"In Twin Cities tonight, about 6:00 p.m.,
I saw our comet!

To say it is big is putting
it mildly. To the west
and north a bit, you couldnīt miss it low
on the horizon.

But was anybody
but me looking at it in
the grocery store
parking lot? Nope,
nada. Fucking phenomenal.

I saw the comet that
last passed us 37,000 years ago. To keep this
a secret is a CRIME of unprecedented proportions."

2/20/2003 12:56 am EST

From a message on the
Comet Discussion Board
shortly before the board inexplicably went
around 6:30am
Thursday 20th , Feb, 2003

Latest on this


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Comet NEAT
now on Earth trajectory?

Another view angle]

Solar Anomalies
in EIT195 Data


Solar Wind Data
Confirms Coronal
Mass Ejection at
Time of Missing
NASA Photos

Also Magnetic Field
and Solar Electrons
& Protons data

The NEAT comet has been estimated to have a head
area. twice the size of Jupiter,
and was passing Tuesday
within a few million miles
of the sun.

Onsite mpegs
of Comet Flyby

[1.6mb Mpeg]

[0.3mb Mpeg]

Military site for
SOHO Images

Soho "Real-time"
Solar images

Latest SOHO
GIF Image

Australia for
Near Earth Objects

Ambilac UK


Armageddon asteroids
are 'best kept secret'

Independent UK

Comet returns
after 37,000 years

BBC News

Comet Hit By
Solar Flare

Comet Side-Effects
May Hit Earth Soon


7 Photos Missing in NASA Web Imagery.
Massive Solar Flare STRIKES COMET.
Comet now on Earth Trajectory ?
Solar Wind Data Confirm Event !
Ridge Issues Ominous "Get Food" Warning.
Comet Discussion Board Zapped After
Members Caught NASA Faking Images [more]

Swirls on
Latest Images.
This image now
comes with our


by Fintan Dunne,
Page Begun February 18, 2003 09:15 EST
TIPS: guluinfo at gulufuture dot com



TIP: I have been going through the last SOHO photo's which very obviously stopped updating its live feed as of 11.5 hours ago. If you look at the last phto they have before they shut down the feed (the time stamp is 23:42) you will note the swirl below the sun... That object is NOT eminating from the Sun...I repeat, it is NOT from the sun (their is not trail linking it to the sun no matter how faint) ... That object is evidently what is left of THE COMET ITSELF! (you can see the comet as a round dark object) and then the tail...

A massive solar flare has been up now for approximatly 12 hours non-stop!. This is being seen in abnormal heat conditions in some places as well as the sun being reported as 'brighter than usual'. If you take this information with what has been uncovered of the SOHO photo's being tampered with, then the conclusion becomes very obvious!. The comet has SPLIT when it was hit by the large solar flare at its passing...half the comet has passed away from the sun (orbit now unkown and erratic since size has changed), while the other has been sucked into the sun causing the massive solar erruption and combustion that we are still seeing till this minute!

MASSIVE SOLAR ERUPTIONS have accompanied the close solar flyby of the comet NEAT Tuesday. One coronal mass ejection plume at 05:00 hours 18 Feb. --Tuesday morning, extended at least 5 million miles from the surface of the sun toward the comet, Other coronal discharges were observed extending in excess of 12 million miles.

In the early hours of Thursday morning around 6:30am the comet discussion board inexplicably went offline about thirty minutes after participants discovered that NASA had been faking webimages of the comet's passage past the sun on the morning of the 18th February.

A webimage posted by NASA
[our copy] from a sequence of 7 missing hourly photos of the comet near the sun, had a telltale partial white comet image below the observed comet location.
[ snapshot ] The photo thus shows two positions for the comet. This partial matched the exact position of the comet in later NASA images in the sequence posted from the SOHO satellite.

Which is real? This, or
the above or neither?

A poster to the comet board placed a link to an animated composite [our copy] showing that NASA's earlier and later images were duplicates and suggesting that a photo editing error had caused the revelaing glitch. Both the discussion board and website went offline around thrity minutes later.

Solar Wind Data from the Space Environment Center now confirm striking changes in speed, temperature and density of the solar wind around the time there was an interruption in the posted web images from the SOHO satellite. Similar changes in magnetic field data and low energy protons have been recorded.


A total of 7 hours of data from early Tuesday had been missing from the hourly photographs released by the SOHO project monitoring the comet's passage.

