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Educational Theses 1993



 Ahmed, Ibrahim M.A.

Arabicization in the Sudan. UCD, M.Ed.


Allen, Marlene

"Precision Teaching" an approach to differentiation for pupils who have specific learning difficulties, particularly in reading, in mainstream classes. UUC, M.Ed.

Barr, Alexandra K.

School non-attendance and court action : an examination of parental and pupil attitudes, pupil backgrounds and the effect of court on cases of school non-attendance. QUB, M.Ed.

Barr, Mark J.

Managing an amalgamation of two Primary Schools. QUB, M.Ed.

Beausang, Mary

Self Concept and Reading Theory. UCD, M.Ed.

Bell, Merlyn

People, Words and Change : a study of student writing and publishing in adult basic education, with particular reference to literacy. UUC, M.Ed.

Bingham, William Ivan

An Analysis of the Pressure and Support for the Implementation of Flexible Learning in a Small College of Further Education. UUJ, M.Sc. (Education Management).

Boldt, Scott

Early School Leavers with Literacy Problems in the Inner City of Dublin : a retrospective study of their educational experiences. TCD, M.Ed.

Boyd, Elizabeth Sharon

Differentiated Planning in Science: How difficult is it? UUC, M.Ed.

Brankin, Adrienne

Stress and Teaching : sources and symptoms in selected Belfast primary schools. QUB, M.Ed.

Brosnan (Madden), Olivia

A Study of Boards of Management in Voluntary Secondary Schools.

UCD, M.Ed.

Brown, Noreen

Listening to Retired Teachers : perspectives on teaching and on retirement. QUB, M.Ed.

Brown, Robert A.

The Changing Role of the Vice-Principal. QUB, M.Ed.

Browne, Jacqueline

The Integration of Children with a Physical Disability in Ordinary School. TCD, M.Ed.

Browne, Lorraine I.

Oracy at Key Stage Two : a case study. QUB, M.Ed.

Bunworth, M. Rossa

Towards an Appropriate Understanding of Teacher Accountability. UCD, M.Ed.

Burke, Fiona

A comparative study of a Phonics-Based approach and a "Real Books" method when teaching reading in a Special School. QUB, M.Ed.

Burke, Imelda

The Teaching of Geography to Senior Classes in the National Schools of North County Dublin, 1992-1993. UCD, M.Ed.

Burke, Rita

The Perceived Personal and Professional Effects of Counsellor Training. QUB, M.Ed.

Burrell, June W.E.

A Case Study of the implementation of the Northern Ireland Science Curriculum in the Primary School. QUB, M.Ed.

Caldwell, Christine E.

Key Stage 2 Assessment and Transfer: a study of the pilot year 1992-93. QUB, M.Ed.

Cairns, Laurence

An Evaluation of Special Education Units and Integration in Northern Ireland. QUB, M.A.(Ed).

Canniffe, A.

The Role of the Principal in Irish Second Level Schools. UCC, M.Ed.

Chuineagáin, Síle

Women Teachers and I.N.T.O. Policy. TCD, M.Ed.

Clyde, J.

Managing the relationship between parents and a secondary school with particular reference to communications. UUM, M.Sc.

Collins, Aidin M.

A study of the provision of modern languages for pupils with special educational needs. QUB, M.Ed.

Collins, Rita

An Illuminative Evaluation of the Process of Professional Skill Development of Participants in a Post-Registration Course in Oncological Nursing. UCD, M.Ed.

Conlon-Nihill, Mary

Management Practices in Profit Making and in Non-Profit Making Organisations : a comparison between schools and industry. UCG, M.Ed.



Conroy, Mary

A Study of the Remedial Teaching of Reading at Primary Level. UCD, M.Ed.

Cooney, T.J.

An Investigation into Designing a School Development Plan. UUM, M.Sc.

Cooper, Margaret

The use of creative and expressive approaches with disruptive pupils. QUB, M.Ed.

Cotter, Catherine

The interface between education and training in Ireland - a review of opportunities and needs in a European context. Maynooth, M.Ed

Crawford, Thelma E.

The Value of Illustrations in Teaching Young Children to Read. QUB, M.Ed.

Crilly, James E.

Social Reproduction "A Christian Brother Perspective." QUB, M.Ed.

Cullen, Mary

Attitudes to French in the Primary School. QUB, M.Ed.

Cummins, Liam

The Development of Performance Indicators in Second Level Schools in the U.S.A. and in Great Britain : a study of their relevance to Irish education. TCD, M.Ed.

Daly, G.

