What can I say about XTC, other than that they're my favourite pop group of all time, that they've created some of the most original songs in the entire pop canon, that when they don't astound, they can irritate the tits off one?

Not an awful lot, really, that hasn't been said a lot better before and elsewhere...

If you want to get some hard facts about this most fascinating of pop groups, then I recommend you check out the following web sites:-

Say hello for me when you get there!!!

In the fullness of time, I'll give you my thoughts and feelings about XTC. Wait till the builders have left!

Coming soon!

I shall shortly commence my review of all "legitimate" XTC album releases that I have in my possession. This means I'll have to start off with White Music. Oh, dear...

Chipping Norton Studios, July, 1997. Just thought you might be interested to see what it looks like. I wonder who owns the van...

Dominic VanAbbe and Paul Culnane proudly display their extensive (not to mention expensive) collection of XTC goodies. Drool on, dudes...!

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