24th May, 2001

Two of the best known businesses in Douglas are on the move. Firstly, Gregg Lane is moving from Douglas West. Most of you will know Gregg who operated his domestic appliance shop next to the Credit Union for the past eleven years. Gregg has now secured a brand new unit in St. Patrick’s Mills and he has big plans for his new store, more anon, watch this space.
The second person to move to new premises is Grange based Jim Hanley. Jim, who ran the “Hanley’s Sheds” business from Grange for many years has moved only down to the end of Frankfield Hill to a huge new indoor unit next to the Touchdown lounge bar and restaurant (where he and his staff will get one of the best breakfasts in Cork). Best of luck to Gregg and Jim on their moves, in this case, bigger is truly better!

A few weeks ago I mentioned that the Cork folk club was run in the old GAA club. That was many years ago. Last week I met a reader who told me a bit of history about the club. The founder and organiser was our own Jimmy Crowley. The woman I spoke to mentioned the names of some of the singers who appeared there, long before they were famous. Christy Moore, Mary Black, Paul Brady were just a few who went on to greater things, nationally and internationally. The GAA club then went on to build a fantastic new hall which would be ideal now to restart a folk music revival, after all, you can’t beat live music.

Speaking of the GAA club, as far as I know, it’s the only live music venue in the Douglas area in Friday night. Usually it’s a musician on keyboards who starts the show and then patrons are called up to sing a couple of songs. As most of you know, Perry Como died last weekend, and I thought perhaps our own tribute to this great singer might to appropriate. I approached well known singer Jerry Russell (just back from a holiday in the sun with his wife Sheila) and asked him if he would do a musical tribute to the late, great crooner. Jerry’s answer was “yes”. Perry Como was Jerry’s favourite singer. So, on Friday night in Douglas GAA, Jerry, accompanied by musician Tim Desmond, will present a musical tribute to Perry Como. I wouldn’t miss it for the world!

Another reader mentioned the lack of a main feature in Douglas, then the word “Douglas” came up. The word means “black stream”, and the reader suggests that the stream that runs from Ravensdale Woods through the community park should be the main feature of Douglas. She also mentioned the shopping trollies in the river, which runs through Douglas Village Shopping Centre. Perhaps somebody might take a look at improving that river, also, I’m told that the flower pots which were on the two roundabouts at Douglas Village Shopping Centre and outside Douglas Court Shopping Centre, have been stolen. Perhaps its time to plant them on the roundabouts, as the corporation do on the Well Road. How anyone would stop and load a lot of flower pots in a van/car at two busy roundabouts, without being seen, amazes me!

The Bertie/Celia saga rolls on. The Sunday papers were full of surveys, opinions, letters, etc., then on top of that was more controversy concerning the two priests in Kerry who refused communion to people whose lifestyle they didn’t agree with. I think we’re very lucky here in Cork to have Bishop John Buckley as our spiritual leader. Never a man to condemn, telling his priests to talk to everybody, no matter what their social situations is. You might see Bishop Buckley at a bowling match, a football match, a Joe Dolan concert ... always mixing and talking to the people (not at the people, there’s a difference!) I like the man, and I think he’s doing a great job as a churchman, and a man of the people.

On Monday night I called down to the Bohemian Restaurant for the launch of their new menu. Head chef Kenoz introduced me to the staff, and what a great international chef-mix they are. Two Indian, one Japanese, one Egyptian, and one of them from Mitchelstown!! Second chef Jimmy Barry Murphy is the Mitchelstown man, and with a name like that he’s definately part of a winning team. I sampled some of the food and the marinated chicken in the spicy sauce left me wanting more. I forecast great things for the Bohemian Restaurant. The staff, management, and of course, the food, will make it a must for anybody seeking a good night out in Douglas.
That’s about it for this week, see you at the Perry Como tribute night on Friday.

Bye for now,
Michael O’Hanlon

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