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Anthony Larkin
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This is probably the Most Comprehensive List of Reflexology Books available anywhere in the world - please help me to keep it accurate and up-to-date. Your comments are welcome.

Copyright: Anthony Larkin (1996 -2009 inclusive) Updated: 15th February 2009

  • Reflexology-A Patients Guide. By Nicola M.Hall (1986), Pub. by Thorsons. ISBN 0-7225-1229-5
  • Reflexology-A Way To Better Health. By Nicola M. Hall (1988). Gateway Books ISBN 0 946551 73 1
  • Reflexology for Women - By Nicola Hall (1994). Pub. by Thorsons. ISBN 0-7225-2868-X
  • Principles of Reflexology By Nicola Hall (1996) Pub. by Thorsons UK ISBN 0-7225-3352-7
  • The Complete Guide to Reflexology. By Kevin & Barbara Kunz (1984), Pub. by Thorsons. ISBN 0-7225-0909-X
  • Hand & Foot Reflexology. By Kevin & Barbara Kunz (1986), Pub. by Thorsons. ISBN 0-7225-1218-X
  • Hand Reflexology Workbook. By Kevin & Barbara Kunz (1985), Pub. by Prentice Hall Inc. ISBN 0-13-383662-2
  • The Practitioners Guide To Reflexology. By Kevin & Barbara Kunz (1985), Pub. by Prentice Hall Inc. ISBN 0-13-694316-0
  • Reflexology For Children By Kevin & Barbara Kunz (1996). Pub. August 1996 by Thorsons (UK) & Random House, USA ISBN 0-7225-3176-7
  • The Miracle Of You. By Joseph Corvo (1981), Pub. by Bedford Books. ISBN 0-95074733-0-5
  • The Best Is Yet To Come. By Joseph Corvo (1984), Pub. by Bedford Books. ISBN 0-946368-00-7
  • Joseph Corvo's Zone Therapy. By Joseph Corvo (1990), Pub. by Century. ISBN 0-7126-3868-7, Also as a BBC Video.
  • Joseph Corvo's Instant Headache Cure (with zone therapy) By Joseph Corvo (1991), Pub. by Century. ISBN 0-7126-5173-X
  • How To Heal Yourself Using Foot Acupressure (Foot Reflexology). By Michael Blate (1983) Pub. by Routledge & Keegan Paul. ISBN 0-7102-0027-5
  • How To Heal Yourself Using Hand Acupressure (Hand Reflexology), By Michael Blate (1983) Pub. by Routledge & Keegan Paul. ISBN 0-7102-0028-5
  • Hand Reflexology:Key To Better Health. By Mildred Carter (1975), Pub. by Parker Publishing Co. USA ISBN 0-13-383604-5
  • Helping Yourself With Foot Reflexology. By Mildred Carter (1969), Pub. by Parker Publishing Co. USA, ISBN 0-13-386532-0
  • Body Reflexology-Healing At You Fingertips. By Mildred Carter (1983, Pub. By Parker Publishing Co.USA, ISBN 0-13-079681-6 - Updated 1995
  • Reflexology - The Ancient Answer to Modern Ailments. By Ann Gillanders (1987), Pub. by J.W.Arrowsmith Ltd. Bristol. ISBN 0-9511868-0-9
  • Reflexology - The Theory and Practice. By Ann Gillanders (1994). Pub. by Jenny Lee Publishing Services, Bishop's Stortford, Herts.U.K. ISBN 0 9511868 2 5
  • Reflexology - A STEP-BY-STEP-GUIDE. By Ann Gillanders (1995) Pub. Gaia Books - ISBN 1-85675-081-7 - please note a very good Video and charts are also available.
