release date : July 1998
Ireland and the U.K.


What the hell is there to do? You play in a successful band for awhile, you break up, and you need to find something useful to fill your time with. That's it! Start another band!

A while back, Harris Thurmond, guitarist extraordinaire for Northwest favorite Hammerbox was thinking as much when he sent a fax to Steve Mack from the recently disbanded That Petrol Emotion. "Come home-let's jam" scrawled in thick black crayon was all it took to get Steve to book a flight. Well, it was either that or collecting pint glasses at his local pub, soS

Marcus Pina was in a similar situation. Peace, Love & Guitars had traveled around the world, ended up in Seattle, and also broken up. He liked some of the stuff Steve and Harris were doing, but mostly liked their drinking habits. He dropped off his equipment and told them he was now playing bass for them. That was cool; no one else was at the time.

Like the joke goes, you can find good drummers, but they're rarely sane, and the sane ones can't drum. So after a slew of drummers that leaned one way or the other, Steve, Marcus, and Harris did the only thing they could. They found one of the few awesome/sane drummers in town and, erm, borrowed him from Jackie on Acid. After numerous bribery attempts, two near miss "accidents" involving his other band, and finally an incident involving duct tape, a telephone pole, and a melon Rob Dent was finally talked (tricked?) into becoming a semi-permanent, full time-part time member. Don't ask them, they don't know what that means either.

Having settled on the moniker Anodyne in the U.S., the band were somewhat bemused to discover a number of clothes shop and indeed bands in Europe with the same moniker. After much headscratching they've steeled on the name MARFA LIGHTS for Europe.The forthcoming CD tensor due out in July 1998 will no doubt open some eyes and ears. Young girls have been fainting in the street in anticipation. It promises -- and delivers ten tracks of powerful melodic guitar pop that won't disappoint former fans of any of the members' previous incarnations.