A Guide for Addicts, Youths and Parents Alike.



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Drug abuse can occur in any family. The prospect of a son or daughter becoming involved in drug abuse is frightening. It is important for parents to be informed about drugs and to be vigilant, without being over-anxious.

Young people are exposed to a variety of drugs today. They must be able to handle this exposure. Parents need to be aware of influences on young people and to develop an understanding of adolescence. For some, adolescence is a time of questioning established values, pushing at boundaries and experimenting with the forbidden. This often means coming in contact with drugs.


What's your situation?

You just want information on drugs.

You want to know how to protect your child from drugs.

You are worried that your child is doing drugs and want to find out how to confirm this.

You know your child is doing drugs and want to know what to do.

You have questions like "What are drugs?" and "Why do people abuse them?"

You want to know what effect your drinking has on your children