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Crew by Crew - 1998 Gleneagle/Ordnance Survey Rally of the Lakes
by Padraig Reddington

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1 Austin McHale/Brian Murphy - Lead until the start of the second run through Shanera, when three minutes of road penalties were picked up for late arrival. Front suspension had required emergency repairs (including welding...) at service before stage, causing delay. 2nd overall. Photo: Michael Chester

2 Bertie Fisher/Rory Kennedy - Picked up puncture shortly after start of stage 1. Car failed to turn in to right hander and rolled into a ditch. DNF. Photo: Martin Enfield.

3 Andrew Nesbitt/James O'Brien - Settled into event after a slow start. Good result for Andrew on his first 'Lakes'. 3rd overall. Photo: Michael Chester

4 Ian Greer/Dean Beckett - Did not start, turbo problems not sorted after Circuit of Ireland.

5 Eamonn Boland/Damien Morrissey - Running third overall when a high speed roll on the first run through Caragh Lake severely damaged the Escort. Made it to service but called it a day. DNF. Photo: Michael Chester

6 Stephen Murphy/Mike Morrissey - Sixth overall on Saturday night, but did not restart on Sunday, as transfer box had damage (leaving only two wheel drive), and no spare was available. DNF. Photo: Michael Chester

7 Dominique Bruyneel/Philippe Droeven - Joint sixth fastest on stage 1, but then crashed out on Beallaghbeama. DNF. Photo: Michael Chester

8 James Leckey/George Millar - Benefited from McHale's penalty to take victory on 1998 Rally of the Lakes. Had set a number of fastest times over the weekend to be in a position to spring a surprise. 1st overall. (Click on Picture to enlarge) Photo: Michael Chester

9 Paul Harris/Don Wilmont - Clipped the rocks at Molls Gap on Saturday morning, breaking a wheel and damaging suspension. Retired on the spot. DNF. (Click on Picture to enlarge) Photo: Liam Warren.

10 Donal O'Donovan/Pat Lordan - 6th overall after Borlin 1. Discovered a leak in a front brake pipe after Lough Allua 1. No spare available so decided against continuing. DNF.

11 Liam O'Callaghan/Tom Collins - Debut in the Escort Maxi. Softening front suspension the only worry on the way to a comfortable win in Formula 2. O'Callaghan highest placed KDMC driver. 4th overall, 1st in class. (Click on Picture to enlarge) Photo: Michael Chester

12 Hugh Martin Doherty/Michael Gibson - Improved steadily throughout Saturday - fourth overnight. Went off a 137m.p.h. on Molls Gap on Sunday. Damaged radiator made it impossible to continue. DNF. Photo: Michael Chester

13 Charlie Donnelly/Gerry McVeigh - Did not start, damaged transmission.

14 Kenny McKinstry/Noel Orr - Handling impossible at first, improved somewhat by adjusting brakes and fitting harder compound tyres. 5th overall, 1st in class. Photo: Michael Chester

15 James Harrison/Harvey Bell - Puncture on second run through Caragh Lake lost 6 minutes- running sixth at the time. 9th overall, 5th in class. Photo: Michael Chester

16 Johnny O'Sullivan/Jakes Kelly - Top Kerry Crew third year in a row. Lost time on Saturday evening and Sunday morning with throttle problem/misfire. Back on the pace once cured. Result exceeded crew's expectations (happy to be in the top ten). 7th overall, 2nd in class. Photo: Michael Chester

17 Daniel Doherty/Michael Doherty - Lost seven minutes on first stage with puncture. Lost oil pressure a couple of stages later. DNF.

