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 The purpose of this site is to promote my hometown of Edgeworthstown. I have been pleasantly surprised at the amount of interest it has generated and this has prompted me to keep it updated whenever I find something new that may be of interest. I am not personally related to the Edgeworths. I have enjoyed my contacts with those who are related. Thanks to all my visitors, to those who have emailed me, signed the guestbook or just looked and thanks to these people listed on this page who have contributed to the site.
Photo Credits:
Interior of Manor House, Francis Edgeworth, RL Edgeworth&Monument, Abbe Edgeworth all taken from Isabel C. Clarke's book Maria Edgeworth: Her family and friends published circa 1949 by Hutchinson & Co.

Edgeworth Family, Charlotte Edgeworth's sketch, Edgeworth House painting, Maria Edgeworth in the Library, RL Edgeworth's wives all from Elisabeth Inglis-Jones' book The Great Maria published 1959 by Faber & Faber.
Text on Richard Edgeworth taken from Chesterfield County SC Genealogical Links
Picture of Richard Edgeworth courtesy ofJesse Suttles Jesse also supplied me with a copy of "The Ingenious Mr. Edgeworth" by Desmond Clarke[the Oldbourne Book Company, 1965] from which the pictures of RLE's inventions are taken.
Photos of Richard Lovell's award courtesy of A. H. Baldwin and Sons
Modern photos supplied by John Mc Gerr Snr.
Other photos and map from the collection of Mr. Ned Jeffers(R.I.P.)
Text taken from notes of Mr. Ned Jeffers(R.I.P.)
Photos from Mitau(Jelgava) courtesy of the Latvian newspaper Zemgales Zinas. [Contact: Artis Zentelis]
Painting of Edgeworth House(from book by Mrs. Hall) and photo of old school, portrait of RLE, photo of Library and photo of Jane Tuite Edgeworth courtesy ofBernard Canavan.
Links to on-line version of Castle Rackrent as well as a biography of Maria Edgeworth supplied byMary Mark Ockerbloom
She also maintains an excellent site onwomen writers.
Feel free to signor viewthe guestbook. Thank you.