Live web imaging experienced interruptions of data by NASA --which in advance was already implausibly citing "weather problems" in the Wash. DC area as the reason. Also, the Goddard space facility displayed a Code RED -- stated to be as a result of weather problems, and which instructed non-emergency staff not to attend Tuesday 18th through Wednesday 19th February.

However the Rt 295, freeway which goes by the NSA and Goddard facilities was clear Wednesday. Indeed, locals informed that the freeway is invariably kept open because of the importance of the facilities it serves. In any event, it was 50F in the area Wednesday 19th, and snow had stopped.

Also a US military website following the comet's flyby did not provide new images from 11:30pm EST Tuesday until late Wednesday afternoon. The images normally update several times an hour. At one point the website showed pictures from FEB 12th, 2003 in their 5 minute live update.


Given all this, the current image data has highly dubious credibility. The severity of the solar reactions could have torn the comet apart and even without this, the coronal mass ejection could cause significant weather, geomagnetic, and seismic effects on Earth.

One side-effect of the interaction with the sun may be that the orbit of the comet has been tightened. Orbit calculations had indicated it would be directly overhead [image] around Nov. 28, 2003, but if alternative theories about comet composition are correct, then the close flyby could have altered the trajectory disastrously. [ Try 3D orbit calcualtor ]

Even if the comet were to miss (likely) then the possible debris field from the close approach to the sun could still pose serious dangers. But electromagnetic and solar wind effects could be felt much earlier.

On Wednesday, an ominous statement by Homeland security chief Tom Ridge, recommended American citizens to have "3-days supply of food and water as well as flashlights" in preparation for an "attack."

The Homeland Security site advises:

The new campaign seeks to reduce fears and provide information by providing individuals specific actions they can take to protect themselves, their families and their communities in the wake of an attack, or another emergency situation. Emergency Supply Kit: Start with three days worth of nonperishable food and water. Remember, even if your community is not directly affected by an attack, your life and daily routine may be disrupted. You may need to shelter at home for a couple of days. Roads and stores may be closed - electricity may be turned off - your water supply might be interrupted.

Slightly excessive for a terror attack perhaps?


Incredibly, there has been little media advance reporting of this most spectacular comet passage since Hale-Bopp and virtually no reporting of these current solar responses or the gaps in web imaging.

However one of the most intriguing aspects of all this, is that only four days ago, Dr. Geoffrey Sommer, of the Rand Corporation in Santa Monica, California said that secrecy might be the best option if scientists were ever to discover that a giant asteroid was on course to collide with Earth.

"Overreaction not just by the public but by policy-makers scurrying around before the thing actually hits because we can't do anything about it anyway ... to a large extent you are better off not adding to your social costs," said Dr Sommer, who is also an adviser on terrorism. That's right, Dr. Sommer works for the Rand Corporation and is also an adviser on terrorism.

LIVE Coverage continues at 09:00 EST Thursday
TIPS & COMMENTS: guluinfo at gulufuture dot com

"NOTE: The Washington DC metropolitan area is under a snow emergency. If the LASCO team has technical problems with the software that reformats telemetry into images for the web they may not be able to fix it until the emergency is lifted."

NOTE Comet size referred to is size of coma -actual comet approx size of Mercury

Spectacular Comet
Hit by Solar Flare?

Spectacular images of the recently found NEAT comet show the cosmic voyager more than twice the size of planet Jupiter may have been struck by a massive solar eruption.

Images from the SOHO (Solar and Heliospheric Observatory) satellite, which sits partway between Earth and the Sun and is designed primarily to monitor space weather, have on Tuesday morning shown a massive solar plume extending over a 5 million miles above the sun -seemingly towards the comet. But though the photography is time-lapsed, there are 7 hourly photographs missing from the data released by the SOHO project -meaning it is impossible to determine if the plume later extended to strike the comet.

A coronal mass ejection (CME), already appears to have hit the comet Monday, according to SOHO deputy project director Paul Brekke. The SOHO imaging shows sunlight reflecting off gas and dust from the comet's nucleus and hydrogen solar wind from the sun. The comet has been in LASCO's imaging domain since Sunday. It will begin to move out of the field of view around 5 a.m. EST on Thursday, Feb. 20.


