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The committee members elected by the ICCA agm in August 2001 are:

President: David Salter

14 Dromeen Avenue, Beaumont, Dublin 9.
Email: dsalter@indigo.ie

Secretary/Treasurer: Jack Killane

4 Wainsfort Avenue, Terenure, Dublin 6W

Email: jackkillane@hotmail.com

International Secretary/ ICCF Delegate: Tim Harding

26 Coolamber Park, Dublin 16

Email: editor@chessmail.com

Northern Treasurer/Selector: David Blair

27 Cherryvalley Gardens, Belfast, Northern Ireland BT5 6PQ

Email: david.blair4@ntlworld.com


Other functions for the ICCA are carried out by the following people:

Tournament team captain: Tim Harding

Friendly match captain: David Salter

Newsletter editor: Position vacant (Tim Harding pro. tem.)

Webmaster: Cathal Connolly (from May 2002)

Tournament Director: Position vacant

Evening Herald Irish Championship tournament controller: Jim Corby

Heidenfeld Memorial tournament director: Christer Svensson (Sweden)


We are looking for volunteers!

a) Somebody to assist Tim with the newsletter (preparing text items and games four times a year); to do this you need Microsoft Word and ChessBase or a similar program.

b) Somebody to run the ICCA 5-player tournaments and possibly (next winter) an Irish Email Championship. There is one ICCA 5-player event currently in progress and another should start soon (see separate notice). It is preferable if the same person does b) and c) as this assists communication with the players, but it is not essential.

Please contact Tim if you can help on a) or b); contact David if you can do b).

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ICCA is the 32-county governing body organising correspondence chess activities for Irish players living at home or abroad. A non-profit-making organisation, we run the national championship, Irish teams and other activities. We are affiliated to ICCF and the Irish Chess Union (which controls "over-the-board" chess here).

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