  • Holistic Reflexology. By Avi Grinberg (1989), Pub. by Thorsons. ISBN 0-7225-1612-6
  • Foot Analysis - The Foot Path To Self-Discovery By Avi Grinberg (1993). Pub. by Samuel Weiser, Inc. Box 612, York Beach, ME 03910 U.S.A. ISBN No. 0-87728-780-5
  • Reflexology- Foot Massage For Total Health. By Inge Dougans with Suzanne Ellis (1991), Pub. by Element Books ISBN 1-85230-218-6
  • Art of Reflexology: New Approach Using the Chinese Meridian Theory. By Inge Dougans & Suzanne Ellis (1992). Pub. Element Books, ISBN 1 85230 236 4
  • The Complete Illustrated Guide To Reflexology By Inge Dougans (1996), Pub. by Element, ISBN 1-85230-874-5
  • Reflexology and Colour Therapy Workbook :Combining the Healing Benefits of Two Complementary Therapies. By Pauline Wills (1992) Pub. by Element Books. ISBN 1 85230 347 6
  • Reflexology Manual. By Pauline Wills. Pub. by Headline Book Publishers. ISBN 0 7472 7822 9
  • Reflexology. By Chris Stormer (1992), Pub. by Headway Lifeguides (Hodder & Stoughton Ltd.) ISBN 0-340-55594-7
  • "Reflexology - the Definitive Guide", By Chris Stormer (1995)Pub. By Headway Hodder & Stoughton ISBN 0-340-62038-2
  • "The Language of the Feet", By Chris Stormer (1995)Pub. By Headway Hodder & Stoughton ISBN 0-340-64345-5
  • "Teach Yourself Reflexology", By Chris Stormer(1996) ISBN 0-340-67337-0 Pub. by Headway Hodder & Stoughton - Headway Books
  • Disc - Foot Chart With Anatomical Reflexes By Chris Stormer - 16x23 inches approx.
  • The Reflexology Handbook. By Laura Norman (1988), Pub. by Judy Piatkus Ltd. London. ISBN 0-86188-912-6
  • Feet First, A guide To Reflexology. By Laura Norman. Pub. by Simon & Schuster, New York , (1988).
  • Reflexology by Roy Bean - USA -no further details.
  • Helping Your Health with Pointed Pressure Therapy. By Roy Bean, (1975) From Reward Books, West Nyack, New York. Cat. No. 3639-1
  • Introduction to Foot Reflexology. By William S. Flocco. Los Angeles CA, (1983).
  • Hand Reflexology. By William S. Flocco. Los Angeles, (1985).
  • Reflexology Today-By Doreen E. Bayly (1978), Pub. by Thorsons. ISBN 0-7225-0705-4
  • Reflex Zone Massage. By Franz Wagner (1987). Pub. by Thorsons. ISBN 0-7225-1385-2
  • Reflex Zone Therapy of the Feet. By Hanne Marquardt (1987), Pub. by Thorsons. ISBN 0-7225-0791
  • The Reflexology Workout. By Stephanie Rick. (1987), Pub. by Thorsons. ISBN 0-7225-1426-3
  • Reflexology. By Anna Kaye & Don C. Matchan (1979), Pub. by Thorsons. ISBN 0-7225-0562-0
  • Press Point Therapy. By Gerard J. Bendix (1978), Pub. by Thorsons. ISBN 0-7225-X
  • Zone Therapy Using Foot Massage. By Astrid Goosmann-Legger (1986), Pub. by C.W. Daniel & Co. ISBN 0-85207-170-1
  • Reflexology. By Dr. Maybelle Segal (1976), Published by Melvin Powers, Wilshire Book Co. USA ISBN 0-87980-358-4
  • The Foot Book-Healing The Body Through Reflexology. By Devaki Berkson (1977), Pub. by Barnes & Noble Books, ISBN 0-06-463474-4
  • Better Health With Foot Reflexology. By Dwight C. Byers (1983), Pub. by Ingham Publishing Inc. Florida, USA. ISBN 0-9611804-2-0
  • Anatomy & Reflexology Helper Areas. By Dwight C. Byers and Nancy S. Byers (1994). Pub. By Ingham Publishing Inc. Florida, USA. ISBN 0-9611804-7-1
  • Stories The Feet Can Tell Thru Reflexology/Stories The Feet Have Told Thru Reflexology. By Eunice Ingham (1984) Pub. by Ingham Publishing Inc. Florida, USA ISBN 0-9611804-3-9
  • Practical Foot Reflexology. By James Morey (1989), Pub. by Sarsinian Books, No ISBN quoted on book ?