18 Niall Maguire/Anthony Nestor - Crew fresh from win on Monaghan Rally. Wrong tyre choice early on, otherwise steady run. 6th overall, 4th in class. Photo: Michael Chester

19 Denis Cronin/Bob Kelly - In the top ten from stage one, they were eighth overnight, and sixth going into Beallaghbeama on Sunday morning, where their good run came to an end with a rear suspension problem. DNF. Photo: Michael Chester

20 Connie Smith/James Murtagh - Did not start, engine problem.

21 Derek McGarrity/Victor Carruthers - Debut in Evolution 5 Lancer. Led Group N after Kirk's retirement, but the engine blew on the final stage. DNF. Photo: Michael Chester

22 Richie Curran/Joe O'Brien - Troubled by lack of brakes. DNF.


24 Pat Kirk/Sean Harris - Crashed out on Beallaghbeama while leading Group N comfortably. DNF. Photo: Michael Chester

25 John Dempsey/Paul Dempsey - Completed stage one but did not start stage two. DNF.

26 Dan McCarthan/Michael McElwee - Cockpit filled with smoke before first service. Went off on stage eight. DNF.

27 John Shanahan/Sean Dillon - Suspension breakage. DNF.

28 Donie O'Sullivan/Tim O'Sullivan - Late change of car, hiring Mike O’Leary’s Sapphire Cosworth in place of usual Escort. Retired on Fuhiry 1. DNF.

29 Joe McGurk/Arthur Kierans - Class winning run in ex-Connie Smith car, surviving late gearbox scare. 8th overall, 1st in class. Photo: Liam Warren.

30 Tom Randles/Diarmuid Lynch - 13th overall after stage 10, lost 4 minutes pouring water into radiator on stage 11 when head gasket went. Damaged gasket repaired at service (no spare), but back axle failure forced retirement shortly after. DNF. Photo: Donal Reddington.

31 John Hickey/Paudie O'Callaghan - Retied after Lough Allua 1. DNF. Also went out of Sunday Run.

32 Patrick Mullane/Sean Mullane - Clutch problem late in rally meant that Escort was nursed to finish. 11th overall, 2nd in class.

33 Fergal Allen/Sean Mullally - 25th overall, 3rd in class.

34 Kieran O'Neill/Paul Nagle - First time together for driver/co-driver combination. Minor off on Saturday damaged front lightly. More serious was a gearbox problem on Sunday which necessitated attention on road section. Survived to take class win (Sean Conlon Memorial Cup). 10th overall, 1st in class. Photo: Michael Chester

35 Huw Jeffreys/Llinos Jones-Edwards

36 Vincent O’Shea/Brian Hickey - Did not start due to turbo problem.

37 Seamus Leonard/Paul McLaughlin - Did not start due to blown engine.

38 Oliver O'Donovan/Conor Bruton - Had differential trouble and broke two driveshafts, the second failure forcing retirement on Caragh Lake 1. DNF.

39 Sean Keenan/Steve O'Riordan - Front stub axle sheared and lost a wheel on Lough Allua 1. Wheel struck spectator, who was taken to hospital, but released later in the evening. DNF.

40 Michael Murray/Malcolm Thompson - Broke a wishbone on Saturday and also lost second gear, but survived to take second in Formula 2. 13th overall, 2nd in class.

41 Dominic Loughran/Lisa Mangan - 24th overall, 2nd in class. Photo: Michael Chester

42 Dave Randles/Con Duggan - Fuel pump problem put locals out of main rally after just two stages. DNF. Finished 2nd on Sunday Run.

43 Kevin McCarthy/A.N. Other - Did not start

44 Kevin Barrett/Declan Tumulty - Retired late in the event. DNF.

45 George Tracey/Alan Tracey - 20th overall, 2nd in class.

46 Eugene Meegan/Dermot Mernagh - 14th overall, 1st in class.

47 Eddie Blackwell/James Robertson - 36th overall, 6th in class.

48 William Carroll/Edward Kernagh - Crashed heavily on Curraglass. DNF.

49 Richard Wood/Paul Stainger - 39th overall, 8th in class.

50 Ger O'Connell/William Buchanan - Gearbox problem put and end to run on road section between stages ten and eleven. DNF.

51 Sheridan Williams/Nick Bray - Engine blew on Beallaghbeama. DNF.

52 Liam Davis/Billy Kelliher - New gearbox not entirely to driver’s liking. 19th overall, 6th in class.

53 John O'Leary/Flor Corcoran - 33rd overall, 3rd in class.

54 Uel Williamson/Glenn Wilson - Who says that Mark 1 Escorts are out-dated?! 12th overall, 3rd in class.


56 John Spain/Peter Egan - DNF.

57 Ray Hilliard/Robert Walsh - 17th overall, 4th in class.

58 Ivan Orr/Geoffrey Orr - DNF

59 Alan Browne/Gavin Cromwell - Retired when engine mounting broke on Sunday morning. Had been damaged on heavy landing on Day 1. Hoping to retain new sponsor (Albany Paints) for Donegal. DNF.

