Leadership Award winner, the Meitheal group and the winners of the Ballygowan Young Environmentalist Award winners were also presented. Outstanding Students in Transition Year and Community Service were recognized as were the overall outstanding students of the year whose contribution to school life enriched the working and social environment of the school for staff and their fellow students alike. The Junior Gradam Awards were presented to Eoin O'Sullivan and Kevin Casey for their endeavor and excellence in the junior school while the Senior Gradam Award winners are Peter MacDonald and Fergal O'Sullivan who had displayed exemplary commitment to and participation in all facets of school life during the last six years. The students' student of the year is Brian Quilligan of sixth year while the Junior Certificate Student of the year is Eoin O'Sullivan with Fergal O'Sullivan winning the Leaving Certificate Student of the Year Award. The Principals Award for special merit was presented to Seamus O'Donoghue recognizing his overall contribution to the academic and extra curricular sphere of school life. These annual awards celebrate and acknowledge the rich diversity of activities and achievements among the students body and highlight the comprehensive role of the school within the local community.


At a meeting of the City Council on Monday last, 11th November, Councillor John Minihan secured overwhelming support for his motion to have traffic lights installed, as a matter of urgency, at the dangerous junction between the Cross Douglas Road and the South Douglas Road in the interest of Road Safety.
The motion to erect lights at the black spot was passed despite stiff opposition from Council Management who wanted to undertake a traffic study in the area.
Speaking after the council meeting the Progressive Democrat Senator and Parliamentary Party Chairman stated, 'that it was not acceptable to defer the motion for a further traffic study, there is no need for a survey to point out that this is not an issue of traffic volumes but a clear issue of road safety. It is quite simply the case that a motorist exiting the Cross Douglas Rd at the South Douglas Rd with the intention of turning left cannot see approaching traffic and exits at risk to themselves and traffic travelling from the Turners Cross direction towards Douglas.'
'Traffic lights at this junction are required immediately and management need to come up with the EUR45, 000 required,' added Cllr. Minihan. 'I am more than happy to make a substantial contribution from my ward fund towards this cost and I am sure that my fellow ward councillors will do likewise.'


Dame Naomi James, single handed 'round the world yachtswoman, will open the Kinsale Craft Fair at the Town Hall on Saturday, November 30. The two day fair is the brainchild of jewellery maker Gidi Gur and ceramic artist Sara Roberts. As craft workers themselves, and exhibitors in fairs nationwide, they knew they wanted a showcase for quality and a variety of products. Through the fair, members of the general public will have the opportunity to buy some unique gifts, while retailers will have the opportunity to source new products.


Win €100 in our Christmas Poetry Competition.
Sponsored by O’Flaherty’s of Parnell Place. It’s open to everyone so start sending your entries straight away.
This week’s poem was written by Elsa O’Callaghan of Blackrock and was sent to us by Pat Golden. Commenting on the poem Pat says that he is “ disquieted by the image it portrays of a person trapped in one of life's circumstances, be it depression, rejection, homosexuality, phobia's, physical incapacity, guilt etcc, etc., and unable to lift themselves out of the 'pit'. ( ...why do the orphanage's of the'40s & ..50's also come to mind!!....) 'Mam' at the end---in all it's connotations- --is the ultimate solution yearned for, which alas for some often comes to late.

Hearts Desire

Somewhere somehow I must escape
How, where when?
Deepest Dungeons, caverns deep
Seeping walls of slime
Clawing clutching holding on
Fingernails are bleeding
Can anyone hear my cry?
Can ANYONE hear my cry?
Secrets, secrets chain me in
I know, I know I am dying
Let me out say my silent scream's
But I cannot find the key?
Secrets Secrets,
Don't believe his wailing
Deeper, deeper caverns calling
Can I ever escape?
Down' Down' Falling, Falling
Look at my shame, 1’m always looking
Voices screaming don't believe him.
Liar shame
I want to breath Life. I need to win this race
But I'm so tired always falling
Shoulders tired, back is breaking
Breathing Shallow, tears swallowed
Climbing falling, climbing falling.
I cannot win this race
Yet somewhere deep within this cavern
Lives a tiny soul
Crying, crying. Calling, calling,
'Mam' please take me home.

