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Killenny church

These remains of a medieval church can be seen in Bobby Young's field. The area is today known as Killenny which is a translation of Cill Eithne, the church of Saint Eithne.

The Gazebo

This small ruin, just down the road from the school, is known locally as 'the Gazebo'. No-one is sure of its origins, but many people say that it was once a look-out tower for Dunamase Castle.

Entrance to Shaen Hospital

In the nineteenth century a man called Dean Coote built a fine mansion in Shaen. Later on, this mansion was owned by the Kemmis family until it was eventually acquired by Laois County Council who turned it into a sanatorium. Today, it is known as St. Brigid's Hospital for old people. Our picture shows the entrance to the hospital.

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