12th July, 2001

Photo Call

Miah and Betty Keohane, snapped while shopping in Douglas Village Shopping Centre during the week.


Rochestown Park Hotels Colm Bolger welcomes Miss Cork, Sarah O'Connell, to the hotel.

Donal Murray, Patrick Tobin and Ollie Tobin, enjoying the Bar-B-Cue in Bull McCabes.

Bill and Ann Teap, enjoying the Bull McCabes Bar-B-Cue recently.

Barth and Gerard Daly, snapped by the 'Weekly.


Mark, Liam and Maurice O'Connell, snapped at the Bull McCabes Bar-B-Cue.

Grange Hill Stores' Yvonne Hurley and Noreen McCarthy, smile for the 'Weekly, Yvonne's getting married in three weeks time, good luck Yvonne.


John and Bridget O'Brien, snapped at Douglas Renault. John, who retired last year, was caretaker of Douglas Community School.



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