7th June, 2001

Photo Call

Sandra Casey, head chef at the Silver Key, takes time out for a photograph.


Rebecca Houlihan and Judy Allen, looking forward to their summer holidays.

Charlotte O'Byrne, snapped at work in Carrigaline.

Yoe Dee Taylor Jasadipura, Namiko Morichi and Ciara Dee Taylor, snapped while shopping in Douglas VIllage Shopping Centre.

Jim O'Sullivan and Bronwyn Cross share a joke at Derek Rusk's farewell night at John O'Sullivans Bar recently.


Christine and Audrey of Blacktravck Music Store, wish Derek Rusk the best of luck in his new job.

Brian O'Callaghan of "Power Wash Services", takes time our for a photograph.


Karen O'Neill, who celebrates her 21st Birthday, pictured with Alana Dorney. Happy Birthday Karen!!



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