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We downloaded 816 pages of the Lambert Database from the Internet in search of Irish Lamberts. (Here is the result. (It has to be edited and proof-read yet!)  

John /LAMBERT/ 1584 - 1655  
OCCUPATION Clerk To Receiver - General of CONNAUGHT 1645  

John /LAMBERT/ 1610 - 1683  
John's first wife was Reddish Lynch whose father was Mayor of Galway. It seems that when Lynch was Mayor (1649) Cromwell had just arrived in Ireland and it was thought a good idea for Lynch's Daughter to be married to Cromwells good friend John. After First Wife Death Married & Retired to Creg Clare (r) 70  
Became ROMAN CATHOLIC Circa 1660  

Thomas /LYNCH/ 1649 -1650  
PLAC Died possibly In the London Plague 5/12/1651  
St Dunstans-in-the-east.  
Occupation Mayor of Galway.  

Mary /LAMBERT/ 1651 -  
See her mother's notes. (Mary is shown as being a daughter by the second marriage.  
Married Robert French of Rahasane Co Galway  

Joseph /LAMBERT/ 1652 - 1694  
Of Kilmaine Co Mayo  

Walter /LAMBERT/ 1676 - 1770  
 Of Creg Clare. From here the family splits into the Lambert's of Creg Clare, Aggard, Castle Lambert and Castle Ellen.  

Francis /LAMBERT/ 1703 -  
From here are descended the Lambert's of Brookhill Co. Mayo  

Joseph /LAMBERT/ 1760 - 1813  
 Title Reverend of Brookhill co Mayo High Sheriff 1796  
At some point they family changed their name to Ruttledge. It is believed to have arisen from their change of religion from Protestant to Roman Catholic  

Walter /LAMBERT/10th Sept 1795 - 9th Aug 1867  
OCCU High Sheriff 1828  

Thomas Eyre /LAMBERT/  
TITLE JP Captain 38 Foot  

Giles Eyre /LAMBERT/ 7th June 1821  
PLACE - Belleville Athenry  
Captain Giles Eyre Lambert was Landlord of Moore Park, an estate next to Castle Lambert - Shot In 1869 by Peter Barrett, whose parents had lived on the estate, but had recently been evicted. It is said that Barrett hide in a Lime Tree and waited for Capt. Lambert to come out. When he did he shot him in his heart. Lambert slumped and Barrett left him for dead. However the bullet was stopped by his Gold Watch and although unconscious for a time, he fully recovered. Barrett made his escape  
Catching the train to Dublin, where he was arrested.  
When the case opened in Galway it attracted worldwide coverage and was thought of as the trial of the century. Peter Barrett was defended by the Fenian's lawyer Isaac Butt. The jury failed to reach agreement and there was a re-trial in Dublin,  
again there was disagreement.  
At the third trial he was found not-guilty based on the fact he could have not been able to shoot Giles Lambert at the time his watch stopped, an then still be able to board the Dublin train at the time he apparently did.  
After the trial it emerged that railway employ had lied about the train's time, which had in fact been some six minutes late. It also seems that Capt. Lambert's watch had continued ticking for at least  
See - 'The Shooting of Lambert' in History of Our Area.  
(Question - Who lived in which house? F. O'Regan)  

Richard Eyre /LAMBERT/ 14th July 1827  
Castle Lambert  

Nicholas /Butler/  
Of Walterstown, Co. Clare  

Anchoretta Maria or Anchorella Mary/LAMBERT/14th FEBUARY 1829  
Castle Lambert  
Religion: 2nd daughter. Some or all this information is from the Paris  

William Thomas /Butler/27th APR 1867-  
Baptised 27th APR 1867  
TITLE IV of Bunnahow  
Of Bunnahow, Co. Clare; High Sheriff 1863;  
Descended from Hon. Pierce Butler (who m. date. of 10th Earl of Desmond), 2nd son of 10th Baron of Dunboyne by Lady Joan Butler, date of 8th Earl of Ormonde.  

