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  Character Portrait (Birth Chart Interpretation)


We recommend that your first chart should be a Character Portrait. This invaluable introduction to Astrology can be ordered on it's own, or a combination with a Forecast.

The Character Portrait horoscope highlights personality traits and hidden talents. It indicates your career options and route to successful relationships.

This 15 to 20 page booklet contains a full interpretation of your birth chart. The Character Portrait is clearly set out to explain the significance of the Rising Sign (Ascendant) and all the planets by sign and house position. Though the Character Portrait is understandable by anyone and contains no astrological jargon, the aspects can be identified with astrological glyphs in the margin. The Character Portrait costs 18 [US$28].


  Yearly Forecast (Transit Forecast)


The Forecast is not a prediction, but an in-depth look at what's happening to you now, and the influences over the next twelve months. Following the cycles of the planets and the phases of the Moon, it enables you to plan for moods and energy cycles - to know when you are on top form and when you will be at your most effective.

The Equinox Year Forecast uses intelligent synthesised techniques to identify the significance of an influence in relation to other trends, several factors in your birth chart, your age and your sex. The Forecast begins with a summary of all the major influences starting nine months ago and over the coming year - enabling you to plan at a glance.

The booklet contains 18 to 30 pages and costs 20 [US$32].


  Character Portrait & Yearly Forecast (The Combination)


The Combination horoscope contains a Character Portrait and a Year Forecast together at a reduced price of 32/US$50.

The report is about 40 pages in length.


  Child Profile

The Child Profile gives insight into a child's development and shows parents the most constructive ways to channel a childs energies and unlock his or her potential. The Child Profile costs 18 [US$28].


  Compatibility Profile (Partnership Horoscope)


The Compatibility Profile is a detailed document comparing your own and your partner's charts to help you make the most of your relationship. Besides the central theme of love, the Compatibility Profile also covers mental rapport, sexual attraction and the durability of the relationship.

The synthesised analysis uses the astrological technique of synastry, that is to compare each individual birth chart. Price: 20/$32


  Birth Chart Wheel

Birth Chart Wheel - a one page, coloured technical diagram of your birth chart, displaying the astrological symbols and aspects between the planets at the time of your birth. Colour Wheel (not laminated) 7/$10 (laminated) 8/$12