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Salmon Fly Fishing Tackle

I endorse and use all of the products listed below 

Sharpe's of Aberdeen

Rods & Reels

15' Aquarex Fly Rod + 4¼" ‘Don’ Reel + spare spool(s)
In my opinion this is the best Salmon Fly Rod on the market ~ use DT10 lines

13’ Aquarex Fly Rod  ~ Great  Salmon & Grilse rod for use on smaller rivers  ~ use DT10 lines + System 2  10/11  Reel  ~ This reel is not made by Sharpe's but is an ideal partner to the 13' rod

12’ Aquarex Fly Rod + ‘Menteith’ Reel  for Grilse/Sea Trout in smaller rivers ~ use DT8 lines

24" Gye net with peel sling and Wading Staff   ~ also from Sharpe's


DT10 Floating fly line  Cortland  444 Peach 

DT10 Aircell/Wet-Tip Sink Tip Line  Scientific Angling 3m

DT10 Wet Cell II Sinking Line          Scientific Angling 3m

                         Use these DT10's on the 15’ + 13’ Sharpe's rods  

DT 8 Floating fly line Cortland  444 Peach  for 12’ Sharpe's Rod

Orvis products

Orvis  12'6"Trident  ~ Another very good Grilse rod 

Orvis Battenkill 10/11 reel + Orvis DT8F line to match 12'6"Trident rod

Orvis  Dacron Backing 

250yds  30lb for each DT10 fly line ~  code 1602-01-79.

100yds  20lb for each DT 8 fly line ~ code 1600-01-68

Orvis 15lb OX + 13.5lb 1X.'Super strong' tippet material.

Orvis Pro Guide Breathable Chest Waders, stocking foot type with Battenkill studded wading boots. 
These breathable waders are great. If the water is cold you can wear Orvis fleece trousers under them  

Orvis Neoprene Chest waders for Spring Fishing, stocking foot type ~ use the same Battenkill studded wading boots

Orvis Rhinohide Trousers  ~  Wear under Pro Guide breathable waders in warm water

Salmon Bass, Snips, Polarised Spectacles, Aquaseal Wader Glue


Other Essential Items

Maxima   Leader nylon. 15, 12 + 8lb.

Englands Fly Fishing Highland Wading Jacket ~ Has Automatic inflatable harness and removable fleece lining ~ ideal for countries prone to very cold climates - Iceland, Norway, Russia & Spring Fishing in Scotland.

Touchstone designs Chinook Wading Jacket  ~  Ideal for Ireland & U.K.

Snowbee  Fleece jacket  ~  Wear  under Chinook Jacket for cold days

Snowbee Wader Bag  ~ For transporting and protecting your waders

Snowbee  Fleece socks ~ Great under waders and wellington boots 

Snowbee  Thermos flask 

Snowbee  PVC Chest Waders ~ Low price alternative to breathable and neoprene waders 

Hardy      Stream thermometer ~ No Salmon Fly Fisher should be without one

You will also need ~ Towelling Scarf/Cravat, Canvas Fishing Bag, Staghorn Priest, Electrical tape for rod joints, Tweed hat, Salmon Fly Box, Whistle,  Hollow braided backing to make loops


 Fine and Far Off + Greased line Fishing For Salmon by Jock Scott                 You will need to contact an Antiquarian as these are out of print

 Salmon Fishing A Practical Guide by Hugh Falkus ISBN 0-85493-144-9

              Magazines: Trout & Salmon,  Fly Fishing & Fly Tying


  Tight Lines                  

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