Peter Fitzwalter /LAMBERT/24 FEB 1848-8th Dec 1894  
OCCUPATION High Sheriff 1891  

Frances Rae /LAMBERT/17th JAN 1854  
OCCUPATION of Moorpark  

Walter /LAMBERT/15th APR 1855  
OCCUPATION of Moorpark  

Guy Lenox /LAMBERT (BENCE-LAMBERT)/ 30 DEC 1857  
Of Thorington Hall Suffolk & Darnasliggan co Galway  
Assumed additional Surname by R licence 1884  

Walter Eyre /LAMBERT/ 1589 - 1930  
TITLE Doctor.  
Murrey Bay Canada  
Occupation Left Charleston About 1878  
Born in Charleston, S C, in 1859, Lambert graduated from Charleston College in 1877.  Two years later he followed hi widowed father to Ireland where he began the study of medicine, but he finished at the Royal College of Physicians and Surgeons  
in Edinburgh.  Returning to Dublin, he took up ophthalmology and finished h  
is training with several months in Fuchs's clinic in Vienna.  In 1889 he came to New York with an introduction to Richard Derby who made him as assistant on his service  
at the New York Eye and Ear Infirmary where he progressed to Attending Surgeon in 1896, Executive Surgeon 1920-22 and Consulting Surgeon 1924-30.  He was Professor of Ophthalmology at the New York Polyclinic Medical School.  
Lambert was probably one of the first in this country to use skies copy in the estimation of refraction; he presented "refractometer for skiaskopy" to the Society in 1894 (vol. VII, p 196).  Joining AOS in 1891, he was a member for 39 years,  
Attended 31 meetings, read 10 papers and served on the Council.  He died suddenly in 1930 at the age of 71.  

Giles John Eyre /LAMBERT/ 22nd of April 1859  
 OCCUPATUIN of Moorpark  
 DATE 5 DEC 1996  

Edward Parsons /LAMBERT/ 8th JUNE 1862  
OCCUPATION of Moorpark  

Capt. George /O'Brien/ 1867  
Of Birchfield, Co. Clare  
Captain. Clare Militia  

Sir Henry William Butler /Blackall/ 19th JUNE 1889 - ABOUT 1981  
! Sir Henry William Butler Blackall has performed an invaluable service to all those related to Blackalls by devoting up to seventy years of his life to investigating and documenting the history and genealogy of the family. His genealogical  
Papers were deposited after his death in the library of the Royal Irish Academy in Dawson Street, Dublin, and Ireland. They comprise about six big boxes of poorly indexed and catalogued material on the Blackall surname world-wide.  
! Colonial Legal Service 1919-51; Crown Counsel 1919, Kenya (M.L.C. 1920) and 1923, Nigeria; Attorney-General Cyprus 1932-1936, Gold Coast 1936-1943; MEC & MLC Gold Coast (Governor's Deputy 1940); Chief Justice, Trinidad & Tobago (1943-8), Hong  
Kong (1946-8); Pres. W. Indian (1943-8) and W. African (1948-51) Cts. of Appeal. Retired 1951.  
! Succeeded his father in Garden Hill, Castleconnell, Co. Limerick, but sold that estate and settled at White Arches, Kyrenia, and Cyprus.  
! Kt. Bach (1945); QC (Cyprus) (1935); B.L. (King's Inns, Dublin) (1912)  
!died childless; still living at publication of Burke's Irish Family Records in 1976  
!Q.C., Hon. LL.D. j.d. (TCD), F.I.G.R.S.  
! served in WWI  
! Genealogist, author of `The Butlers of Co.Clare', `The Galweys of Munster', etc.  
! Member Travellers' and Kildare Street Clubs.  
! Educ Stonyhurst and TCD (BA, LLB)  

Walter Peter (Of Castle Ellen) /LAMBERT/  

Henry Alexander /LAMBERT/ 23rd March 1892  
TITLE Commander RN  

Elizabeth /McO'BOY/7th JANUARY 1903  
OCCUPATION of Stump Hill Co Cork   

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