Some odd little things associated with the Edgeworth name.
Edgeworth Borough was founded in 1904 and took its name from the Edgeworth Female Seminary, a small school for girls that had moved to our community (then called "Sewickley Bottoms") from Pittsburgh in 1836. The Seminary was named for Maria Edgeworth, a well-known Irish writer of the period who was much admired by the founder of the Seminary, Mary Gould Oliver. As early as 1876, the community of Edgeworth had a population of approximately 35 families. Today, Edgeworth Borough is home to more than 650 families who enjoy the ambience of its tree-lined streets, its residentual nature, and its welcoming character.
Apparently there is also an Edgeworth tobacco...and it had it's famous admirers.
Edgeworth was the favorite tobacco of Joseph Stalin. He preferred this cheap American pipe tobacco to any other...
And just to prove that once you're famous you don't need an address
There is a story of a wealthy Boston lady, wishing to help the sufferers of the famine sent a parcel to Maria Edgeworth. And it arrived safely. Nothing unusual except wehn you know that it was addressed to Maria, Ireland!

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