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Here I will list any major changes that have been made to this website in the recent past.
3rd July 1998 Added a guestbook
23rd July 1998 Added a contacts page and A brief history of the town
29th July 1998 Article about Centenary of Maria Edgeworth's death added.
8th August 1998 Links to online books, Castle Rackrent plus a biography of Maria Edgeworth added to links page
6th September 1998 Changed guestbook servers, new guestbook up, also added a web-forum to the site
7th September 1998 Awarded Four Shamrock award by Doras
5th October 1998 Awarded Celtic History Award by Nancy Monaghan
13th October 1998 Added information about a Book and CD that are available from me.
30th December 1998 Added some more pictures to the Gallerys
11th January 1999 Minor updates, links fixed.
13th February 1999 Added Richard Edgeworth's Will and some new links
22nd February 1999 Added a second Contacts page due to growing numbers
8th June 1999 Became a Local Ireland Recommended site
9th June 1999 Two new contacts added, bringing the total to 35 so far.
12th July 1999 Another contact added to the Contacts pages. Updated Index page. Removed Video.
19th December 1999 A long overdue update, three new additions to the Contacts pages.
12th February 2000 Another long overdue update. Contact pages updated and genealogy information added.
 31st July 2002 Ove two years since an update, I have expanded the Contacts pages to three.
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