Elsa O'Callaghan

Send your poem or your Christmas Poem to The Poetry Corner / The Douglas Weekly. Or you can email it to; ronniemcginn@eircom.net If possible keep your poem to 20 lines. Choose any subject you like, in any form you like. We look forward to hearing from you. Ronnie McGinn


Music in Carrigaline Library
The monthly Gramophone Recital will take place in Carrrigaline Library on Thursday November 21 st... at 11.00 a.m. Margaret Miller will present her choice of music on tape and CD .A very pleasant morning is guaranteed, admission is free and refreshments are provided. All are welcome .

Gala Christmas Demonstration
On Wednesday, November 20th at 8 pm sharp in the Ardfallen Centre, Douglas Road, Cork, Frankfield Flower and Garden Club will hold a Gala Christmas Demonstration by Angela Behan O'Carroll, A.O.I.F.A.
Part of proceeds will be donated to the selected AOIFA charity for 2003, namely the Irish Heart Foundation. Tickets are available, ?10 each, from Committee members. Supper included in price of ticket.
Annual Dinner will be held in Rochestown Park Hotel on December 11th at 8pm. Please contact Secretary as soon as possible as final number must be given to the hotel prior to the event. Tel: 021-489 2251.

Pioneer Readoiri Competition
Cork Diocesan Readoiri Final will take place on Sunday November 24th at 2 pm in the Tracton GAA Hall, Minane Bridge, Co. Cork.
All centres from the Cork City Region and Mid-West Cork Region are welcome to enter in all competitions.
Readoiri Competitions include Figure Dancing; Musical Group; Group Disco Dancing; Group Singing and Set Dancing. With Junior and Senior (over 16) Solo Singing; Recitation; Musical Solo and Novelty Act.

SIMON COVENEY, TD, writes...

Speaking after a meeting with Ramco today (Thursday), Fine Gael spokesperson for
communications, marine and natural resources, Simon Coveney TD, said he was delighted that the Minister of State for Communications, Marine and Natural Resources, has granted a Petroleum Lease to Ramco Seven Heads Ltd. "I met with representatives of Ramco today to discuss the next phase of the development of the Seven Heads project. The news that gas field is in position to bring gas ashore by July 2003 is a very positive, said Coveney. "The Cork and Munster region stands to benefit substantially from a new and steady supply of gas, sourced locally but will also have positive impact that will have on the national economy.
"In my capacity as Fine Gael's spokesperson communications, marine and natural resources, I will be closely monitoring the project and ensuring the continuing political will is there to drive it forward. I will also endeavour to ensure that Seven Heads development benefits both the consumer and the State."concluded Deputy Coveney.


It is good to see Douglas looking neater and cleaner, with more shrubs and gardens, all well maintained.
Since we were formed a couple of years ago the Committee has endeavoured to raise awareness of the value of a Litter free environment with well maintained roundabouts.
Of course, there is a lot to be done. Black spots still remain but our plans for 2003 include substantial improvements. And credit should be given to bodies who helped -
1. Credit to Minister Dempsey in Environment who introduced the charge on Plastic Bags which virtually eliminated that piece of ugly litter from our streets, footpaths, walkways, roads and hedges.
Can we now encourage other retailers to look at their packaging to reduce the deleterious effect such thrown-away packaging has?
2. Cork County Council Garden Section who have so enthusiastically taken control of several roundabouts and the Cottage Garden (adjacent to flyover) creating wonderful effect.
3. Regina Mundi, whose students last year undertook historical research on local Great Houses with most interesting results which they presented at a General Meeting of the Tidy Towns Committee and whose Transition Year students are this year undertaking some environmental projects which we look forward to seeing.
4. We must give our thanks to those who have financially supported our work. We could not have procured the Flowers and Shrubs, the Tubs and Window Boxes and of course the "Welcome to Douglas" sign and the Information Map and Birds of Estuary signs.
Our projects for next year require your assistance and we are also looking for Financial Support from the businesses and commercial interests of Douglas. We also wish to thank Douglas Weekly for helping with publicity for our achievements and plans. We can be contacted at the Community Centre, Telephone 4894955.
Yours sincerely, John Fitzgerald, Secretary.