  • Reflexology-How It Can Help You. By T. Unwin & J.M. Foulkes (1987), Pub. by Cockatrice Pub. Co. Ltd. ISBN 1-970353-03-X
  • Zone Therapy. By Anika Bergson & Vladimir Tuchack (1974), Pub. by Pinnacle Books, New York, ISBN unknown
  • Zone Therapy (relieving pain at home). By Dr. W.H. Fitzgerald & Edwin F. Bowers (1917),
  • Zone Chiro Simplified. By F.T Bailey -No ISBN
  • Zone Reflex. By Dr. Joe Shelby Riley (1924) - No ISBN
  • Zone Therapy. By Harry Bond Bressler (1955) - No ISBN
  • Zone Therapy. By George Starr White (1922 approx.) No ISBN.
  • Zone Therapy is Scientific-Subjectively & Objectively. By W.D. Chesney No ISBN.
  • Correspondence Course In Zone Therapy. By Dr. Joe Shelby Riley. No ISBN.
  • Zone Therapy. By Benedict Lust (1928/1980), Pub. by Benedict Lust Publications, New York. ISBN 0-87904-386-6
  • Hand And Foot Reflexology. By Paul Masters, Thorsons. ISBN ?
  • Foot Polarity Therapy. By Wilfried Teschler (1988), Pub. by Gateway Books, Bath. England. ISBN 0-946551-41-3
  • The Rwo Shur Health Method-A Self-Study Book On Foot Reflexology. Translated by Geraldine Tay & Eu Hooi Khaw (1988)
  • Reflexology: Art, Science & History. By Christine Issel (1990), Pub. by New frontier Publishing, USA. ISBN 0-9625448-1-7
  • Reflexology. By Anya Gore (1990), Pub. by McDonald & Co. (Publishers) Ltd. (An Optima Book). ISBN 0-356-171809
  • Step By Step Reflexology. By Renee Tanner (1990) Pub. Douglas Barry Publications, Croydon, U.K. ISBN 0-9516203-0-4
  • Reflexology: Right Brain/Left Brain: A Holistic and Holographic Approach to Balancing Life's Energies with Color, Sound, and Pressure -Point Techniques By Madeleine Turgeon. Pub. by Inner Traditions, USA (1994) ISBN 0-89281-4322
  • Synthesis - By Penny J. Hague M.I.I.R., 58, Ross St., Cambridge CB1 3BX England. (1990). No ISBN -
  • Foot Reflexology - A Visual Guide for Self-treatment. By Jurgen Jora (1991). Pub. by St. Martin's Press, 175, Fifth Ave. New York. N.Y.10010. ISBN 0-312-05864-0
  • Touchpoint Reflexology - The First Steps By Yvette Eastman (1985). Pub. by Ptarmigan Press, Canada ISBN No. 0-919537-23-5
  • Foot Reflexology. By Ina Bryant (1981). Pub. by O'Sullivan, Woodside & Co. U.S.A. No ISBN.
  • The Oliver Method of New Body Reflexology By William H. Oliver (1976). Pub. by Bi-World Publishers, Provo UT.
  • Reflexology Partnership: The Healing Bond By Suzanne Adamson & Eilish Harris (1994). Pub. by K. Cathie. ISBN 1 85626 149 2
  • Chakra Energy Massage. (showing how, through reflexology, the individual energy centres of the body can be activated.) By Marianne Uhl (1988) Pub. by Lotus Light Publications-(Shangri-La Series) USA. ISBN 0-941524-83-3
  • Zoneterapy, Charles Ersdal, (1989), Norway No ISBN
  • Introduktion I Orientalsk Zoneterapi. By Freddy Dahlgren. Pub. Forlaget Feca, Denmark.
