Hunting Holidays.

Flowerhill HuntIs there anything more exciting than a day spent hunting over the limestone walls, hedges and banks of East Galway ? With a selection of highly trained and experienced hunters and four local packs to choose from, this centre is second to none in this aspect of equestrian sport. 

Fox Hunting and Drag Hunting arranged with different clubs including East Galway and the famous Galway Blazers.

Pre hunting tuition at our center with our own drag hounds. You can learn to "whip in" hounds, blow hunting horn and familiarize yourself with your horse and typical types of obstacles you will meet during your days hunting with the professional packs. We have many seasoned riders who return faithfully each year from all over Europe and America to share the excitement.


Also available locally is the exciting sport of drag hunting, where you have all the thrills and spills normally associated with the more traditional form of hunting, yet with a more politically correct outcome!

The Meadows (Flowerhill drag hunt)

FlowerHill Drag Hunt (The Meadows) is engulfed in action throughout the Foxhunting season. The attraction of the ditches, banks, drains and those imposing stone walls, only compliment the immense experience of Huntsmaster Oliver Walsh, to provide a time to remember. 

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