The design,trial and evaluation of a constructivist approach to teaching forces. UUM, M.Ed.

Daly, Mary Catherine

The Centrality of Consultation to Counselling in Irish Primary Education. TCD, M.Ed.

De Burgh, Siobhán Máire (aka Joan McCarrick)

The Teaching of Practical Ecology at Senior Cycle in County Sligo and County Leitrim. UCG, M.Ed.

Devine, John

Special Educational Needs from Warnock. QUB, M.Ed.

Dickson, David R.

An examination of primary pupils' attitudes to and concepts of science. QUB, M.Ed.

Doherty, S.

Drama in the Primary School Curriculum in the Republic of Ireland. UUM, M.Ed.

Donagh, Margaret

The Emergence of an Economic Dimension in Irish Educational Policy and Planning During the 1960s. UCD, M.Ed.

Donnelly, Patrick

The Response of a Further Education College to a General Inspection Report. UUJ, M.Sc. (Education Management).

Drysdale, Ian

School Amalgamations : an analysis of the issues facing teachers when post-primary schools amalgamate. QUB, M.Ed.

Dunlop, Sharman Elizabeth

The introduction of a Staff Development Programme for Middle Managers in a large co-educational secondary school. UUJ, M.Sc. (Education Management).

Ellis, Elspeth C.

"Droners" and Singers : a comparison of poor pitch singers and good singers in selected Belfast primary schools with respect to cognitive, affective, social and attitudinal factors. UUJ. D.Phil.

Feerick, Anne

Integration : Attitudes of Regular Education Children towards their Special Class Peers. UCG, M.D.

Fitzsimons, Mary M.L.

A Study of Moral Development in Belfast Primary Schools. QUB, M.Ed.

Flynn, Dermot

A Case Study Investigation of the issues raised when a primary school changed its recording policy to cater for the demands of the Common Curriculum. QUB, M.Ed.

Garvin, V.S. June

Girls' Attitudes to Science. QUB, M.Ed.

Gillen, Mary

The design, trial and evaluation of a teaching programme to develop children’s understanding of elements, compounds and mixtures. UUC, M.Ed.

Gillespie, Anne

An evaluation of an intervention programme in a disadvantaged area. Maynooth, M.Ed.

Glover, Maureen A.K.

Post-school provision for young people with continuing special needs. UUC, M.Ed.

Greenfield, Edith, D.

A school based investigation into the suitability of the common core within the National Curriculum for the slow learner. QUB, M.Ed.

Grey, Elizabeth Anne

An investigation of the pastoral care provision in a large co-educational controlled secondary school in Northern Ireland.

UUJ, M.Sc. (Education Management).

Griffith, T.H.B.

Course Team Management in a College of Further Education : a search for improved management practice. UUM, M.Sc.

Hagan, Martin

Computer Videogames : A survey of ownership trends, playing habits, emotional reactions and attitudes towards computer Videogame Systems and games and an investigation into their short-term effects upon the anxiety levels of eleven and twelve year old girls and boys. QUB, M.Ed.

Hamill, Rosaleen

A review of special needs in the primary school with reference to dyslexia and the use of information technology. QUB, M.Ed.

Hanratty, Una

An investigation of assessment of mathematics at Key Stage One. QUB, M.Ed.

Hanley, Nellie

Managerial Roles of Pre-School Managers. TCD, M.Ed.

Harvey, E.

The origins and developments of the National School System 1831-1880. UUM, M.A.

He, Keyong

An Analysis of Chinese Educational Reforms : a comparative study. QUB, M.Ed.

Heffron, Ann

Self Esteem and the Student. TCD, M.Ed.

Hill, S.

A Case Study of a constructivist approach to the teaching of dissolving, dilution, diffusion and mixing phenomena. UUM, M.Ed.

Hughes, M.

An appraisal of the benefits gained from Art and Design as a subject at Secondary School. UUM, M.Ed.

Hughes, Michelle

Leonard Bernstein and Education. TCD, M.Ed.

Jennings, Alan S.

An investigation into the inclusion of science within the transfer procedure tests (1993/94). QUB, M.Ed.

Johnston, Maurice

Education as an Issue in Irish Politics 1957-1981. TCD, M.Ed.

Jones, Frances

Learning in action, monitoring the implementation of Learning Contracts applied to a work based Training Programme — a case study of sport and leisure studies students on industrial placement.

UUJ. M.Sc. (Education Management).

Joyce, Christina

Neurofibromatosis, Learning Abilities and Communication Styles : An Irish Study. UCD, M.Ed.

