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What can I enter and what does it cost?

There is no entry fee to participate in ICCA 5-player open events; these are free to members. This page concerns international (ICCF) events) which you can enter through us.

Please see the table below for a summary of the types of available event and entry fees payable to ICCA before we can submit your entry. We can only accept entries from members so if you are not a currently paid-up member (see the Treasurer’s letter) then include your membership fee in your cheque.

Please supply an email address if possible, even if you are entering a postal event.

Please note: Tim Harding does not collect entry fee/membership money. Payments in Euros should be sent to Jack Killane; payments in Pounds Sterling should be sent to David Blair. They will inform Tim when an entry has been paid for and then he sends it in to ICCF.


Tournament Type/ Class Players Entry fee (€) Entry fee (£ stg)
World Champ 3/4F 11/13 18.00 11.75
World Champ Semi-final 11/13 32.00 20.00
Ladies Wch Semi-final 11/? 18.00 10.00
GM Norm tournaments 11 37.00 25.00
Master Norm tournaments 11 25.00 18.00
World Cups 11 18.00 11.75
ICCF H- and O- class events 7 7.00 5.00
ICCF M- class events 11 9.00 6.00
EU Champ Semi-Final 11/13 32.00 20.00
Thematic tournaments 7 x 2 9.00 6.00
Olympiads (post/ e-mail) 6 per team 10.00 per player 7.00 per player
EU team championship 10/ ? 10.00 per player 7.00 per player

We aim for a mark-up on entry fees to cover ICCA administration, our membership fee to ICCF (50 CHF per annum), the cost of bank charges in making a payment to ICCF and something to cover currency fluctuations.

Members of EU/ Olympiad teams will be expected to pay their share of the entry fee. There is no participation fee in the friendly matches.

The new Champions League is for clubs/ groups of friends; ad-hoc teams.  Anyone wishing to enter an informal Irish team can make arrangements with us or use the ICCF direct entry service (which is more expensive). To enter a Champions League team, we need the fee and all team details before the end of March. Chess Mail will be entering international teams of subscribers so Tim Harding is not available to be team captain/player on any Irish team for this event.

NB: In thematic tournaments (which are NOT rated) two games are played against each opponent.

All other events are single games against opponents and all other events are rated. ICCF now publishes rating lists twice yearly: April 1 and October 1 based on results to the previous December 31/ June 30. The Irish Championship (Evening Herald Senior A) and friendly matches are rated.

Entry fees for team tournaments are quoted per player for Olympiads/Eu Team Ch but per team for the Champions league.

NB: You only pay for a Wch ¾-Final if this is your entry point (doesn’t apply to Irish players at present). Qualifiers from semi-finals get free entry to 3/4F.