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"Fluoride chemcials are not included in the list [of 'chemicals for drinking water treatment']. This is due to ethical as well as medical considerations." (Louis Sanchez, Directeur de la Protection de l'Environment, August 25, 2000).


"Fluoride has never been added to the public water supplies in Luxembourg. In our views, the drinking water isn't the suitable way for medicinal treatment and that people needing an addition of fluoride can decide by there own to use the most appropriate way, like the intake of fluoride tablets, to cover their diary [sic] needs." (Jean-Marie RIES, Head, Water Department, Administration De L'Environment, May 3, 2000).


"We are pleased to inform you that according to the Danish Ministry of Environment and Energy, toxic fluorides have never been added to the public water supplies." (Klaus Werner, Royal Danish Embassy, Washington DC, December 22, 1999).


"In Norway we had a rather intense discussion on this subject some 20 years ago, and the conclusion was that drinking water should not be fluoridated." (Truls Krogh & Toril Hofshagen, Folkehelsa Statens institutt for folkeheise (National Institute of Public Health) Oslo, Norway, March 1, 2000).


"Drinking water fluoridation is not allowed in Sweden...New scientific documentation or changes in dental health situation that could alter the conclusions of the Commission have not been shown." (Gunnar Guzikowski, Chief Government Inspector, Livsmedels Verket -- National Food Administration Drinking Water Division, Sweden, February 28, 2000).


"In the former Democratic Republic of Germany (DDR) in several districts the drinking water was fluoridated but after the unification of both German states in 1990 fluoridation was stopped. In the Federal Republic of Germany there was in about 1952 a drinking water fluoridation experiment. But it was stopped after one or two years." (Dr. K. Ewing (sp?), Geschaftszeichen (Bei allen Antworten bitte angeben), Bonn, Germany, February 11, 2000).


"We do not favor or recommend fluoridation of drinking water. There are better ways of providing the fluoride our teeth need." (Paavo Poteri, Acting Managing Director, Helsinki Water, Finland, February 7, 2000).


"Toxic fluorides have never been added to the public water supplies in Austria." (M. Eisenhut, Head of Water Department, Osterreichische Yereinigung fur das Gas-und Wasserfach Schubertring 14, A-1015 Wien, Austria, February 17, 2000).



"This water treatment has never been of use in Belgium and will never be (we hope so) into the future." (Chr. Legros, Directeur, Belgaqua, Brussels, Belgium, February 28, 2000).