4x4 Off Road Championship

Round 5, Dualla, Cashel, Co. Tipperary
Co. Kildare Motor Club, 17th January 1999.

Report by Mervyn Colton

Vincent Dorney Back on Form!!

24 brave souls dared to challenge the freezing wet weather, they slogged their way from all around the country, they struggled into "The Site". Through gritted teeth they pitted man and machine against the elements, going where no sane person would go. "The Site" is a working quarry some few miles from Cashel in Co. Tipperary. The machines are the finest 4x4 vehicles ever to tread on a slippery slope. The men are mad. The day started with all of the Cork contingent getting stuck.
Once that difficulty was over with, they proceeded to take their 4x4 machines off the lorry. Ever the nice guy, Paul O'Byrne had been towing people from various positions even before he go to the event, having rescued 2 thwarted cars on his way to the event. His kind nature shone through all day and caused him to damage his eagle while towing a fellow competitor during the day. This caused Paul to miss the last 2 sections - hard luck. None the less he continued to tow people using the trusty short arse until there were no more to pull.
All compliments of the day must go to a man who is thinly disguised as a novice. Maclom Cooper came a very respectable 3rd place production overall for the day in his LandRover 90, Second overall went to Tom Twomey, bringing him to leading this years championship. Last years champion, Vincent Dorney, shone though with some of that brilliance and heavy right boot to clinch first overall despite getting wet!!!.
Our newcomer Larry Wickham, in a very clean and well prepared suzuki had a very good run to win the novice class on his first day out. Well Done! It was a day for firsts as it was his first win, first event, on the first test he had his first roll, and now, his first slagging. Undeterred, he drove on for the day taking advice more carefully in future!
It wasn't a day for serious 4x4 competition for all the machines. Some decided to not stop in the case of the McCoy landcruiser due to problems with their clutch, Some decided not to go in the case of Karl McCarthy with a dicky starter while others decided to go for a swim and bring it's driver, Dave Hanlon with it! The Pratt / Clegg special decided to play Beverly hillbilly and to strike oil, which it then kindly gushed into the air as a sign of great wealth.
As a witness to all of this, Ralph Tyrell, who wandered along for a look, ended up "volunteering" to marshall for the day. His help, and that of all the regular's was very much appreciated. If anyone would like to sample the "joys" of marshalling at a 4x4 event, please contact Shane McMeel.
The results went as follows:
Production Overall:
Place Driver Points
1st Vincent Dorney 18
2nd Tom Twomey 20
3rd Malcom Cooper 22

Class 1 (Suzuki)
Place Driver Points
1st Trevor Lyons 22
2nd Declan O'Mahoney 26
3rd Richard Lombard 34

Class 2 (Landrovers, Landcruisers)
Place Driver Points
1st Keith McCoy 26
2nd Mervyn Colton 28
3rd Colin McCoy 36

Class 3 (Daihatsu's)
Place Driver Points
1st Jerry Desmond 25
2nd John Franklin 29
3rd Michael O'Shea 34

Class 4 (Novice drivers, all production vehicles)
Place Driver Points
1st Larry Wichham 31
2nd John Spriggs 39

Class 5 (Modified vehicles)
Place Driver Points
1st Edwin Pratt 8
2nd Ivor Clegg 22
3rd Paul O'Byrne 38

These pictures were created by Ivor Clegg Photographer to the sport!!!

Our next event is to be held in Cork on the 13/14th of February. Please contact Shane McMeel at 087-2491586 for details.


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