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Co. Cork, Republic of Ireland (Servers: Eircom)

Name Date Type/Location Acted as:
The Glass 2001 (mini) TV Series Jim Proctor
The 100 Greatest TV Characters 2001 (mini) TV Series (archive footage)
The Waiting Time 1999 (mini) TV Series Joshua Mantle
Monsignor Renard 1999 Monsignor Augustine Renard
The Second World War in Colour 1999 (mini) TV Series Narrator
Plastic Man 1999 (mini) TV Series Joe MacConnell
Goodnight Mister Tom 1998 (TV) Tom Oakley
Into the Blue 1997 (TV) Harry Barnett
The Absence of War 1995 (TV)
Kavanagh QC 1994 TV Series James Kavanagh QC
A Year in Provence 1993 (mini) TV Series Peter Mayle
Chaplin 1992 Fred Karno
Charlot 1992 (Italy)
Stanley and the Women 1991 (mini) TV Series Stanley Duke
Business as Usual 1987 Kieran Flynn
The Sign of Four 1987 (TV) Jonathan Small
Sherlock Holmes: Sign of Four 1987 (TV)
Cry Freedom 1987 Kruger
Inspector Morse 1987 TV Series Chief Inspector E. Morse
Home to Roost 1985 TV Series Henry Willows
The Life and Death of King John 1984 (TV) Hubert
BBC Television Shakespeare: The Life and Death of King John 1984 (TV)
King John 1984 (TV) (UK)
Mitch 1984 TV Series
Gräset sjunger 1981 Dick Turner
The Grass Is Singing 1981
Killing Heat 1981 (USA)
Drake's Venture 1980 (TV) Francis Drake
Sweeney II 1978 Detective Inspector John Albert 'Jack' Regan
Dinner at Sporting Club 1978 (TV)
Play for Today: Dinner at Sporting Club 1978 (TV) (UK: series title)
Sweeney! 1977 Detective Inspector John Albert 'Jack' Regan
The Sweeney 1975 TV Series Detective Inspector John Albert 'Jack'
Regan 1974 (TV) Det Inspector Jack Regan
Armchair Cinema: Regan 1974 (TV) (UK: series title)
Thick as Thieves 1974 TV Series Stanley
Dr. Phibes Rises Again 1972 Shavers
The Last Grenade 1970 Terry Mitchell
Praise Marx and Pass the Ammunition 1970 Dom
Macbeth 1970 (TV)
Play of the Month: Macbeth 1970 (TV) (UK)
The Bofors Gun 1968 Featherstone
Bat Out of Hell 1966 TV Series
Dead Man's Chest 1965 David Jones
Edgar Wallace Mysteries: Dead Man's Chest 1965 (UK: series title)
Redcap 1964 TV Series Sgt John Mann
Five to One 1964 Alan Roper
Edgar Wallace Mysteries: Five to One 1964 (UK: series title)
The Loneliness of the Long Distance Runner 1962 Bosworth
Rebel with a Cause 1962

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