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Disband The RUC

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Ireland, a land of only five million, deserves neither of her police agencies, Ronnie Flanagan’s RUC from Enniskillen, Fermanagh or Patrick Byrne’s Gardaí from Templemore, Co Tipperary.

Obviously, for one reason or another, the RUC have failed three internal investigations: the Stalker Report, the Steven’s Report and lastly the Patten Commission. The RUC has always been infiltrated by the British, namely, MI5, SAS and numerous moles from the English government.

Probably policing is just a red herring thrown out to the gullible in Ireland and the United States. One of the core problems is the judicial process in the north (the Diplock courts), the lack of penology professionalism running the prisons, and the subsequent prosecution of criminals involved in murderous acts north of the Border.

In other words the British must learn "if you do the crime in Ireland, you do the time", and not allow perpetrators blanket immunity to return to their military units or homes.

The special branches of the RUC and the 26-County police should both be disbanded as they are units that have hidden agendas and have continually curtailed the Republican Movement for a United Ireland.
Colorado, USA

Republican Events In England

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Having read an announcement in February’s SAOIRSE, I attended the commemoration held by Republican Sinn Féin outside Wakefield prison.

Although the turnout was fairly small I was pleased to see Republican Sinn Féin holding a commemoration for Frank Stagg, as there has not been one since about 1994. Prior to that one was held on or near February 12 each year. These commemorations were called each year by Provisional Sinn Féin. As a result of their present policies and because of the fact that they are in the pay of the British establishment, they no longer wish to remind people in England what those like Frank Stagg died for.

I am sure there are people in England who would be interested in attending such events, as in the 1980s and 1990s. Events like the Manchester Martyrs and Bloody Sunday commemor-ations attracted a lot of support.

Not everyone in England who used to attend these Provisional-run events would support present Provisional policies. I am sure if Republican Sinn Féin held other similar events, in time they would gain an increased interest in their policies and also increase in paper sales in England.
Cheshire, England

Died For New Uniforms?

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With the 20th anniversary of the H-Block hunger strikes and Easter commemorations coming up I think it is time for all Republicans to unite under the leadership of Republican Sinn Féin as they have kept to the principles of true Republicanism.

The men and women who gave their lives for Irish freedom are turning in their graves to hear the men who sent them out on operations now saying they died to change the uniform and badge of the RUC and that their former comrades would be accepted into the RUC.

I am calling on all those who have been misled by Adams and Company and all dissidents to do like I did myself.

I rejoined the Republican Movement where I can now show my respect at Easter for all the freedom-fighters who gave their lives for a free Ireland.

Solidarity From Gaughan Family

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On behalf of the family of Volunteer Michael Gaughan I am writing to inform you that due to short notice of the Republican Sinn Féin commemoration on February 11 in Leigue Cemetery, Ballina, Co Mayo, we much regret we are unable to attend. Your letter having only been forwarded from our former address on February 9.

We thank you for remembering Michael and his Mayo comrades and although regrettably we will not in attendance, we will be there in spirit and extend our prayers and fondest regards to you on this occasion.
Dundalk, Co Louth

1921- 2001 – No Change

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The treacherous Treaty of December 1921 which conferred on the nationalist population of the Occupied Six Counties the status of second class citizenship in their own country has continued up to the present day.

Nothing has changed, pipe bombs through the windows nightly for unfortunate nationalist families, RUC watch as a nationalist man is kicked to death by a sectarian loyalist mob, Occupation Forces strutting around south Armagh and crossing into Monaghan and finally the same old beaten track to Leinster House by nationalist politicians.

Gerry Kelly is the latest to tread this path. Minister Cowan of Fianna Fáil, the party who sold out on Articles 2 and 3 of their own constitution, gives the predictable answers when interviewed after meeting him. "Enemies of democracy", "enemies of the peace process". 1921 or 2001 nothing has changed, only the personnel.
Co Kerry

ÉIRE NUA The Only Answer

A chara,
After the brutal killing of Joseph O’ Conner not long ago,a team of Provisional hitmen were recently dispatched to eliminate Republicans in the 26 Counties who stayed true to the cause. One must wonder with a so-called peace agreement in place why are Provisionals, who are on a so-called ceasefire attacking Irish citizens?

