22 - 25th May 1998

All races will use the Sportident Electronic Punching system for control registering only. Start and Finish will be normal - start on a Bleep and finish by crossing the Finish line.

The Sportident E-card consists of a small plastic stick containing a memory chip. This stick is attached to the finger with an elastic strap. To punch, one places the tip of the card into a circular hole in one of the two Control Boxes mounted at each control. You must wait (approximately 0.3 seconds) for confirmation of correct punching before withdrawing your finger. Confirmation is in the form of an audible bleep and a flashing light. If you have received the confirmation, you can be 100% certain that the data is in your E-card. The control box first reads the E-card, then writes to the E-card, then reads the E-card to ensure that the data is present. Only when these three tasks are complete does the box issue the confirmation signals. COMPETITORS WITHOUT AN ELECTRONIC PUNCH WILL BE DISQUALIFIED - EVEN IF THERE IS OTHER EVIDENCE THAT THEY HAVE BEEN AT A CONTROL.

If you pull the E-card out before the confirmation signal, simply replace the E-card in the hole and try again. It does not matter if you punch twice at the same control. Also, if you punch at a wrong control, as long as you later punch at the correct control you will not be disqualified. If you punch out of sequence, i.e. not in the correct order, you will be disqualified.

The Model Race will use Electronic punching, and competitors should make full use of this opportunity to practice. The Sportident equipment will also be used in Events 3 & 4 in Britain.

E-cards will be distributed to the Team Leaders before the Team Leaders meeting on Thursday 21st May. Each E-card will be in a separate sealed envelope with the competitors name and race number printed on the outside. It will then be the Team Leaders responsibility to ensure that each of his team members is carrying the correct E-card. E-cards have an individual reference number printed on the side. This will be checked at the prestart and any competitor found to be carrying an incorrect reference numbered card will not be allowed start.

When each competitor crosses the Finish line his/her E-card will be taken by an official for checking control punching. E-cards will be handed out again to the Team Leaders at the next Team Leaders meeting. Further instructions will be included in Bulletin 4.