Kavanagh, Noreen

Anxiety in Irish Primary School Children : a preliminary study. TCD. M.Ed.

Kearns, Marie T.

The Philosophical, Critical and Pedagogical Writings of David Holbrook. TCD. M.Ed.

Kilpatrick, Kenneth

To examine how further education is meeting the needs of young people with learning difficulties through NVQ competence based education and training. QUB, M.Ed.

Kilpatrick, John

The changing role of the principal in the small rural primary school. QUB, M.Ed.

Knox, H.E.A.

The design, trial and evaluation of a constructivist approach to teaching microbes. UUM, M.Ed.

Lally, John

The Management of the Reading Curriculum in Dublin Primary Schools. TCD. M.Ed.

Lally, Liam

Weakness of Will, Moral Development and Moral Education in the Primary School. UCD, M.Ed.

Lambkin, Brian Kevin

The Re-Presentation of Religious Traditions in Northern Ireland : a study of the "Opposite Religions Project"1989-92. UUC, D.Phil.

Lavery, Philip

Issues in Oracy. QUB, M.Ed.

Lenehan, Brian P.

An investigation into GCSE examination results profiles and gender difference in Catholic and Protestant schools. UUC, M.Ed.

Lewis, Elizabeth

An investigation into whether students tend to recall more factual information from a text if they are also able to study a related map. QUB, M.Ed.

Lombard, Madeleine

An examination of the influences on teachers' selection of fiction for children in the age group 9-13 years. QUB, M.A.(Ed).

Lucas, Letty

Communication in the Rural Primary School : A Case Study. QUB, M.Ed.

Lunney, D.J.

Partnership in the Secondary School : a study of a secondary school's links with its feeder primaries and its implications for management. UUM, M.Sc.

Madden, Máiread A.

Clear Streams of Excellence and Wide Rivers of Ability : the grouping dilemma in education. UCG, M.Ed.

Maloney, Clare E.

The Craft and the Gift : a study of poetry and the writing process in the primary school. QUB, M.Ed.

Mason, Madeline

Sport, physical education, femininity and the adolescent girl : a case study of a Convent Grammar School in Northern Ireland. QUB, M.Ed.

Matchett, Joanne

A study of the role behaviour modification can play in classroom discipline. QUB, M.Ed.

Maynes, Raymond

An examination of loss in early adolescent boys with special reference to the death of a parent. QUB, M.Ed.

McAleer, M.

An Evaluation of Pastoral Care : pupils' perceptions. UUM, M.Ed.

McAvoy, S.

An analysis of the issues facing a new Principal when establishing a process for staff development in a Special School. UUM, M.Sc.

Mc Bride, Mary

The conceptual understanding of "Air" in one class of nine year old pupils : a case study. UUC, M.Ed.

McCann, Anthony

Strategic planning for the development of Information Technology in a secondary school. UUJ. M.Sc. (Education Management).

McCarrick, Bernadette

The St. John of God Brothers and the development of Special Education in Ireland. UCD, M.Ed.

McCarthy, Hugh

The Search for Efficiency. UUJ. M.Sc. (Education Management).

McCloskey, M.C.

The role of the I.T. coordinator in the primary school. UUM, M.Ed.

McConnell, Philip G.

Teacher reaction to the provision for Irish History in the Northern Ireland curriculum with specific reference to Key Stage Three and Four. "Through the Smokescreen." QUB, M.Ed.

McCullaugh, Terence D.J.

Bullying in the Primary School. QUB, M.Ed.

Mc Cully, Thomas G.

From Special Unit to Functional Integration: a study of the role and effectiveness of a referral type centre. UUC, M.Phil.

Mc Conaghie, Joseph Alexander

An Analysis of Published Primary School Inspection Reports. UUC, M.Ed.

Mc Dowell, George

The design, trial and evaluation of a teaching programme to develop children’s understanding of electricity. UUC, M.Ed.

Mc Garvey, Marie Elizabeth

A study of the impact of local management of schools (LMS) on the administration and management of a rural co-educational secondary school, as perceived by the Principal. UUC, M.Ed.

McGinty, S.

An analysis of transition from the primary sector to St. Columb's College Boys' Grammar School with a view to improving the quality of pastoral provision for our students. UUM, M.Sc.

Mc Gonigle, Mary Margaret

Higher Education and the Preparation of Preceptors in Nursing : an evaluation of a short course. UUC, M.Ed.

McGrory, S.M.

Does drama assist the promotion of talking and listening in the infant classroom? UUM, M.Ed.

