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The Atha-ARX family is a set of fully integerated, BASIC and C powered, ARM,
RISC OS and x86 based, applications, libraries, formats and utilities.

I am not releasing the majority of these programs because they are not
suited to public use and I don't have the resources to issue updates, fix
bugs and answer queries.

Also note that the C programs in the Atha-ARX series mostly do not use
either the kernel or the libraries.
This is because they are designed for public use and do not contain any
of the code of the AthaLib library or Atha-ARX kernel.

Please find a list of the current programs in the Atha-ARX series below:

* Available for download

Atha-ARX programs such as ARX2 and ARX1 and the AthaConv series have been removed from this list because they are now obselete.

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