60 Brian McCarthy/Vincent Fergus - 29th overall, 3rd in class.

61 Michael Smallwood/Tony Quigley - Gearbox failure on Beallaghbeama. DNF.

62 Tommy McDonald/Paddy Toner - 16th overall, 1st in class.

63 Jimmy Whyte/John Daly - Hired Group N Civic for 'Lakes'. 27th overall, 2nd in class. (Click on Picture to enlarge) Photo: Bill Mernagh.

64 Noel O'Sullivan/Nicholas Burke - Broken halfshaft resulted in retirement on stage 1. DNF.

65 Sammy Fisher/Kieran Sweeney - 26th overall, 1st in class.

66 Keith Naughton/Sean Flynn - 28th overall, 2nd in class.

67 Tony Murphy/Brid Murphy - 31st overall, 5th in class.

68 Tom Halliday/Denis O'Brien - Dropped out on Caragh Lake 2 with a radiator problem. DNF.

69 Allen Treacy/Bob Fitzgearld - 23rd overall, 7th in class.

70 Brendan Dennehy/Pat Cashman - Lead class overnight but broke front suspension on Beallaghbeama, losing over six minutes, plus a further four minutes on Caragh Lake before reaching service in Killorglin. 35th overall, 7th in class. (Click on Picture to enlarge) Photo: Bill Mernagh

71 Ted Murphy/John Hogan - Almost collected a number of spectators cars at Molls Gap in frightening incident. Completed stage but damage forced retirement. DNF.

72 Patsy Finnerty/Declan Moylan - 48th overall, 2nd in class.

73 Willie Power/John Somers - Suspension collapsed on Molls Gap Sunday morning. Completed Beallaghbeama before retirement. DNF.

74 Mark Nangle/Nollaig Breen - Stopped on Caragh Lake 1. DNF.

75 Simon Welby/Alan Cromie - 37th overall, 1st in class.

76 Mike Bird/Ann Lynskey - Retired on Borlin first time through. DNF. (Click on Picture to enlarge)Photo: Michael Chester.

77 Sean Hurley/Ollie Ward - Clutch went on hybrid RWD Peugeot on Caragh Lake 2. DNF.

78 See Photo

79 Tim Reen/John Reen - 44th overall, 2nd in class.

80 John Fleming/Dan Barry - Borrowed Maurice Brosnan’s engine for the weekend. Driveshaft went on Beallaghbeama. DNF.

81 See Photo

82 Mike Nelligan/John Hurley - 21st overall, 3rd in class.

83 Gearoid Walsh/Niall Cunningham - 34th overall, 1st in class.

84 Tom Leslie/Kevin O'Sullivan - 30th overall, 4th in class.

85 Paddy O'Connor/Diarmuid O'Mahony - Fuel pump problem forced retirement on Molls Sunday. DNF.

86 Aidan Ryan/Cormac Casey - 40th overall, 9th in class.

87 Ian Hynes/Martin Mahon - Dropped out with wheel bearing failure after Molls Gap Sunday.. DNF.

88 Gordon Webster/Louis Stephens - Stopped after stage 2. DNF. Also retired for m Sunday Run.

89 Mike Quinn/Tommy O'Sullivan - 18th overall, 5th in class.

90 Pat Shiel/Kevin Reidy - Went of on stage eight. DNF.

90 Pat Shiel/Kevin Reidy - Went of on stage eight. DNF. 3rd on Sunday Run.

91 Declan Sylver/Stephen Dooley - DNF.

92 Adrian Quinn/Paul Kelly - Did not start.

93 Peter Kelly/Paul Kelly - Stopped on stage five. DNF.

94 Peter Cummins/Sean Dillon - DNF.

95 Ger O'Sullivan/Maurice O'Sullivan - Stopped on Caragh Lake 1. DNF.

96 Adrian Randles/Patrick McGinley - Gearbox problem on Fuhiry 2. DNF. 5th on Sunday Ru

97 Aimon Murphy/Liam O’Brien - Did not start.

98 John Moynihan/Kevin Crowley - 46th overall, 3rd in class.

99 Alan Hewitson/David McGowan - DNF.

100 Connie Delaney/Richie Long - Did not start.

101 Damien Doherty/Declan Doherty - 32nd overall, 6th in class.

102 John Beresford/Derek Power - Half shaft broke after end of Borlin 2. DNF. Differential

problem brought an end to Sunday Run.

