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 Sharpe's of Aberdeen  Aquarex Fly Rods, Salmon & Trout Reels see Fly Fishing Tackle page
 The Flydressers' Guild    Please join, there will be a branch near you.
  Orvis U.K. see Fly Fishing Tackle page
 Snowbee  see Fly Fishing Tackle page
Gordon Griffiths Fishing Tackle    

Salmon & Trout Association prize winner - Tim Mason with his first Spring Salmon   DavidPilleau.jpg (197902 bytes)

Bob Church Fishing Tackle
Touchstones Design
 Fishtek Freezer Bags
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 Catch & Release Campaign  

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Blackwater Lodge
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Angling UK . .The Best of British Fishing
 Andy Coles' Salmon Fishing  Irish Piebald & Skewbald Association
 British Shooting & Fishing  
 E. P. Consulting Ltd.  Anglers Information Across Scotland

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