McGuckin, Liam G.

Aggression in schoolboy rugby : attitudes, legitimacy and intention. QUB, M.Ed.

McHugh (Blake), Bernadette

The Development of a Screening Instrument. UCD, M.Ed.

McKane, Debra

Antecedent variables of the internal-external locus of control construct in a group of juvenile delinquents. QUB, M.Ed.

McKenna, Norman P.

No Parents Beyond This Point : a study of the effects of recent legislation on the information provided and responsibilities required of schools in reporting to parents both individually and collectively. QUB, M.Ed.

McLaughlin, D.E.

Quality Education in Nursery Schools and Playgroups : a comparative study. UUM, M.Ed.


McLaughlin, John Liam

Staff Development and Performance Review of Teachers. QUB, M.Ed.

McMahon, Mary

A case study of a constructivist approach to teaching psychosynthesis. UUC, M.Ed.

McManus, Lucia

Gender Differences in Science : A construct validity-based analysis of modular integrated science examination scores. QUB, M.Ed.

McNulty, Ann

Heritage Education : a study of its theoretical foundation with a view to its curricular implementation in school based archaeological programmes. TCD, M.Ed.

Mc Nulty, Christopher

The involvement of Ministers for Education in Post-Primary curricular policy 1959-1989. Maynooth, M.Ed.

McParland, James F.

A consideration of aspects of personal development from the personal perspective of students (sixteen plus) on vocational social care courses in the School of Applied Social Sciences, in the Belfast Institute of Further and Higher Education (BIFHE). QUB, M.Ed.

Mhic Mhathúna, Máire

Staidéar ar Roinnt Fachtóirí atá ag Cabhrú le Sealbhú na Gaeilge i Naíonraí. TCD, M.Ed.

Montgomery, Michael G.

Integration by Chance or Design? QUB, M.Ed.

Mooney, Hilary

A case study monitoring the implementation of science assessment procedures and the actions taken by teachers to improve future practice in Key Stage Two. QUB, M.Ed.

Mulhern, M.

The evaluation of the introduction and implementation of a curriculum innovation, Suffolk Double Award Co-Ordinated Science, in an urban secondary school. UUM, M.Ed.

Mulholland, Gwyneth

Wage formation and productivity growth in the regions of the U.K. 1968-1987. UUJ. D.Phil. (Education Management).

Mulholland, Joan

A case study which investigates the Manager's role in the planning, development, and implementation of an open learning approach to education, using a competency based assessment within a professional development undergraduate programme. UUJ. M.Sc. (Education Management).

Murphy, Colette

INSET and primary school teachers’ expressed needs and school-based delivery. Maynooth, M.Ed.

Murphy, James

The establishment and development of Vocational Education in Ireland with particular reference to Teacher Training Courses 1930-1960. UCD, M.Ed.

Murphy, Terence P.

A study of the impact of the move from a single to a split-site arrangement on a variety of aspects of life in La Salle Boys' School and an assessment of the implications of that impact for the management of the School. QUB, M.Ed.

Murray, Heather E.

Small Rural Primary School Survival in the Post-Education Reform Era. QUB, M.Ed.

Murray, Peter

Special Needs and the National Curriculum. QUB, M.Ed.

Nagle, Mary

A Comparative Study of the School Planning Process in the Primary School. TCD, M.Ed.

O'Baoill, P.

Steiner : An Analysis of Philosophy and Application. UUM, M.Ed.

O'Boyle, Joseph

Craft Education in the Northern Ireland Curriculum 1947-1993. QUB, M.Ed.

O'Boyle, Josephine

The implementation of Health Education as Cross-Curricular theme in the Secondary School Curriculum. QUB, M.Ed.

O’ Brien, Patrick J.

The connection between theory and practice in psychiatric nurse education : an investigation of the theory-practice gap. Maynooth, M.Ed.

O'Connell, Roisin

Issues and Principles in Language Syllabus Design, with particular reference to English for Specific Purposes. TCD, M.Ed.

O’Connor, Noeleen

Teachers’ perceptions of their pastoral responsibilities within the Northern Ireland curriculum. UUC, M.Ed.

O'Connor, Peter Noel

Towards Effective Curricula : a suggested methodology for curriculum design and development within a constituent college of the Dublin Institute of Technology. UCD, M.Ed.



Ó Deagha, Éamon

The Divine Word Missionaries in Ireland : Formation/Education Programmes 1960-1990. UCD, M.Ed.

O'Doherty, Brian

The Development of the Self Through Education : A Comparison of Rogerian and Social Constructionist Theories. UCD, M.Ed.