103 Philip Wilson/Rory Doyle - Did no recce at all, but still took class win. 22nd overall, 1st in class.

104 Ted O’Riordan/Adrian O’Connell - Did not start

105 Max McKillen/Craig MacWilliam - 38th overall, 8th in class.

106 Noel Brady/Liam Brady - 45th overall, 3rd in class.

107 James Murphy/Don Moynihan - Did not start

108 Allen Fox/Jane Singleton - Did not start

109 Johan Bastiaens/Marc Ceyssens - 42nd overall, 3rd in class.

110 Alex Game/Simon Sparey - 47th overall, 4th in class.

111 Eamonn Tarrant/Pat Joe Looney - Lost second in class on very last stage when head gasket blew. DNF.

112 Gary Healy/Carolyn Murphy Retired clutch failure on Caragh Lake 1. DNF.

113 Leonard Downey/Andy Horgan Broke halfshaft on Curraglass 1. DNF. Winners of Sunday Run.

114 Seamus Morrisson/Domhnall McAlaney - 41st overall, 1st in class.

115 David Feeney/Ger O'Connell - Fuel starvation on stage six. DNF. 4th on Sunday Run.

116 Myles Chamberlain/Andrew Allen - Went off on Shanera 1. DNF.

1998 Gleneagle/Ordnance Survey Historic Rally of the Lakes

121 Dessie Nutt/Elkin Robinson - Historic section winners for the second year in a row. Stage times quicker than much of the main field. 1st overall- Historic Rally. Photo: Michael Chester.

122 John Keatley/Maurice Beckett - Second in Historic section for most of event. Late charge ended on Rockfield 1 (penultimate stage) when driveshaft failed. DNF. Photo: Michael Chester

123 Edward Gibbons/Michael Twomey - Went off on Fuhiry 2. DNF.

124 Lloyd Hutchinson/Kevin Flanagan - Top Post Historic crew. 2nd overall - Historic Rally, 1st in class.

125 Mervyn Johnston/Nigel Frazer - 5th overall Historic Rally, 1st in class.

126 Graham Goudie/Denis O'Mahony - Went off on Lough Allua 2. DNF.

127 Lee Freestone/Mark Ellison - Discovered a serious gearbox problem in service on Saturday. DNF.

128 Donal O'Callaghan/Fergal McDermott - Stopped with an electrical problem between stages five and six. DNF.

129 Martin Freestone/Chris Hayes - 6th overall Historic Rally, 2nd in class.

130 Liam Sheehan/Martin Cronin - 8th overall Historic Rally, 3rd in class.

131 Martin Ward/Linda Conroy - Post-Historic runners up despite gearbox problems. 4th overall - Historic Rally, 1st in class. Photo: Donal Reddington.

132 Con Ward/Kieran Cusack 7th overall Historic Rally, 1st in class.

133 Paul Aston/Ian Tallentire - Did not start.

134 Jimmy Devane/Eddie Cronin. Steady run to class win and all-important maximum Club Championship points. 9th overall – Historic Rally, 1st in class.

135 David Cremin/Noel Hurley - Did not start

136 Fintan Foley/Jay Galvin - Broke a piston on Borlin 2. DNF

137 Gerard McCarthy/Martin Quirke - DNF. Oil pump problem put them out of Sunday Run as well.

138 Ed Flahavan/Martin Dolan - 10th overall - Historic Rally, 2nd in class.

139 Neil Watts/Stuart Watts - Retired with fuel starvation on road section to first stage Sunday morning. DNF.

140 Gerry Freeman/Dermot Quigley - Fanbelt snapped on stage one. DNF.

141 Philip Wylie/Jim Howe - 3rd overall, Historic Section, 1st in class. Photo: Donal Reddington.

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