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Fluoride Free Water (FFW) formed on 16/9/99. We are a citizens’ group demanding an end to water fluoridation in Ireland. Alarmed at the increasing, worldwide, scientific studies showing health damage from fluoridation we publicly launched our group on 19/10/99. Walter Graham, spokesperson, Northern Ireland Councils Against Fluoridation, shared his knowledge and campaigning experience with over fifty citizens in Stillorgan, Co. Dublin. 25 out of 26 councils in Northern Ireland rejected fluoridation on health grounds after a concerted effort by the U.K. government to fluoridate the six counties.

Since October 1999 there are now citizens’ groups opposing this mass-medication in Sligo, Donegal, Leitrim, Meath and Cork.

The aim of our group is to raise public awareness of the health damage from artificially dosing our drinking water with this chemical fluoride. The health damage linked to fluoride includes dental fluorosis, hip fractures, irritable bowel syndrome, cancer, neurological damage, thyroid dysfunction, decreased fertility and allergic response. We are also lobbying local government via presentations to County Councils. We visit schools and interested groups/organisations to try to educate and raise this important issue which affects us all. Water is essential to life. Fluoride is not.

Through the Freedom of Information Act 1997, we discovered that successive health ministers were in breach of the Health (fluoridation of water supplies) Act 1960. Section 6 of this Act clearly states that the minister is required to study the health effects of water fluoridation on fluoridated communities. In thirty-five years of fluoridation, there is not one health study in Ireland.

Because of this failure FFW demands:

  1. An immediate stop to water fluoridation.
  2. The Minister of Health fulfils his duty, and carries out immediate health studies as required by the legislation.
  3. The freedom to choose fluoride free water, an alternative to mass-medication without our consent.

All medical and dental authorities acknowledge that fluoride can cause dental damage called dental fluorosis. This damage occurs in permanent teeth during the period of tooth development from infancy to early childhood (i.e. birth to 6-8 years old). Dental fluorosis is seen as fine white lines running across tooth surface. Also as cloudy areas, chalky pitting or brown staining or mottling in severe cases. Prof. O Mullane (University College Cork) said on the BBC Spotlight programme of March/April 1996, that 50% of the population living in fluoridated areas have this condition. This is not a cosmetic condition. It is structural damage and it has psychological implications for the sufferer. These victims are teased and traumatised for having "rotten teeth", they do not smile. These damaged teeth are usually brittle and more susceptible to wear. Dental fluorosis is permanent damage and cannot be cured. Expensive cosmetic dental treatment is usually the only treatment and is not available under the Medical Card or PRSI schemes. To cover these damaged teeth can cost thousands of pounds.

Because of the epidemic of dental fluorosis in Canada, in March 2000, the Canadian Dental Association now advises no fluoride supplements for children under seven years old.

Dr. John Colquhoun, Principal Dental Officer, Auckland, New Zealand, said, "Common sense should tell us if a poison circulating in a child’s body can damage tooth-forming cells then other harm is likely".

There are studies showing bone changes in children suffering from dental fluorosis.

FFW set up the first Dental Fluorosis Register of Ireland on 17/1/2000. To date there are over 40 children and young adults on our register. The Dept. of Health never monitored our total fluoride intake in nearly forty years of fluoridation. We are ingesting an unmonitored and uncontrolled dose of fluoride daily.
Therefore, the purpose of this register is to seek financial compensation for these families damaged by fluoride and the negligence of successive health ministers. FFW have sought legal advice and are, at present, considering the best option in pursuing this matter through the legal system.

The chemical fluoride used to dose our drinking water is called hydrofluosilicic acid. Through the Freedom of Information Act, FFW found that this compound is a waste product of the phosphate fertiliser industry. Ireland imports this acid from Holland, which ironically, bans fluoridation by law. A recent chemical analysis from Albatros Fertilizers Ltd., New Ross, Co. Wexford (the importers) shows this fluoride cocktail contains contaminants such as Arsenic, Lead and Antimony, all of which are heavy metals. Further evidence indicates that another contaminant phosphorus pentoxide contains Uranium 238. Incredible as it may seem, Ireland pumps this acid, controlled by an EU hazardous substances directive, into our drinking water at the rate of 2000 gallons each day.

On 21/3/2000, the Minister of Health was asked, by J. Gormley (Green Party), if, "chromium is present in hydrofluoslicic acid, the fluoridating agent imported from Holland used to facilitate fluoridation of drinking water?" Minister Martin replied that the acid fluoride "does not contain chromium".