"In Twin Cities tonight, about 6:00 p.m., I saw our comet! To say it is big is putting it midly. To the west and north a bit, you couldnīt miss it low on the horizon. But was anybody but me looking at it in the grocery store parking lot? Nope, nada. Fucking phenomenal. I saw the comet that last passed us 37,000 years ago. To keep this a secret is a CRIME of unprecedented proportions." 2/20/2003 12:56 am EST "

"Two days ago a press release comes out of NASA saying they would keep it a secret if an earth-threatening object came along. Now this NEAT comet is swapping spit with the sun and not a word in the media? Kids, thereīs no coincidences. I never bought into any of that Zeta Talk crap, but this baby has my attention."

"Yeh, I contacted my National newsroom on the 18th and they told me that I was the first to tell them about it *shocked* is the mainstream media asleep or are they liars!??! I saw this 2002V1 comet with my naked eyes on sunset the other night, the sun was obscured by some loud, it was the most amazing sight I have ever seen before, in the sky. A major astronomical event like this, to keep the truth from the public is pure EVIL!! I looked in the sunīs direction today and was dazzled by an unusual īvery whiteī saturated light - significantly brighter than usual!! We are getting very red skies at sunrise and at sunset, itīs summer here and we just got a forecast for unusual thunder/snow/hail tomorrow."

"Where the hell are the missing SOHO images?
That's what I want to know. I've emailed SOHO admin. no response as of yet.
Right when things get interesting, 7 missing images."

"Well they surely updated their Real Time animation and took the swirl portion of it out! I'm going to rerun it to confirm. It's wierd because I downloaded the Realtime movie player and it showed the comet rounding the Sun all the way to the point to where the swirl was eminationg from where the comet would've been off camera. Then I was watching this thing playing over and over and all of a sudden the download boxes kept updating and the next thing I knew the last time stamp went from 23:42 to about twenty minutes earlier with no swirls now. Something is fishy at the Cape! "

Well, what a 23hrs. it has been folks.
Where would we all be without NZdooode who set up the new Web Forum.
Thanks dude!

He was on to me within a few hours of the forum being pulled. I knew from the moment it happened, why it happened. Here's the incredible and highly instructive story of exactly what did happpen.

Well, somebody sure pushed the Code Orange panic button when the screwed up image was found at:
The gulufuture copy is at:

I had been already glued to the previous webboard for over 24hrs. and was saving material as I went along. I nearly fell of my Internet seat when Whizadree posted a link to a composite image overlay GIF detailing the NASA faking of images. I grabbed it immediately. Within around 45mins or so, the webboard had been pulled and I knew the s**t had hit the fan.

I spent the next ten hours writing up the whole story and preparing the images --to get it out quick in case they wanted to bury it forever. And coordinating with NZdooode. Around 16:30GMT Thursday, I had it all ready to fly. No way was I going to just post it to my own site alone. Too easy to block me out as well. So I had about five windows open and two email clients opened. Just then NZDoooode came back with the new forum details and we were ready to fly.

In one fell swoop I uploaded to my own GuluFuture site; posted the whole deal on RMNews forum; posted it to Cloak and Dagger forum. Also I had prepared two mirror sites so I popped it up onto them at the same time; and pushed the button on a pop mailout to key individuals and a duplicate of same by email HTML client. Along with the details of the new forum.

There was now way to stop all that. No way. I took a break to eat.

You will never guess what happened. Rumormill and Cloak and Dagger went offline within the hour. Both are high profile & high traffic sites. Somebody had hit the Code Red panic button this time. Now I hear that even was down. (I got into some hot water on RMN recently for getting in an argument with Jeff Rense over the Maariv photo of Columbia [NASA again folks])

They never hit my own sites -remember I had two mirrors set up. But there was no way they were letting the forum regroup to do even more damage before they had figured out where things stood. Or if there was even worse coming down the pike.

So within a few hours they started hacking the forum here. Didn't look good at that stage. But NZdoode kept plugging away and managed to beat off the hackers.

Well then I guess they figured they had the measure of the problem by then, so next thing you know, is back; RMN is back with no mention of offline time -which they usually do; and old forum is back with a neat message explaining they lost their net connection for a while. Those three are just one of those wierd coincidences. Cloak & Dagger is still off as I write, and they are trying to figure what happened at the moment.

I just recorded and analysed the great work done by others to uncover all this. Take a bow folks. This is strike three for me. Strike two was the Columbia "accident." And as some of you know, I was all over the 9/11 issue as you can see on and our site:

All of these three featured a lot of disinfo but none had panic buttons being pushed like we have seen today. It's a good day for free thought and speech. Smells like some kind of freedom coming.

Fintan Dunne
21 Feb. 2003 1:52GMT


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