O'Doherty, Patrick

A Study of Staff Development for Guidance Counsellors in Irish Post-Primary Schools. TCD, M.Ed.

Ó Donnchadha, Réamonn

The relationship of intrinsic motivation and participation in sport to self-esteem levels among primary school children. Maynooth, Ph.D.

O'Hagan, Geraldine

Minor Amenity or Major Channel of Experience : a survey of the place of poetry in the Northern Ireland primary curriculum. QUB, M.Ed.

O'Leary, Michael

Curriculum Innovation in the Irish Primary School. TCD. M.Ed.

O'Neill, Bridget

An Organisation Renewal Programme. TCD. M.Ed.

O'Neill, Mary E.

The Junior Certificate : A Study of its implementation in a sample of Post-Primary Schools. TCD. M.Ed.

O'Neill, Séamus

Sheep and Goats : a study of the issues related to the definition and implementation of the Vocational dimension in the curriculum of full-time students in the post-primary sector. QUB, M.Ed.

O'Riordan, Anne-Marie

Spatial ability, mathematical achievement and gender differences : a study. UCD. M.Ed.

Orr, Kathleen

The anti-bias curriculum in integrated nursery schools ...........the view of parents and teachers. QUB, M.Ed.

Owens, Mary Jacinta

Pupils' views on their second level schooling : a case study. UCD. M.Ed.

Phelan, Helen

Moments of Oz : an individual's experience of Group Learning. UCG, M.A.

Porter, Stephen

A study in the educational provision for the Visually Impaired within Northern Ireland at Key Stage One and Two. QUB, M.Ed.


Quane, John

Educational Provision in the Parish of Pallasgreen and Templebredin in the 19th Century with particular emphasis on the Erasmus Smith Trust.

TCD. M.Ed.

Redmond, Richard

Quality Assurance Activities in Residential Centres for the Mentally Handicapped. TCD. M.Ed.

Rogers, Joseph L.

The Influence of the Transfer Procedure on the Upper Primary School Curriculum. QUB, M.Ed.

Shak Poh Chan

Confucius and Education. TCD. M.Ed.

Sharkey, Moira

Critical Thinking as an essential component of the Pre-Registration Education of Nurses. TCD. M.Ed.

Shelly, Brigid

An Evaluation of the Implementation of the Physical Education Curriculum in Irish Schools. TCD. M.Ed.

Sinclair, Marlene K.

Nurse Teachers' Perceptions of Information Technology. QUB, M.Ed.

Smyth, K.R.

An Evaluation of Approaches to Imaginative Writing in a Primary School. UUM, M.Ed.

Stewart, Mary

Teacher Stress : causes and ways of coping. QUB, M.Ed.

Stewart, M. Heather

Fairy Tales : A Pathway to Personal Development. QUB, M.Ed.

Sullivan, John J.

A study of the attitudes of post-primary teachers in Northern Ireland to assessment in physical education. QUB, M.Ed.

Thompson, James

How management actions, staff reactions and outside influences may contribute to the stressors that exist within a particular group involved in change.

UUJ. M.Sc. (Education Management).

Thompson, R.F.

The management of Teacher Performance Appraisal : a case study of an attempt to introduce a voluntary scheme into a provincial Grammar School in Northern Ireland. UUJ. M.Sc. (Education Management).

Thompson, William

Establishing a Vibrant Sixth Form. UUJ. M.Sc. (Education Management).

Tomlinson, N.M.

Integrated Education : a contribution to peace in Northern Ireland. UUM, M.A.

Traynor, Karina, L.T.

Pupils' Views of their Secondary Education : A Case Study. QUB, M.Ed.

Traynor, Marian

A study of nurses' attitudes to the implementation of computers in the clinical environment. QUB, M.Ed.

Treanor, Ita M.

An investigation into the process of literacy acquisition with six and seven year olds : an action research study. QUB, M.Ed.

Tyrrell, Paul L.

Buber's Philosophy of Communication : its relevance to educational Management. TCD. M.Ed.

Walker, Siobhán

TQM : the concept and its possible application to the educational service. QUB, M.Ed.

Watson, Robert H.

School Management : Perceptions of the changing role of governors, the Area Board and Principals in the management of schools as a result of the Education Reform (NI) Order 1989. QUB, M.Ed.

Wright, Peter Dixon

The management of change in the post education reform order primary school. UUJ. M.Sc. (Education Management).

Wynne, Rita

A historical and empirical study of women principals in National Schools. UCD. M.Ed.

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