19th April, 2001

Easter has come and gone. This year, as we celebrate the 85th Anniversary of the Easter Rising, the Celtic Tiger has brought us a word that crops up every couple of years. The word is “revision”. The experts disect the past and come up with their expert interpretation of time and people who lived in a different era. This time it’s Padraig Pearse, leader, schoolteacher, editor, poet, who goes under the journalists scapel.

Some say because he was single he must have been gay (big deal), others say because he was a schoolteacher of young boys he had paedaphile tendencies, others say because he wrote a poem about mothers he was effeminate, it goes on ...

In the Sunday Independent Brendan O’Connor wrote a piece which he probably thought was hillarious, entitled, “God save the Queen, without him there would have been no Easter Rising”. It’s a smutty piece filled with sexual inuendo, “Big strapping British soldiers, with big long bayonets”. He goes on, “Fellas who liked to get away from the wives and kids and camp out and wrestle each other in the hills of West Cork” (a reference to Michael Collins?)

Don’t get me wrong, as most of you know, I, like most of you, like a good joke, and I’m no, “wrap the green flag around me boys!” republican, but, these men who went out on Easter weekend, 85 years ago, to take on the might on an empire on which the sun never set, surely deserve our respect for their ultimate sacrifice, which was their lives. If revisionism means that journalists (and I use the word loosely) can laugh at the middle name of an accused patriot (Joseph Mary Plunkett), then I despair of what we have become. Finally, on this subject, a lot of people today need heroes, don’t destroy their memories with your so called revisionism. We have a proud past, leave us a little of it to tell our grand-children.

Wasn’t Easter Sunday in Douglas a delight:? No traffic jams!! Why? Both shopping centre closed for one day. I saw a lot of people out walking and my wife remarked, “It’s like Douglas was long ago!”

I watched the Nemo game on television on Easter Monday. When Colin Corkery got the goal I felt a draw was on the cards, but the referee was very economical with the extra time, and to lose by a point in an All Ireland final is heartbreaking. Having been a member of a quiz team, may moons ago, I know the feeling when you lose a final by one wrong answer. Crossmolina seemed to take complete control of midfield in the second half and their defence was excellent, not to mention that long haired blond guy Kieran McDonald, he was something else. Well done to both teams for a great clean game on the day.

As I was coming out of the greatest institution in Douglas (Credit Union) Well, two and a half million people can’t be wrong!! I met a man who had a serious complaint, which was the condition of the roads in our area. I agreed, they are a disgrace. I told him that we have elected representatives who have been known to read the Douglas Weekly. If you feel angry about the roads, write in, and don’t forget to mention the stretch of road (all Douglas!!). Incidently, I drove to Crosshaven on Monday morning, and the road from Carrigaline to Crosshaven was a smooth as silk. What are we doing wrong in Douglas? Carrigaline was beautiful, flowers, fountain, brightly painted buildings ... lovely! and no sign of litter on the streets. What are they doing right, and what are we doing wrong? Answers to the usual address.

Friday week is D-Day for all the Roses. On that night one lucky girl will be chosen to represent Cork in Tralee. Recently, I mentioned that I had met a man who wanted to be a ‘Teddy Boy’ again for just one night. Well, you ageless rocker, your wish has been granted. This Sunday, 22nd April, St. Columba’s Hall are having a gala night for Douglas Rose Carol McSweeney. You all know the ‘Hall, the heart and soul of Douglas, and if you don’t know of it, or even worse, where it is, then hang your head in shame. To continue, there will be a rock’n’roll night in the ‘Hall beginning at 8pm. What’s on offer? The best music from the greatest era of popular music, spot prizes, a jive competition, best dressed teddy boy competition. As I write this I’m thinking of the late Joe Piper who was one of the best “jive” dancers I’ve ever seen, R.I.P. Joe. Anyway, it’s sure to be a great night, oh, I almost forgot, I’ll be spinning the records on the night. In another life I was a rock’n’roll DJ, my stage name was Dr. Rock, and my prescription was, “you can’t sit down, when the doc’s in town!”

See you in the ‘Hall on Sunday night, be there, or be square!!

Bye for now,
Michael O’Hanlon

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