Unfinished dreaming
Independent Records
compilation now available featuring material from BBC and RTE radio sessions, unreleased material recorded with Mitch Easter, unreleased demos and their debut single 'Clothes Of Pride / All About You'

1. City On The Hill
2. Wheels
3. Easier This Way
4. Telescope
5. Drive Back
6. Ammonia Train
7. Sacred Heart Hotel
8. Talk About It Now
9. Every Other Day
10. 2 O'Clock Waltz
11. I Can't Seem To Make you Mine
12. Calvary Cross
13. Still Feelin' Blue
14. 28
15. Unconscious
16. Northern Isles
17. Poison River
18. So Far The Only
19. I Think I Know You Well Enough
20. Radio Panic
21. Smalltown Reel
22. Sing Me Back Home
23. Elderado
24. Clothes Of Pride
25. All About You

Cost 15 mail order +(2 p+p)

Hi, Dave from Independent here, The Stars of Heaven album is my pet project for the year. As I don't have any strictly correct biographical information, the following is what I know about the band and also some details about the compilation.

I first encountered The Stars around 1984 or so, at the time their first single Clothes of Pride had begun to pick up loads of airplay on the the likes of the John Peel and Dave Fanning shows. To a teenager in Dublin it seemed quite strange that what seemed like an unmarketable bunch of scruffy REM fans were able to pick up such credible airplay and reviews in the music press while the Dublin major label hopefuls were off down the Pink Elephant spending their advances. Then I discovered it was all down to the music. I had heard of the bands legendary gigs down in the Dublin Underground on Dame St., but never had the pleasure of attending. At this stage I looked far too young to get within a mile of licensed premises(and I was) so I would catch the band in places like The Ha-penny market or supporting Light A Big Fire somewhere. By the time I could get into pubs the band had started playing regularly in the Baggot Inn and had signed to Rough Trade. I found their first mini-album Sacred Heart Hotel a revelation and rank it as the greatest Irish album I have had the pleasure of hearing. Anyway the Holyhead e.p. was next, this was even better. Rough Trade then coupled these two together to form Rain on the Sea. When their first album proper Speak Slowly came out I was suprised at the unfriendly reception it recieved at the hands of the English press, the songs were great although like just about everyone I do find some of the production values a little hard to stomach. The band recorded some stuff with Mitch Easter and broke up around 1992 or so.

So there is awhole bunch of rarities out there. From the original Clothes of Pride single to the CD version of Speak Slowly complete with extra tracks, there is also Hey Little Child on the Underground compilation and Wheels from the Planes, trains and Automobiles soundtrack and the slow version of Every Other Day on the Guru Weirdbrain compilation but its the as yet unreleased material which completes the real story. Go figure, Irelands best band.