FFW obtained a sample of this acid fluoride and had it chemically analysed at an independent laboratory in Dublin. This analysis confirmed our greatest fears, chromium is present and at similar levels as the arsenic also present. Minister Martin misled the Dail and the Irish people. This is misinformation at best or even fraudulent if Minister Martin is aware of the contaminants of this hazardous waste product of the fertiliser industry.

CAL Limited,

95 Merrion Square,

Dublin 2, Ireland.

Tel: 353 1 661 3033

Fax: 353 1 661 3399


Lab No. 23034

Sample Description: Hydrofluosilicic Acid

Date Reported: 14/08/2000


Calcium 51ppm

Magnesium 23.9ppm

Sodium 33.6ppm

Potassium 6.2ppm

Aluminium 2.1ppm

Boron 14ppb

Manganese 571ppb

Copper 90ppb

Zinc 523ppb

Phosphorus 26187ppm

Barium 168ppb

Iron 11.85ppm

Sulphur 134.9ppm

Arsenic 4826ppb

Cadmium 4ppb

Chromium 3763ppb

Mercury 5ppb

Nickel 1742ppb

Lead 15ppb

Selenium 2401ppb

Thallium <2ppb

Antimony 14ppb

Tin 4ppb

Cobalt 56ppb

Strontium 88ppb

Molybdenum 490ppb

Beryllium <2ppb

Vanadium 87ppb

According to the Irish Medicines Board, this hydrofluosilicic acid has never been proven safe or effective and not surprisingly is unregistered, unlicensed and not considered a medicine. So, what is it and why is it untested? Why are we drinking unmeasured, uncontrolled levels of this toxic cocktail without the freedom to make an informed choice?

On 17/5/2000 over one hundred people marched to the Dail to protest and call for an end to water fluoridation. People travelled to Dublin from all over the country. FFW handed in a petition calling on Minister Martin to fulfil his obligation under the legislation and carry out independent, scientific studies on the health effects of over thirty-five years of fluoridation.

More importantly, FFW also presented copies of international scientific studies showing health damage. The Dept. of Health can no longer say there are no studies showing health damage. The group joined by John Gormley T.D. and with supportive statements from Labour and Green Party handed out information leaflets and demanded the right of freedom to choose fluoride free water.

On 29/5/2000, Minister Martin announced the Fluoridation Forum alias Fluoride Fiasco.

It was nearly immediately apparent that the Fluoridation Forum is a political ploy. This forum on fluoridation is nearly completely pro-fluoride and hand picked by the government. This is not open government. There is no independent, open review of water fluoridation in Ireland.

This "fluoride fiasco" claimed to have representatives from consumer and environmental areas but both Dick Warner and Darina Allen removed themselves from the forum. Why? Dick Warner never agreed to have his name put forward in the first place! And, Darina Allen declined to be involved after realising the pro-fluoridation bias of the proposed membership.

Eamon Gilmore, T.D., (Labour Party Spokesperson on the Environment) warned the minister, "Pending the outcome of this forum, there should be an embargo on the fluoridation of any new water schemes which may come on stream in the interim".

However, despite the fluoride fiasco’s intentions to reassure the public concerning fluoridation, Minister Martin continues to inflict this chemical fluoride on more towns and villages in Ireland. Using the Freedom of Information Act, FFW have recently discovered that fluoridation will now be forced on the following communities:

1. The Curragh, Co. Kildare.

2. Croom, Co. Limerick.

3. Brosna/Knocknagoshel, Co. Kerry.

4. Virginia, Co. Cavan.

5. Clontibret, Co. Monaghan.

6. Martinstown, Co. Westmeath.

7. Ballyshannon, Carndonagh, West Inishowen, Fanad West, Moville, Greencastle, Carrigart/Downings, Fanad East, Letterkenny Boreholes and Buncrana, Co.Donegal.

8. North Co. Sligo.

FFW are now demanding an independent public enquiry into water fluoridation in Ireland. We are also demanding independent health studies, as is the Minister of Health’s duty under the legislation.


  1. Join Fluoride Free Water Ireland.
  2. Create your own citizen’s group - we can help.
  3. Write to your local Councillor or T.D. Express your opinion.



If you or someone you know suffers from dental fluorosis please come forward and join our register. If you suspect you have this tooth damage or are unsure, we can arrange for diagnosis by a qualified dentist.