4x4 Off Road Championship

Round 6, Vernon Mount, Cork.

Organised by M.M.C. & C.C..

Report by Mick O`Shea, Jerry Desmond & Paul O`Byrne (Master of the Bald Eagle)

Jonathan gives Driving Lesson to All!!!!!

Jonathan shows them how!
In only his first season Jonathan Heneghan gave a display of the ultimate driving skill in his Suzuki 4X4. Over the 2 days he managed to hold off all comers to secure his first ever 1st Overall. It was the consummate drive done with style and ease. His consistency was marvellous and he went places where no other man was able to go evidenced by his solitary zero on ther test beside the clubhouse which defied all the other "experts" both people and machines.
Jonathan has now inspired all his co-competitors in the novice class and shamed all the others, so he expects tougher opposition in the future!!!.

Thank you very much!!
The event started bright and early on Saturday and the weather was ideal as it always is in Cork ! On Day 1 we had a few mishaps, Karl Mc Carthy had electrical trouble which meant Dave "the lounge boy" Hanlon had to go to the city to get parts which Brian Berkery fitted. Karl then went on to roll at the end of test 4.
And the man of the weekend Jonathan Heneghan also rolled at the end of test 2 but this did not stop him from coming first overall. Mervyn Colton and Malcolm Cooper broke a half shaft which meant Mervyn had to go to Mallow for a replacement. They had the 90 fixed by the end of the day. Also Michael O`Shea and Jerry Desmond did in a half shaft and had to go to Donoughamore for a new one which they had fitted in time to finish the first half.

McCarthy drives on!

Let`s get Jonathan!
The real Mc Coys had a very near miss when they nearly rolled on test 4 but managed to make up for it on Sunday by rolling into the trees at the same place on test 6. Edwin and Ivor had some bad luck with their "Beast" when the fuel pump packed up on test 1. Which meant John Buckley had to drive Ivor around the city looking for a new pump which they managed to get in time to complete the event. The lads also burst a oil filter on test 4 but they had a replacement so they were able to carry on.
Pat "the plumber" Kiely managed to get away from babysitting for the second time this season, and was said to being enjoying the break.

After the first day the positions were as this Richard Lombard was in the lead with 14 points, Jack Gayer was second with points, Johnathan Heneghan was in joint third with Tom Twomey with 19 points each, Vincent Dorney last years champion was doing well with 22 points, while new comer Diarmuid Drennan had a fantastic run with 24 points inspite of doing a full 360 degree roll at the end of test 4.

I`ll park it here Brian!

On solid ground again!
On Saturday night about everybody went down to the Ensign pub for a meal which Dave Hanlon organised. The meal was very good and Dave spent the night serving the meals. Sunday was another good day with only one shower. The track was very slick after the rain with mixed scores for everyone. Karl Mc Carthy was badly shaken by Dave after a near roll on test 12. There was very little damage done today with the exception of Johnathans roll. Paul O' Byrnes score is better forgotten. While Paul Mc Carthy did very well in his Suzuki. Larry Wickham had a puncture in his Suzuki but still went on to win his class.
The prize giving was held in the Airport hotel where we were fed with soup and sandwiches which were very welcome. Some fun spotprizes were also awarded with Aine Cooney wining the Supporter of the Weekend Award for her due diligence at the Residents Bar in the Silver Springs Hotel on Friday night (Saturday morning really `till 4 a.m.) . She was spotted LATER (A LOT LATER) on Saturday carrying her head under her arm and begging people to stop shouting.

He looks worse than me!!

Nice jumper!
Dave Hanlon got an award for all his efforts on Saturday noght looking after everybody at the nosh up. It was greatly appreciated by all and he gets the heartfelt thanks from all his fellow competitors for all his efforts. A very big THANK YOU goes to Tim Cronin COC , Shane McMeel, Ivor and Mary-Lou Mc Clintock and all the marshals for a wonderful weekends sport.

The Final results were as follows

Production Overall:
Place Driver Points

1st Jonathan Heneghan 26
2nd Tom Twomey 32
3rd Jack Gayer 36

Class 1
1st Diarmuid Drennan 37
2nd Damien Heneghan 42
3rd Brian Berkery 13

Class 2
1st Keith McCoy 63
2nd Colin McCoy 71
3rd Malcolm Cooper 91

Class 3
1st Vincent Dorney 40
2nd Karl McCarthy 40
3rd Dave Hanlon 58

Class 4
(Novice drivers):
1st Larry Wickham 58

Class 5
(Modified vehicles):
1st Ivor Clegg 27
2nd Edwin Pratt 37
3rd Paul O`Byrne 49

These pictures were created by Ivor Clegg Photographer to the sport!!!


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