  • Ku Zdrowej Przyszlosci. By Siostra Hedi Masafret (1991). Pub. by Pagina, Wydawnictwo Pagina, Klodzko, pl.Jagiettyl, Poland. ISBN 83-900310-0-0
  • Heilen durch Reflexzonentherapie an Fusen und Handen. By Crista Muth (1987). Pub. by Wilhelm Heyne Verlag, Munich.
  • Kesembuhan melalui Pijat Reflexsi (Healing Through Reflexive Massage is based on the Rho Shur Method), By Penemuan Baru. Pub. by Denpasar, Indonesia (1991).
  • Therapi Zona Refleksi Padaki (based on the work of Hanne Marquardt), By Bisma Ragawaluya , Denpasar, Indonesia, (1990).
  • Feet First: Reflexology. By Roy Hewetson (Mar. 1989). Pub. by HAPS (Chepstow) U.K. ISBN 0 947953 01 9
  • Health For The Future. By Fr. Josef Eugster. (In Chinese & published in Taiwan).
  • Reflexology (In Chinese). By Xiongwen Hang, (1991).
  • A Teaching Manual Of Reflexology By D. R. Blaylock. Pub. by Houston, TX, (1976).
  • Reflexology, The Art Of Helping Your Body Heal Itself. By Darlene Frey. Ft. Wayne, IN, (1982).
  • Foot Steps to Better Health. By Joseph Graziano, Phoenix AZ
  • Your Feet Are Your Fortune. By Yo-Mo Kuan. Pub. by Bunka Sosaku Shuppan Co., Inc. Tokyo, Japan, (1988).
  • Good Health For The Future Through Foot Reflexology. By Hedi Masafret
  • Feet First. By Betty Protsman, Colorado Springs CO. (1979),
  • Professional Reflexology For Everyone, By Sandi Rogers, The Victorian School of Reflexology and Herbal Studies, Sunshine, Victoria, Australia, 1992. Also Anatomy Charts for Reflexology (1992).
  • Longevity Tao of Foot. By Geraldine Tay, Tao Cheah Sdn Bhd, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
  • New Reflexology Hand Book. By Clement T. Wittman (1980, 2nd edition 1988), Pub. By Modern Institute of Reflexology 7063 West Colfax Avenue, Denver, Colorado 80215
  • Pure Reflexology. By George Bennett & Mary Thompson Pub. by Navan Publishing, Belfast (1995). ISBN 0-9525243-0-1
  • Reflexology Decoder. Pub. by Dynamo House Pty. Ltd. ISBN 0-049266-57-4
  • Tools For Healing: Working Toward Harmony & Balance By Kathy Mengele - Publisher & ISBN ??
  • Souls To Souls. By Paul Rude (1995). Pub. by Avant. ISBN 0-9645800-0-4
  • Hand to Foot, Your Guide to Health Through Reflexology, Joan Cosway, (1989), Out of print Pub. by Footloose Press, 2112-12th Ave NW, Calgary, Alberta, Canada, ISBN 0-88775-040-0
  • Reflexology For Every Body By Joan Sosway-Hayes and Judy Law. Pub. Footloose Press, Canada. ISBN 0-9680587-0-1 NB. Pub. with companion video - this replaces Hand To Foot, Your Guide To Health Through Reflexology
  • Complete Book of Reflexology By Lewis (USA) - publication imminent.
  • Hyperton-X, The Bottom Line… Your Feet, By Frank Mahony (1987), Pub. by Total Mind Body Integration, 738, W Mariposa Ave. El Segundo, CA ISBN ?
  • Footnotes, A Step-By-Step Guide to the practice of Foot Reflexology (1980), By The Medical Mission Sisters, PA, No ISBN ?
  • Reflex, By David Allen (1990), 9044 Alcott St. Los Angeles, CA 90035. No ISBN.
