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Where our hits come from.

This is an extract from statistics produced by our hit counter and gives an indication of  where people are logging on to this site from. We have left out .com and .net etc (over 60% of our hits) because it is not possible to tell what country they came from. The statistics are based on visitors over the past few months.

.UK  United Kingdom          11.5%
.IE     Ireland                         5.2%
.AU   Australia                      3.6%
.CA   Canada                        2.1% 
.JP     Japan                           1.0%
.IT     Italy                             0.9%
.US    United States               0.7%
.ES     Spain                           0.6%
.SE     Sweden                        0.5%
.HR    Croatia                         0.5%
.BE    Belgium                        0.4%
.NZ    New Zealand                 0.4%
.FR     France                          0.4%
.AT     Austria                         0.4%
.DK    Denmark                       0.4%
.DE     Germany                      0.2%
.AE     Utd. Arab Emirates       0.1%
.NL     Netherlands                   0.1%
.PH     Philippines                   0.1%
.SK     Slovak Republic           0.1%
.MX    Mexico                         0.1%
.ZA     South Africa                 0.1%
.CH     Switzerland                  0.1%
.IS       Iceland                         <.1%
.YU     Yugoslavia                  <.1%
.RU      Russian federation      <.1%
.FI        Finland                        <.1%
.PT        Portugal                     <.1%
.IL         Israel                          <.1%

Just some useless information but it is interesting to see how widely the site is seen around the world. All continents are represented except Antarctica and we don't expect any hits from there.

Our statistics are provided by who provide our hit counter service.

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