T he font used to create the lettering on the this site's navigation buttons (left) is rendered in the Celtic font Gaeilge 1. This is a great font, ideal for anyone who does any typing in the Irish language as it includes fadas and a set of macros for typing them easily. Besides its use as an Irish language tool it is also a lovely font for use in general DTP for creating documents with an Irish or Celtic feel. Best of all it's free having kindly been placed in the public domain by its authors (see credits). A new improved version is now also available Gaeilge2. This is a truetype font for windows.

      Files for both fonts are included here for download and also included are macros for easily producing the special characters. Altogether the files take up only 152KB. Download the file (named "celticf.exe") and double click to open. Then open the "Readme.txt" for futher installation instructions.

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