  • Bad Feet-Bad Spine, By Roy Ashton (1949)
  • Healing with Reflexology by Rosalind Oxenford (1996), Pub. By Gill & Macmillan Ltd. Dublin. ISBN 0-7171-2424-X
  • Discover Reflexology: A First Step Handbook to Better Health By Rosalind Oxenford (Apr. 1997). Pub. By Ulysses Press. ISBN 1-56975-112-9
  • The Self-Help Reflexology Handbook By Sonia Ducie (1997), Pub. By Vermillion, London (1997). ISBN 0-09-181537-1
  • Hand Reflexology - A text book for students. By Kristine Walker (1996), Pub. By Quay Books, UK ISBN 1-85642-143-0
  • The Practice and Philosophy of Advanced Reflexology Techniques By Anthony J. Porter (1996). Pub. By A.R.T. UK ISBN 0-9529066-0-0
  • Complete Book of Reflexology Remedies: Healing With Finger Pressure Therapy By Judith & Leviton Lewis (Aug. 1997). Pub. Prentice Hall ISBN 0-13-187469-1
  • Illustrated Guide to Full Body Reflexology. By Barbara Dodd (April 1996). Pub. Woodland UT. ISBN 1-885670-07-9
  • In a Nutshell: Reflexology - A Step-By-Step Guide. By Nicola Hall (1997) Element ISBN 1-86204-010-9
  • The Healing Power of Colour Zone Therapy and how it can help you. By Joseph Corvo & Lilian Verner-Bonds Pub. Piatkus ISBN 0-7499-1680-x
  • Encyclopaedia of Reflexology By Lynn Thomas Nelson & Gail Leslie Nelson (1995 – 6th edition). Pub. By Digits Intl-Reflexology Institute ISBN 1-8847-13-1
  • Full Body Reflexology By Barbara Dodds (1996). Pub. By Woodland Pub. (USA). ISBN 1-885670-07-9
  • Guide To Reflexology By Brockhampton Press (1996). ISBN 1-86019-283-1
  • Instant Reflexology: Simple techniques to relieve stress and enhance your mind. By Rosalind Oxenford (1997). Pub. By Lorenz Books. ISBN 1-85967-342-2
  • Introduction to Reflexology By Lynn T. Nelson (1992). Pub. By Digits Intl-Reflexology Institute. ISBN 0-9623429-5-5
  • The Joy of Reflexology: Healing Techniques for the Hands & Feet to Reduce Stress & Reclaim Health. By Ann Gillanders (1996). Pub. By Little Brown & Co. ISBN 0-316-31466-8
  • The Professional’s Guide to Reflexology By Shelley Hess & Shelley Marleen Hess (1996). Pub. Milady Pub. Corp. ISBN 1-56253-334-7
  • Reflexology: An introductory guide to its uses. By Anya Gore (1996). Pub. By Century Vermillion. ISBN 0-09-181296-8
  • Reflexology for Kids-Helping Your Child Through Injury and Illness Through Touch. Kevin & Barbara Kunz (DUE Oct. 1997). Pub. By Crown Pub. (USA). ISBN 0-515-88845-9
  • Reflexology: The Definitive Practitioner's Manual By Beryl Crane (1997). Pub. Element Books ISBN 1-86204-125-3
  • V.M. Bekhterev’s Collective Reflexology By V.M. Bekhterev – translated by H.Lloyd Strickland & Eugenia Lockwood.

NB – This is not Reflexology as we know it – it deals with the Nervous System – NOT feet!

  • The Patients Guide to Reflexology: Helping Your Child Overcome Illness and Injury Through Touch By Kevin Kunz, Barbara Kunz (1997) Pub. By Three Rivers Press. ISBN 0517888459
  • REFLEXOLOGY - A Practical Approach By Vicki Pitman with Kay MacKenzie (1997) Pub. By Stanley Thornes UK ISBN 0-7487-2867-8
  • Reflexology: The A-Z Guide to Healing With Pressure Points By Judith Sachs, Judith Berger (1997) Pub. By Island Books USA. ISNB 0440222559
  • Reflexology: The Timeless Art of Self-Healing ( Video) [One of the best I have seen!] By Ann Gillanders (1997).Pub. By Wave Communications, Alexandria, VA (
  • An Introduction to Crystal Healing By Roger C Croxson (1997) Pub. by: Natural Solutions Through Wholism. 64 Mutley Plain Plymouth PL4 6LF. ISBN: 10901423 01 8
  • Happy Feet: A Child's Guide to Foot Reflexology By Leia A. Greene - awaiting further details.
