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Foreign Registered Irish Based Helicopters
Reg Type C/N Owner / Operator Base Reg / Comments
F-GCCZ SNIAS SA.342J 1393 J. McQuaid & B. McDermott Rep. of Ireland (where?) ex Kenya military (s/n 401), ? / current
G-BBHE Enstrom F.28 153 Clarke Aviation Waterford ex EI-BSD, 22-Mar-00 / current
G-BBPO Enstrom F.28 176 J. Morton & E. Ryan Enniskerry, Co. Wicklow 20-Aug-87 / 10-Jan-89
G-BFPP Bell 47J-2 2581 J.F. Kelly Mullingar 25-Jun-90 / 17-Sep-96
G-BOVR Robinson R.22HP 0176 J. O'Brien Wexford 15-Oct-01 / current
      Leinster Warehousing & Distribution Cabinteely, Co. Dublin 16-May-01 / 15-Oct-01
G-BPGV Robinson R.22B 0887 Leinster Warehousing & Distribution Cabinteely, Co. Dublin 07-Dec-01 / current
G-BSUR Rotorway Exec 90 5003 Psion Manufacturing Ltd. Mullingar 26-Apr-99 / current
G-BVGE Westland WS.55 Whirlwind HAR.10 WA.100 J.F. Kelly Mullingar ex XJ729, 27-May-99 / current
G-BWNZ Agusta A.109C 7654 L. Goodman/Anglo-Irish Beef Processors Ardee, Co. Louth 29-Apr-96 / current
G-BWVH Robinson R.44 Astro 0072 A.G. Aviation Naas 11-Apr-02 / current
      Glenwood Transport Ltd. Naas 25-Jan-01 / 11-Apr-02
G-BXRR Westland Scout AH.1 F.9740 reportedly sold by T.K. Phillips to Ireland, but not confirmed unknown ex XW612, (19-Jan-00) / current
G-BZRM Eurocopter EC.135T1 0149 An Garda Siochana, Dublin Oxford, UK ex D-HECK, delivered to IAC/GASU as 256 on 5 December 2002
G-BZRN Robinson R.44 Raven 0971 Toriamos Ltd. Naas 11-May-01 / current
G-CBJF Eurocopter EC.120B 1257 P. Shovelin/Metroheli Ltd. Weston 07-Jun-02 / current (was to have become EI-TOY, but not taken up)
G-DCDB Bell 407 53137 C. De Burgh/Paycourt Ltd. Knocksedan, Co. Dublin ex N7238A, C-FCDB, 19-Oct-99 / current
G-ERBL Robinson R.22B 2711 G.V. Maloney Cavan 06-Nov-98 / current
G-EUGN Robinson R.44 0822 E. Larkin/Twinlite Developments Ltd. Maynooth 19-Jul-00 / current
G-FAGN Robinson R.22B 0615 C.R. Weldon Enniskerry, Co. Wicklow 19-Feb-91 / 14-Mar-02
G-FLYS Robinson R.44 Astro 0347 Ray McCrogan Ltd. Galway 29-Jan-01 / 06-Sep-01
G-FMUS Robinson R.22 0156 Brendan McNamee Ltd. Weston 07-Jan-93 / 07-Mar-95
G-HMPT Bell AB.206B-2 8168 Helicopter Express Ltd. Dublin area ex D-HARO, 31-Aug-01 / current
G-JILY Robinson R.44 0959 was exported by N.J. Ferris to Ireland about August 2002 unknown (05-Jan-01) / current
G-JWFT Robinson R.22B 0989 J.P. O'Brien Gorey, Co. Wexford 12-Jun-02 / current
      Leinster Warehousing & Distribution Cabinteely, Co. Dublin 24-Jul-01 / 12-Jun-02
G-LADD Enstrom F-480 5037 R. Moffett/Lantway Properties Ltd. Clontibret, Co. Monaghan 20-May-95 / 16-May-01
G-LWAY Robinson R.44 Raven 1244 R. Moffett/Lantway Properties Ltd. (reg'd to HELI AIR LTD.) Clontibret, Co. Monaghan 22-Aug-02 / current
G-MGAN Robinson R.44 Astro 0588 Meegan Motors Ltd. Castleblaney, Co. Monaghan 10-May-99 / current
G-NUTZ Eurocopter AS.355F1 5325 Keelings Fruit/Cotfast Ltd. Knocksedan, Co. Dublin 08-Oct-92 / 05-Feb-96
G-OMEL Robinson R.44 Astro 0073 R. Moffett/Moffett Engineering Ltd. Clontibret, Co. Monaghan 30-Sep-96 / 01-Jul-98
G-TORS Robinson R.22B-II 3021 G. Torsley/G.T. Investigations (International) Ltd. Sligo 04-Jan-00 / current
G-TOYS Enstrom F.280C 1218 B. Murphy Trim, Co. Meath 23-Jul-91 / 22-Aug-94
  J.J. Martyn Sligo 25-Oct-90 / 23-Jul-91
G-UZEL SNIAS SA.341G 1413 L. Keating / Keepak / Island Helicopters Knocksedan, Co. Dublin 05-Jul-91 / 11-Aug-94
G-WSEC Enstrom F.28C 398 Helicopter Aviation Sales (reg'd to AJD ENGINEERING LTD.) Weston ex G-BONF, 06-Nov-01 / current
N153H Bell 222B 47138 Spansky Aviation Ltd. Castleknock, Co. Dublin (13-Nov-92) / current, photo by Dave Gothard
N454CC Bell UH-1E 155344 O. Dennis / Independent Helicopters (reg'd to S.W. Firczak) Howth, Co. Dublin ex 155344 is actually a former USMC serial, (03-Jun-97) / current
N5264Q MD.369E 0126E Trafficopters Inc. (operated by Eire Concrete Ltd.) Donegal (14-Nov-86) / current
N611VA Agusta A.109C 7657 DLP Helicopters Inc ? 15-Jun-01 / current; EI-DLP reserved but not yet taken up
N720B Bell 206L-1 45452 D. & U. McEvaddy / Omega Air Inc. Dublin (25-Jan-90) / current
N9766N Hughes 369C ? Chieftain Trailers Ltd. (operated by Eire Concrete Ltd.) Donegal ? / not current
Registration dates in brackets refer to first registration, but not necessarily to the date of registration to the owner/operator mentioned. Where two or more operators are know for one helicopter, the latest owner/operator is given first, the oldest last.

Our thanks go to the anonymous contributor who sent us this list, and to Jeremy Parkin for additions and corrections. Any additions or corrections are gratefully received, and we would particularly like to hear about foreign registered helicopters based in the Republic of Ireland in the remoter past than so far covered in this list. See contact information on the front page of this site.
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