Various Artists
Ireland and the U.K.

Title : Zip up your Boots fro the Showbands Catalog : Jerk 001 Release Date : August '96 Label : Kneejerk Records Zip up your Boots was originally put together by the Dead Elvis, blunt and Independent labels to coincide with "In the city", an annual industry schmooze fest which found it's way to Dublin. The intention was to show there was more to Dublin then bands chasing huge record deals and dreaming of expense accounts in Lillies Bordello. With this in mind we recieved some funding from The Irish Trade Board and put the whole thing together in a week. During "In the city" the album was given away at gigs. Then it was put on sale at a ridicolously low price. However we did mess up on our alternative packaging, the ultra thin plastic wallet made it fall off the shelfs in shops and was impossible for journalists to find in their stack of free CD's. Consigned to history the album includes the following tracks.

1)Jubilee allstars - Don't give up on me
3)Pet Lamb - Don't phase me
4)Sewing room - Borderline vice
5)Mexican Pets - Sunny day
6)Jackbeast - Is this thing on?
7)Backwater - In these last days
8)Sack - Climb mine power house
9)Pincher Martin - Money
10)Tunic - If d was s
11)The Josephs - Tommy
12)The Floors - Jesus lived six years longer than Kurt Cobain
13)Female Hercules - Inside you
14)Luggage - Chicken lightening
15)Capratone - Homeward
16)The Idiots - Rekcollector
17)Barney - Anything you can do
18)Rumble - Chips
19)Amusement - Songs
20)Bambi - Orange whip
21)Decal - Hard days work
22)Bombjack - Top pixel action