Cork Flower Club
Cork Flower Club are hosting a Gala Christmas Demonstration by Gene O'Riordan entitled "The Joys of Christmas". The event will be held at the Ardfallen Centre, Douglas Road, on Thursday 21st November at 8 p.m. The cost of tickets is EUR10 including Supper. Gene is a very talented flower arranger and a lively presenter so it promises to be a magical evening! So to save disappointment at this very popular event, get your tickets early. Contact Helen Fox at 4892951.

Christmas Day swim
The Grangeswimmers & Friends are holding our launch night for the 2002 Christmas Day swim in aid of the Childrens Leukemia Ward of the Mercy hospital on Friday next 1st November in the Grange Bar. Music by Joe Mac & Friends. A great night is assured. Please come and support this very worthy cause. For more info email: info@grangeswimmers.com or visit our web site at www.grangeswimmers.com

Greater Chernobyl Cause - Christmas fair
Sunday 24th November @ 12 noon Cork Opera House sale will include: Creations from our leading fashion designers, crystal, pottery, paintings, jewellery, furniture, books, CD’s hand knitted woollens, sailing jackets & much more! Extremely reasonable price methods of payment: cash, credit cards & cheques. All proceeds will fund our work at Ayagus Orphanage Semipalatinsk Kazakhstan. Please help us to help the little abandoned children (for further details please call Fiona on 021 4300791)

Planning & Environment Meeting
Carrigaline Community Association Planning & Environment commmittee monthly meeting will be held in the Community Hall Carrigaline on Tuesday 26th.Nov. at8pm. new members welcome. Tel. 4371110

Lost Dog
Lost fluffy white / golden hair dog with brown collar, but no name tag. Answers to name ‘Callaway’. Reward to finder. Please phone Rachel / Donal 087 2333872

Digital Documents Exhibition
The Youghal based document conversion centre since 1978 Digital Documents Ltd, in association with Kodak "The Document Imaging Division "are holding their very first Document and Records Management Technologies Exhibition. This is to be held over a two day period in Cork at The Harbour 2 Room, Conference Centre, Silver Springs Hotel, Cork on Tuesday 26th November from 10.30am to 6.30pm and on the Wednesday 27th November at the earlier time of 8.30am to 4.30pm. This Exhibition will cover everything you need to know about document and record management, all under the one roof. From the Technologies used to Practical Applications and Demonstrations with Seminars on all aspects of the industry Learn from the Industry Leaders and how it may benefit your business or organisation.

Fun Table Quiz
Where - Nemo Rangers Club
When - 8pm on Tuesday 26th Nov 2002
Price - EUR20 per team of 4
Prizes - 1st, 2nd & 3rd plus Spots

Organised by Parents Council of Christ King Secondary School.


