{Awardtitle} These are Awards this site has picked up. You can help me thank them by paying a visit to each one. Thank you.
{Ravi's Elite Award} Elite Site Award 
21 February 1998
{Best of Planet}Best of Planet- People's Choice  
16 March 1998
{HCP Award}Great Gig Award  
26 February 1998
{Cyberplatinum Award}CyberPlatinum Award 
18 March 1998
{Market Tek Award}Market Tek Award 
29 May 1998
{Hotsite Award}Hot Site Award 14 July 1998
{Great Destinations}Great Destinations Award 
23 June 1998
{Orchid Award}Orchid Lady's Award 14 July 1998
{Doras_Award}Doras 4-Shamrock site
7 September 1998
{Nancy's Celtic History}Nancy's Celtic History Award
5th October 1998
{short description of image} Local Ireland Recommended
8th June 1999

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