Since the signing of the Stormont Agreement there have been numerous murders and civil unrest, the Stormont regime is so far failing. The only answer to the volatile peace agreement is the ÉIRE NUA proposals. ÉIRE NUA policies offer a viable solution to the problems that plague Ireland. Republican Sinn Féin is the only organization that offers a solution to ensure a democratic socialist republic in Ireland.
Brian Wardlow
New Orleans, USA

‘Speculation Costs Lives’

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I recently read a news article by Maria McCourt of the Andersonstown News dated February 12, 2001 in which it is stated that the Continuity IRA are responsible for a series of robberies in the Belfast area.

No substantial evidence is offered in support of this claim, merely the word of an unidentified "Republican source". Effectively all the Andytown News have offered is mere speculation.

How times have changed for the Provos, even in the last few months. Regular readers of AP/RN during the early 1990s will recall the articles which called on Tom Brady, Security Correspondent with the Irish Independent to substantiate claims that the Provo militia were involved in all sorts of dealings. I understand he never did so.

Following the murder of Joseph O’Connor last October, Provisional members picketed the homes of two former political prisoners, who claimed the Provisionals murdered Mr O’Connor, on the basis that "Speculation costs lives".

Will we see a boycott of the Andy’town News by the Provos?

Will Maria McCourt have her house picketed by them?

Has Mairtin O Muilleoir really left the Provo Party?

Carry On Ourselves

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As the dust is settling and President Bush assumes command of the States, we can only wonder if he can muster the back-bone to be the next {leader} or follow the path of his father on Irish issues.

With any election there would be no silver lining, however, I do feel a sense of foreboding that lies ahead. The ‘peace process’ is dying a slow death even with all the effort President Clinton put in. There is no question as to how much Bush will dwell on ‘the troubles’ -- little.

The Bush family background is one of Protestant ‘ascendancy’. Keepers of the status quo. "As long as their status is on top." I feel the Bushes have a unionist bent on Republicanism. Look back on the Reagan/Bush years and the love affair with the Brits and Thatcher.

How many lives were lost as a result of the rollover attitute in regards to the Brit's treatment and policies towards the Irish. They couldn’toffend ‘Lady’ Thatcher, and Reagan, an Irishman himself, toed the Brit’s line. Although he would mug for photos on St Patrick’s Day.

Plus never forget being branded "terrorist" by the country that "stands" for "freedom". Will we see different views from Bush? A tightening up of relations with the British at the expense of the Irish is at hand. The British will try to guide the Irish policy for the Bush Administration.

Ireland in the coming years has many issues at hand -- NATO, peace forces, EU etc. We must have our voices heard. We must somehow take back what was proclaimed in 1916 and voted in 1918. We all know the history. I feel little real help will be forthcoming from the States in the policy department. Radical change just doesn’t just fly in the States. We will be branded again. Alas we must accept the fact and carry on as always, ourselves alone.
Canton, Ohio, USA

Hunger Strikers Died for Political Status

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Just a few lines about UTV True Lives on the H-Block Hunger Strike on February 27, 2001.

First of all I thought the pro-unionists and also Gerry Adams supporters got a disproportionate opport-unity to air their views as opposed to the Republican point of view.

I thought two comments stood out in the programme at the summing-up stages.

1. Danny Morrison implied that it would not be the deaths on hunger strike that would be remembered as important, but the negotiations with the Brits to end the hunger strike.

2. Brendan (Darkie) Hughes said that the hunger strikers died for a United Ireland and political status for political prisoners, and if he had died when on hunger strike, and were to come back to life, he would consider it in vain, as we do not have a 32-County Ireland or political status, all of 20 years later.

In my opinion Danny Morrison and Co are still talking to the Brits, but on the Brits terms and conditions.

On the other hand Brendan (Darkie) Hughes talks in opposition to the tyranny of the aggressor and in favour of the Republic and political status and Tommy Crossan and his comrades.
Castlebar, Co Mayo

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