  • Instant Stress Relief: A Book and Reflexology Tool By Carol Ladas-Gaskin (1998). Pub. By AndrewMcMeel - awaiting further details.
  • The Family Guide to Reflexology By Ann Gillanders (1998). Pub. Little Brown and Company (Due April 1998). ISBN 0-316314846
  • Art of Reflexology: Mapping the Sole By Ariel (1998). Pub. Sterling Publishing (due May 1998). ISBN 0-836252233
  • Foot Reflexology: Simple Self Treatment By Wolfgang Spurzem (1998). Pub. Sterling Publishing (Due May 1998). ISBN 0-806999837
  • "Reflexology: An Illustrated Guide (N' Illustrated Guide' Series)" By Beryl Crane, Non Shaw (1999), Published by Element Books, ISBN 1862041695
  • The Complete Idiot's Guide To Reflexology By Frankie Avalon Wolfe (1999), To be published by Simon & Schuster (MacMillian Publishing). ISBN?



  • Video: Reflexology "A Way To Better Health", The Practical Technique, by Nicola M. Hall, (1991).

The Bayly School of Reflexology Ltd.. Monks Orchard, Whitbourne, Worcester, WR6 5RB, UK.

  • Video - The Art of Reflexology by Inge Dougans (1992) Available from The International School of Reflexology and Meridian Therapy, P.O. Box 68283, Brynston, South Africa.
  • Foot Reflexology Chart by Doreen Bayly (small) 8x11 inches.
  • Foot Reflexology Chart by Doreen Bayly (large) 20x30 inches.
  • Reflexology Zones Chart By Doreen Bayly 30x20 inches.
  • Reflexology Wall Chart - Foot Chart By Dwight Byers 31x22 inches
  • Reflexology Wall Chart - Hand Chart By Dwight Byers 31x22 inches.
  • 2 Videos also available by Dwight Byers (International Institute of Reflexology)
  • Foot Reflexology Session (case +foot zone chart). By F. Marshall - no further details.
  • Video - The Art of Reflexology by Inge Dougans (1992)
  • Foot Reflexology for Rebalancing (Cassette) by Marie Riley - Awaiting details.
  • Hand & Foot Reflexology Wallet Cards Published by The Association of Reflexologists UK
  • Foot Reflexology Postcards - set of 12 - Contact Tao of Books UK (address at end of list).
  • Hands & Feet Reflexology Guide (Chart) by Wayne Pickering. 8x11 inches
  • PRECISION REFLEXOLOGY FOOT CHART By Prue Hughes 17x11 inches.
  • PRECISION REFLEXOLOGY HAND CHART By Prue Hughes 17x11 inches.
  • Rainbow Coded Foot Reflexology Wallet Chart
  • Rainbow Coded Foot Reflexology Laminated Chart as above but 8x11 inches.
  • Rainbow Coded Hand Reflexology Wallet Chart.
  • Rainbow Coded Hand Reflexology Laminated Chart as above but 8x11 inches.
  • Reflex Zone Therapy Hand Chart (small) By Kristine Walker (A4 size).
  • Reflex Zone Therapy Hand Chart (large). By Kristine Walker 23x16 inches.
  • Reflexology Foot Chart By Kristine Walker (A4 size).
  • Video, Recreational Reflexology By Chris Shirley, Pacific Reflexology Centre, 535 W. 10th Ave. Vancouver, BC, Canada
  • Video by: Berit Nilsson, Reflexology Science Institute, (somewhere in the southern states. USA.
  • Video - Reflexology by Carol Evans, The British School of Yoga, (1995), The Old Vicarage, Clawton, Nr. Holesworthy, Devon EX22 6PS England.
  • Video - Understanding Reflexology - An easy to follow step by step guide to giving a complete foot reflexology session.
  • Video - Step By Step Reflexology by Renee Tanner, Renbardou Training, Acorn House, Cherry Orchard Road, Croydon, Surrey, England CR0 1DA


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