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Long-term exposure to fluoride causes dental fluorosis. The Irish people have been drinking fluoridated water for forty years.  Fluoride disturbs the enamel formation of teeth. This typically occurs in infancy and childhood i.e. 0 to 6 years of age. Professor O’ Mullane, Caries Research Centre, U.C.C. Cork, states that up to 50% of Irish children display these effects of fluoride poisoning. Proponents of fluoridation claim this tooth damage is a "cosmetic effect" but this misleading terminology is a ploy to lessen the significance of this structural tooth damage caused by fluoride. This damage is not cosmetic, it is disfigurement of our teeth. The government doses our drinking water with toxic waste from the fertiliser industry and we dose our children. The result is damage to our children’s teeth. If you, your children or anyone you know displays the damage shown below please join our Dental Fluorosis Register. The Dept. of Health never monitored our total fluoride intake in nearly forty years of fluoridation. We are ingesting an unmonitored and uncontrolled dose of fluoride daily.

All the medical and dental authorities acknowledge that excess fluoride causes dental fluorosis so if you want to act against this negligence please contact the Fluoride Free Water Campaign now. If you have any questions then please email your details and a qualified dentist will contact you. Please include the following in your mail: *Name: *Address *Age *Phone No *Details of problem *Additional info/comments:

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Photos Below Highlight:

  • The earliest sign of dental fluorosis is thin white lines running across tooth.

  • The tips of teeth are white and opaque.

  • Unsightly white lines are more defined and are thicker.

  • The tooth shows cloudy areas or thick opaque bands. Greater enamel damage.


  • Brown stain superimposed on white cloudy areas. Brown stain equals enamel loss.

  • Entire tooth is opaque and cloudy white. There is complete loss of translucency.

  • The teeth erupt chalky white. Later the tooth displays surface damage i.e. brown discolouration.

  • Further, brown pits arise due to excessive fluoride. This damage is irreversible.

  • The enamel damage effects more teeth. Unsightly and weakened teeth result.

  • Most of enamel has been lost from tooth surface. The protective layer is gone.

  • Barely any normal enamel left. All teeth are severely effected.

  • The teeth have many pits and holes. Now these teeth are more likely to decay and crumble.