Blackwater Fly Fishing

Ghillie Cottage

For the Warmest of Welcomes by the Mightiest of Rivers

Here are some views taken from around Ghillie Cottage

showing the Munster Blackwater Valley.

Kilbarryrainbow.jpg (105332 bytes)


KilbarryDjango.jpg (110797 bytes)


Blackwater from Kilbary Stud looking upriver

Blackwater from Kilbary Stud looking upriver

Ghillie Cottage looking eastwards, downriver

Blackwater Valley from Kilbary Stud looking downriver

River across from the house

Here are photos of the valley when the Blackwater is in flood.

Blackwaterinflood1.jpg (129167 bytes)


Blackwaterinflood2.jpg (88267 bytes)


Blackwaterinflood3.jpg (124347 bytes)

Blackwaterinflood4.jpg (156264 bytes)

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