By Helen Fox

The sale of any house can be a sad event particularly when it is a cherished family home, but in the case of "Sunnyside", home of Mary Hanley and her family, a household name in Douglas, it brings up all kinds of memories. Mary's life was intertwined with the people of Douglas from the time she arrived with her husband Jack and two small children, John and Helen, to take up her post as District Nurse in 1951. Home births were very popular then, and Mary was busy delivering babies all over the parish.
Because of her close contact with young mothers, Mary realised that women were very isolated in the home. Douglas was a village then, surrounded by farmland and not the populous satellite town it is today. So she set about starting up a guild of the ICA in 1959. She got a gift of a parcel of land from Michael Hegarty, and after 2 years of fund-raising the ICA hall was built and opened in 1961. Film shows were run there every Sunday afternoon to pay for the building costs and there is not a youth in Douglas from that pre-television period who doesn't remember the magic of those afternoons watching the blockbusters of that time, "Gun fight at the OK Coral", Ingrid Bergman in "The Inn of the Sixth Happiness", or "Yellow River" starring Robert Mitchum. Socials were run for adults on a regular basis. Realising that the youth of the parish needed their own space, weekly hops were run where many a love story started. A special room was added on for the youth to run their own meetings.
She went on to become Cork Federation President 1964 and during her term of office, the no. of ICA guilds around the county burgeoned.
Later on in the 70's, Mary was a founder member of the Douglas Community Association and envisioned a time when Douglas wouldn't have one patch of green field, such was the pressure for building in the area. Twenty years were spent to and froing to County Hall to get, in her own words, "the last patch of green space for the people of Douglas". Today, the community enjoys that wonderful Green Park that has developed from this vision. In the 70's, her daughter Helen organised a project for tree planting involving the prisoners from Cork Jail as part of their community service. Many of these trees are wonderful specimens in the park today.
In 1977, Mary received the prestigious national of "People of the Year Award" bestowed in recognition of her major contribution to her community.
In her last years in Douglas, Mary founded Oscal, a club for retired people, who meet weekly in the Community Hall to arrange social/sporting events for those interested in a more active retirement. Oscal is still going strong.
Mary always saw the opportunity for creative involvement. When tied to the home with her 4 young children, she did B&B. Two young German priests from Freiburg, arrived on her doorstep one day, desperate for lodging. So well did they get along that she couldn't charge them for their stay. One of the brothers, Fr. Karl Ruby came every year for 30 years. Many parishioners will remember his heavy German accent as he said mass in St. Columba's. He become one of the family and loved the people of Douglas. She loved to open doors - especially to our foreign visitors. One year the Douglas ICA hosted a German Landfrau Verband (group of countrywomen) on a cultural visit to Cork. Many people from the city and county will remember her tours to Lourdes and San Sebastian each year, her charters to the U.S. in the 60's for ICA members to visit immigrant children, the trips to London, Blackpool and the Lake District.
She loved the garden and before there were nurseries, people bought many plants through catalogues. Her rockery in the back garden was packed full of "exotic" plants in the spring - full of bright colours - purple campanulas, white arabis with bright yellow daffodils and tulips of all colours. Walkers on the Carrigaline Road used to look over the wall to admire this garden.
She grew sweet pea on a trellis and sold bouquets to a florist in town for 2 shillings a bunch. Tomatoes from her green house supplied Jim Driscoll's shop at the Fingerpost in the summer. She also supplied Jim with eggs. Coming from a farm, she missed animals so chickens were kept in a little run in the back garden until a fox got them one night.
She loved Jim because of his great humour. Hearing of an upcoming event in the ICA, he was heard to say to customers in the shop one day "there's big excitement at the ICA Hall - they're unveiling Mary Hanley's bust"!

Her husband Jack who passed away last March was known to many in Douglas also. He gave her great support, encouragement and loved her devotedly.

So when I stand in the garden of Sunnyside, I think of all the things that grew from there - not just the garden - but ideas and visions that have impacted on so many!


Now in its fourth successful year, the Carrigaline Christmas Craft Fair is an impressive showcase for handmade crafts. The Fair offers visitors a wonderful opportunity to buy original craft pieces, ideal as Christmas presents for family and friends. The fair has grown from strength to strength, with over 2,000 people attending last year. This event can only improve and there is a terrific "buzz" around this year's event. This year, the 40 craft exhibitors will be selling a fantastic range of hand crafted pottery, jewellery, woodturning, ceramics, paintings, weaving, printing and ironwork. Delicious home-made produce will be available to purchase or enjoy in the café. The Carrigaline craft Fair is a great example of a community working together for a most enjoyable weekend event, but also raising money for the children of the local St Mary's National School. Last year's Fair raised over £6,000 for the children's "Lets Dream Dreams" projects at the school. The fair was the brainchild of jeweller Giddy Gur, whose children attend St. Mary's school and who himself has plenty of experience of the national craft fair scene. What started modestly years ago as a PTA Fund-raising idea for the school, is now a significant weekend in the craft calendar. This year the voluntary efforts of the children and parents have, once again, been greatly boosted by sponsorship from the local business community. This support is greatly appreciated and has funded some great raffle prizes to add to the fun of the occasion. There will be a warm welcome for all at the Carrigaline Christmas Craft Fair on the weekend of the 23rd and 24th of November. Come and enjoy the festive atmosphere and you might just find an original and crafty solution to the challenge of Christmas gift buying! For more information, please contact Mairead Roberts on 086 8195677.

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