18th April, 2002

usually write this piece of Tuesday night/Wednesday morning, but sometimes the ink refuses to flow, and the only answer is to hit the sheets and dream, or sometimes start fresh on Wednesday - writing the article in the office over a cup of coffee, and I've only got 45 minutes to do it, so here goes!!

Yesterday (Tuesday) was very busy for us - down to St. Patrick's Church for the confirmations. I took some snaps, but then the weather changed, the rain came, and everybody was gone to the respective hotels for lunch - but I hope everybody had a good day. It was good to see the peoples Bishop, Dr. John Buckley, there. As far as I'm concerned he's the best Bishop in the country - a man of the people, we need more like him. Let's get back to the basic, more John Buckley's and less Cardinal Ratzingers!

The best of luck to Shamrock Lawn resident Gregg O'Connor on his new business venture. Gregg is supplying and fitting lovely PVC windows and shutters. Check out his advertisement in this weeks issue.

I was watching 'Crime-line' on Tuesday night and towards the end of the programme they showed a photograph of a man who they told us they wished to find because there was a warrant out on him. However, they did not mention what type of crime he had been charged with. On the BBC crime show they always tell the viewers the full details of the people they wish to track down. On Crime-line - no information. Was he a rapist, a child molester, a serial killer, a mugger, a fraudster? Surely the public have a right to know. I sometimes think the old R.I.C. mentality is there - tell them nothing, they could be the enemy.

We were horrified, shocked and angry at the killing of the two Gardai in Dublin. To aim a car at somebody and then drive it at a speed of 120mph surely deserves the maximum sentence. But of course, the dogooders will talk about deprived childhoods, broken homes ... rubbish!! We all know right from wrong. A man I spoke to during the weekend expressed an opinion that the only thing that the culprits were sorry for was that they were caught. Zero tolerance, now where did I hear those words before?

As we approach the time of our holidays, or even a Spring break, what better companion to take with you for a break than a good book. Douglas Books have published a list of their Top 10 sellers in this weeks edition. I must get a copy of 'Bury me at Wounded Knee' - a story about the plight of the native American Indians.

Don't forget on Friday morning there will be a coffee morning in St. Columba's Hall in aid of a Brothers of Charity fundraising event. Our own Steve Goodman will be providing the music, and I must confess, I've never heard Steve sing that early in the morning. He sings a lovely version of Jimmy McCarthy's "The Contender" - this is the song about the legendary Jack Doyle. I hope to be there on the day, it's a worthy cause so your support would be appreciated.

My friends, Michael O'Mahony, principal of Regina Mundi, rang us yesterday to inform us that the Lord Mayor's History project was in progress in the City Hall, and that the students had a very impressive display. I called in and took some snaps and I must complement the students and teachers on the efforts that they put into the project. Well done to all concerned.

So the Dutch government resigned in shame, and quite rightly so, the U.N. should also hang it's head in shame - standing by while the butcher Slobodan Molosovich's henchmen murdered over 7,000 men and boys, burying them in mass graves. It took NATO to sort out the Serbs. There's a difference between peace-keepers and peace-enforcers. The difference is - peace enforcers shoot back! and bully's don't like it when people fight back.

Dublin seems to be coming a no-go area to walk at night. Young men being beaten to death or put into a coma for a few Euros, or worse, just for the thrill. All the CCTV systems in the world won't stop this murder. They might show us a shadowy figure on crime-line, but that's not much comfort to parents whose son is on a hospital ventilator. You can't beat two men in blue on the beat.

Finally, I hope to see you at Carrigaline Co-Op Stores on Saturday, where gardening expert Charlie Wilkins will be on hand to answer all your questions on gardening. I must confess, I know as much about gardening as I know about Canon law, but Charley makes it entertaining, and that's what counts. See you there!

Bye for now,
Michael O'Hanlon.

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