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Re Membership for 2002                                      February 6, 2002

 I enclose a copy of the first issue of the ICCA Newsletter for 2002.

The membership year for the ICCA commenced on 1st September 200l and will run until 31st  December 2002. Thereafter the membership year will be on a calendar year basis.

The membership fee from this year is 8 Euros per year or 15 Euros for 2 years. The membership fee enables the ICCA to affiliate to the International Correspondence Chess Federation (ICCF), issue a Newsletter, organise and enter Irish teams in ICCF tournaments and friendly matches, arrange entries in ICCF individual tournaments and run domestic sections.

The ICCA is a non-commercial voluntary body and does not receive public funds. The membership fee is the main source of income. The Association’s survival is dependent on its membership so you might wish to consider joining or re-joining. Fees should be by cheque/postal order payable to the ICCA and sent to me. You can join for 2 or more years ahead if you prefer. Membership fees (pro-rata) for people living in Northern Ireland and mainland Britain should be sent to our Northern Treasurer- David Blair, 27 Cherryvalley Gardens, Belfast , Northern Ireland BT5 6PQ. Because of the printing and postage costs involved we are considering electronic distribution of the Newsletter, which would also be faster and more certain of arrival, so if you are interested in this please furnish your e-mail address.

Our President, David Salter, runs our teams for friendly matches and is always on the look-out for new people. If you are interested in playing in a friendly match please contact him. Please see his letter overleaf.

Yours sincerely

Jack Killane
(Secretary/ Treasurer)

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ICCA is the 32-county governing body organising correspondence chess activities for Irish players living at home or abroad. A non-profit-making organisation, we run the national championship, Irish teams and other activities. We are affiliated to ICCF and the Irish Chess Union (which controls "over-the-board" chess here).

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